What does "Failed token check. Forcing Preview" mean?

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I got this message about four times before my free space page was saved.

in Genealogy Help by Debby Black G2G6 Mach 8 (82.2k points)
retagged by Chris Whitten

I was in edit mode to add burials to the open space page. I saved once with no troubled but other saves gave me this notice. Not knowing what it was I went n adding to the list, only to find that my hours and hours of work was worth nothing. There are about 400 burials to enter.

The message is bad ideas for open space pages.

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This should be an usual error. If people get this, they should post here and we'll investigate.

Is it possible you had the edit window open for an extended period of time, before you tried to make the change? This "token check" helps protect against hackers who might be impersonating members.
by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
selected by Paula Reinke
The edit window was open for quite a long time. I was doing research, then would put a link in the edit window when I found applicable data, then I'd go back to researching again without saving.

So you're saying it's a good idea to save and stay out of edit while researching for the page?
Hi Debby,

It shouldn't be necessary too often, but saving after every change is a good idea, and you'd want to avoid having any editing window open indefinitely. (There's also the risk that someone else would try to edit the profile while you have the edit window open.)

Oh, if I could only be so lucky as to have someone else editing the page. Very low risk, I'm afraid.  :o)

A follow-up question: could I have gotten that message because I put the two surnames in with a comma separating them rather than tagging them individually?
:-)  The surnames thing wouldn't generate an error.
This error seems to be working against open pages.

Jon P Czarowitz

That's happened to me couple of times last year both within a few months of each other.  (Someone else is editing same profile at the exact same time) .

Changing the subject:  Received a "Failed token check; forcing preview" and all additions and data are gone.

The phrase is so odd, that there should be a definition attached beside it. What is a "Failed Token?"  We're not at Chucky Cheeses.  This is WikiTree a helpful learning community for documenting families and to grow strong each branch of the way.

Appears that this topic was addressed back in 2012.

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Its nasty if you do not see the message. The work you did will be lost if you do not save again. Usually best to save again and then you can look at the profile to find the mistake. Usually I see no problem some times its obvious missing a closing bracket or some such. Key is to save again especially if you have done a lot of typing or it will disappear.
by Living Lechner G2G6 Mach 6 (62.4k points)
G2G and Tech need to come up with a solution to prevent this when listing names in cemeteries or those projects are worth NOTHING.

I don't want to spend hours working on this only to find I am back where I was the day before.

Jon P Czarowitz

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