Need MM cateogory created but question what it should be called.

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The West Glendale Monthly Meeting in Cimarron Township, Meade County, Kansas was south of the town of Plains, Kansas. It was originally a preparatory or satellite of Fowler Monthly Meeting operating sporadically from about 1900 onward. It became its own MM in 1917. It is here at (which has none of the early history associated with Fowler MM). says it changed its name to Plains when the country meeting moved to the town in 1966. Perhaps technically correct but those who attend the meeting (self included) think of West Glendale separately, as the precursor.

I'd like a category created but wonder about what name it should have: West Glendale or Plains? The locals refer to West Glendale as its own entity so my thought is that there should be two categories for MMs: one for West Glendale and one for Plains. But, what do those in charge of the Quaker MM categories advise on this?

This came up as I rewrote and resourced the profile of Glendale's first pastor, my fourth cousin Abel Joshua Bond.

WikiTree profile: Abel Bond
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You should check the Quakers in Kansas page here:

or with the Quakers Project also listed on that page if you can't find what you are looking for, but looks like you will find what you need there.

Good Luck!

by Sheryl Moore G2G6 Mach 9 (91.7k points)
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My suggestion would be Plains as I was able to verify the source at  I was unable to locate anything with my limited search for West Glendale other than a Friends Cemetery with 36 memorials although you have personal experience. On the Plains category page I would suggest a note that it was previously known as West Glendale. 

by David Wilson G2G6 Pilot (101k points)
David, that sounds good. Perhaps set it up as Plains/formerly West Glendale (which is how has it). On the WikiTree Kansas Quakers page the connection to the West Glendale Cemetery can be added. That cemetery page is here:

I classified the cemetery under Kansas Quaker cemeteries and added the the link on the Kansas Quakers space. Categorization rules specify we can only create the meeting with one name; yet, once it is created we can make a note of the previous name. I shall drop a note to our categorization project liaison.

Thanks, David.
The theory on Monthly Meeting categories, as we received it, was to multiply categories with each change. This is, however proving to be unwieldy (more so with the numerous splits and mergers than with name changes, thought).

In this case though, since it was the precursor meeting and it did not become Plains until as recently as 1966, we could make a good case for a West Glendale category.

I don't know. The concept of having separate categories for the same meeting which happened to change its name did not sit particularly well with project members, I personally think it's too complicated, but it's still the official guideline...
I defer to the wisdom of those in charge of the categorization but consistency would be welcome--I realize that's being worked toward. There are various meetings, some of short standing and others which were subsumed into others (or splits), in the early years of Perquimans and Pasquotank, North Carolina where what's a separate meeting in WikiTree doesn't appear consistent (and not consistent with Hinshaw's approach). I am certain how to sort that out is no easy task and the approach may change over time.

I do know the centennial publication (2017) of the West Glendale turned Plains meeting covers both names and the span of the 1917-2017 century (it also covers pre-1917 when it was some flavor of preparatory or satellite of Fowler Meeting). Don't know if that info helps or not. If we are interested in how the current clerk of meeting thinks of this I am happy to ask her.

David, I have created the category for the Plains Monthly Meeting. However, it needs to be added to this page by someone with edit rights

The state page is open for anyone to edit.  May I suggest adding the sub category of the county it is located in to the new category? The Cottonwood meeting category may be used as an example changing the county to Meade.  Is there an online repository where records may be seen?  That would be a helpful link to add to the category and as info on the state page.
I was looking for the edit button on right rather than at top on the state page. Now edited. I don't see that Cottonwood has a county in the categorization (other than it is included in Lyon County religious organizations).

The West Glendale meeting minutes are not available online. The early minutes are however published: Hinshaw, Wm Wade, Kansas Quaker Meeting Records, Selby Pub., Kokomo, Indiana, 1991, Vol IV. (All of the early Kansas minutes are available in 4 volumes -- many dozens of monthly meetings not yet represented anywhere in WikiTree to be added.)

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