Husbands of Katherine de Courtenay m. Thomas Engaine bef. 1353 [closed]

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Katherine de Courtenay is currently shown on WikiTree as having three husbands:

Douglas Richardson names only Thomas Engaine, who is also mentioned in other sources. There appears to be no evidence for marriages to the other two. An IPM does not mention either of them. Her mother's 1391 will calls her "Daughter Engaine". Does anyone see any reason to deter me from detaching William Harrington and William Mohun, with my usual research notes?
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closed with the note: Additional spouses detached.
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there's no mention of other spouses in her ipm, though that wouldn't rule them out, I suppose.

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Writ 15 Jan. 1400.

BEDFORD. Inquisition. Biggleswade 29 Jan

Thomas de Stratton, parson of Blatherwycke, and Thomas de Stanes, parson of Upminster, by a fine of Edward III [CP 25(1) 287/45, no. 508: licence CPR 1345–8, p.246] conveyed the manor of Sandy and the advowson of the chantry of St. Nicholas in the church there, which Roger de Bello Campo then held for life, after this life interest to John Engayne for life, with remainder to his son Thomas, Katherine the wife of Thomas, and the heirs of their bodies, and failing such heirs to the right heirs of John. John is dead, and Thomas died without heirs by Katherine. The right to the manor thus remained in fee simple to Joyce then wife of John de Goldyngton, Elizabeth then wife of Lawrence de Pabenham, knight, and Mary then wife of William Bernak, knight, as sisters and heirs of Thomas, and daughters and heirs of John Engayne. Katherine held it when she died. By another fine of Edward III [CP 25(1) 288/50, no. 780] John and Joyce Goldington and Lawrence and Elizabeth de Pabenham conceded their rights in this manor to Mary and William Bernak, to hold to themselves and their heirs after the death of Katherine, who attorned to them. William Bernak died, and Mary married Thomas la Zouche. The manor is held of the king in chief, service unknown, annual value 100s. Katherine died on 31 Dec. last. Mary is aged 50 years and more. John, son of John Courtenay, is next heir by blood to Katherine and is aged 24 years and more.


Writ 15 Jan. 1400.

NORTHAMPTON. Inquisition. Kettering Friday 23 Jan

She held the manors of Laxton, Blatherwycke and Bulwick, and the advowson of Blatherwycke. They were conveyed by fines, levied in 1354–5 and shown to the jurors [CP 25(1) 287/45, nos.501, 508], by Thomas de Stratton and Thomas de Stanes, parsons [as above], to Katherine and Thomas, her husband, the son of John Engayne, knight, and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder to the heirs of John. John died and Thomas died without heirs by Katherine. The reversion therefore remained to Joyce, Elizabeth and Mary [as above] the daughters and heirs of John. By another fine [CP 25(1) 288/50, no. 780] John and Joyce Goldington and William and Mary Bernak conceded their rights in these manors to Lawrence and Elizabeth Pabenham and the heirs of Elizabeth. They died leaving issue Katherine, married to Thomas de Aylesbury, so that Katherine and Thomas de Aylesbury are now the heirs. Laxton is held in chief of the crown, service unknown, annual value 100s; Blatherwycke, annual value £7 6s.8d., and Bulwick, 40s. with the advowson of the former, are held of Thomas Maureward, knight, of his manor of Weldon by knight service, amount unknown. Date of death and next heir by blood as above. Katherine Aylesbury is aged 28 years and more.”

Thank you, Monica
Many thanks to those who replied. I have now severed Katherine's relationship to William Mohun and William Harrington and added research notes to the relevant profiles.

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This site is wrong, but sheds some light on the confusion.

Robert, 3rd Lord Harington, was succeeded by his son John, who married a Courtenay, Elizabeth not Katherine.

John died without direct heirs and was succeeded by his brother William, 5th Lord, who married Margaret Hill.  WikiTree gives her a Magna Carta line, but Douglas Richardson doesn't.

They had Elizabeth, who married William, son and heir apparent of William Lord Bonville and his 1st wife.

Lord Bonville's 2nd wife was his daughter-in-law's aunt, the aforesaid Elizabeth Courtenay, widow of John Lord Harington.  So she became Lady Bonville as well as still being Lady Harington.

The Bonvilles and the Haringtons, all called William, have become confused.

Isabel Kirkby shown here wasn't a wife of Lord Harington, she was actually the mistress of Lord Bonville.

Just to add an extra touch of confusion, Elizabeth Harington and William Bonville jr had a son, William Bonville #3, who succeeded his maternal grandfather and became 6th Lord Harington, though he didn't live to become Lord Bonville as well.

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Thanks, R J. That is very helpful. I can incorporate part of it into a research note for Katherine Courtenay.
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Interesting that the Wikipedia “source” doesn’t mention the marriage of William to Katherine. Wonder why it was used as a source at all! I see no impediment to the actions you need to take to clear this up.
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)

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