how to merge duplicates that were rejected ?

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This wikitree help page ...

tells us ...

Merges - Duplicates need to be merged. That is, when there are two or more profiles that represent the same person they must be combined into one profile. This is how we maintain one collaborative family tree.

So can anyone tell me how to deal with a merge request that has been rejected ...

Barbara Wellons-42 ONEY b: 1734 d:aft. 1773 m: Benjamin ONEY

Barbara Wellons-29 ONEY b: abt. 1730 m: Benjamin ONEY

I understand and agree that there are 2 different men named Benjamin ONEY, but shouldn't the 2 profiles for Barbara be merged because they are dups for the same woman ???
WikiTree profile: Barbara Oney
in Policy and Style by N Gauthier G2G6 Pilot (113k points)

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Nikki, I looked at the 2 Barbara's and the 2 Benjamin's.  Please note that I am not going to attempt to address the genealogy aspect of this, only the processing needed.  I believe that it is possible that more research and/or collaboration may be needed to absolutely determine who was who and how many different people had the same name.  Others who know much more than I do about the genealogy part of the question can answer that much better than I can.

If it absolutely certain that there were 2 different men named Benjamin Oney, one married to Barbara and the other married to Jemima, and the involved profile managers plus any other interested members agree about that … then it would be more efficient to not merge the duplicate Barbara profiles.  Instead, whichever one should be Jemima should be turned into her profile - change all data fields and write a sourced biography narrative for Jemima. 

by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (780k points)
edited by Gaile Connolly
No there is already an existing profile for Jemima Norris with the right Benjamin husband. While I wait for merges for that other couple, I am trying to clear up this problem here with 2 dups for Barbara.
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Hi Nikki, when I am proposing merges, then I always put in a lot of detail about specifically why they are duplicates and if there are differences, then which is correct or why I still think they are duplicates, or that further research is needed.

If someone has rejected a merge before than I might ask them not to reject the merge immediately and remind them that there are 30 days to work out any differences.

I also notice that neither of the Barbara Wellons profiles have adequate sourcing and sometimes adding sources can help to definitely identify they are the same.
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (431k points)
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What appears to be needed here is to first detach the duplicate from the wrong husband. Merge the duplicate and attach the already existing correct wife, Jemima, to the Benjamin who current should not be connected to Barbara. 

Incorrect connections should be disconnected, particularly when the correct profile can be connected. You can easily understand the fear that the Benjamins might be merged if the Barbaras are. Disconnect Barbara from the husband of Jemima.

by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (242k points)
That seems to involve more steps than what I had thought which was to ...

first merge the dup Wallons wives and then detach the wrong Benjamin and attach him to the right Norris wife.
It’s the same, just in a different order. The problem is the rejected merge. Suggest disconnecting the wrong wife Barbara. Then re-propose the merge.
Oh I’m sorry. I just read your notes. You have proposed that the two Barbaras and the two Benjamin’s are the same and heed to be merged.
Can you link the other Benjamin profile on the page where the discussion is occurring?

Well the other couple is complicated because there are a bunch of pending merges ...

Benjamin ONEY ...

and his wife Jemima NORRIS ...

That's why I was trying to sort out the WALLONS dups before handling her husband Benjamin ONEY.

First of all, thanks so much for your hard work and contributions. I appreciate you taking time to bring this to g2g. Let me take a look and see what I can do to help.
Okay, I am going to reset the Benjamin merges so they all are merged into the lowest number which is Oney-38. This is so we can avoid the google redirect problem. We can retail all the information from Oney-58 and anything else that we need to include from the other merges.
I have merged all of the duplicates you listed above and left a note on the profile which hopefully will help determine the next step. I will follow up on this later in the day.
Wow ! Thanks so much for your help with this Paula :)
Just so you know, I had already started researching the Benjamin with an England background, to try and get sources to separate the 2 Benjamins.

Paula, Oney-171 has now changed the death date and location which was the reason for the 2 rejections of the merges that I proposed. To avoid another rejection, would you mind re-initiating the merges in my original question again ? Thanks so much for all your wonderful help :)


I have asked my researcher to take a look because I am not familiar with the genealogy. I will gladly continue to help.

The wikitree profiles have been merged now, so thanks to all for your help in solving this problem.
Excellent and thank you for working through this! That was a lot of duplicates now merged and the two men with the same name have clearly differentiated profiles.  Let me know if you need anything else!

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