I'd like to get pre-1500 certification but I'm not sure I've ever heavily worked on a pre-1700 profile.

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I would like to add or have someone help me add the Bodkin family of Galway, Ireland to wikitree.  I need a pre-1500 badge to do it myself but I'm not entirely sure I have what I need to gain the badge through the request form.  I'm not really sure there's a profile from before 1700 I can give the form where I was the main contributor.  I also am not sure if I've communicated with a project leader despite the fact I've communicated and gotten thanks from many.

I've made over 60 thousand contributions and have been thanked 1,077 times. I also frequently connect the unconnected and follow the connectors project.

I'd like some assistance, either in getting the pre-1500 badge or in adding the Bodkin family without one.  Research is never truly over so being able to add and edit them myself would be ideal but I understand if I just can't get the badge.
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Your first step should be to join a Pre-1700 Project. The Ireland Project would probably best suit your interests.

The Pre-1500 badge is very difficult to earn and you will need to join a Pre-1700 project before even considering applying. You will need to show your ability to work with pre-1700 profiles properly.

Best of luck in pursuing your goal!

by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
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That link for Ireland goes to a page that doesn't exist.

Project: Ireland Ireland

This page does not exist.


The link should be




Oops, sorry about that. Fixed now. Thanks, Melanie!
Thanks for the star, Robin.
Oops, sorry about that. Fixed now. Thanks, Melanie!


No worries.  (I'd been looking for that link earlier, but ooooooooooooh, look, shiny!) 

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Why not start with Bodkin-51 (as it is Unsourced) ? The profile says Richard Bodkin, born 1690 in Galway and died 1714 in Virginia.  This would be an ideal one for you to research and source as it is a possible Bodkin link between Ireland and Virginia. It would be a good step towards eventual pre-1500 qualification.
by Joe Farler G2G6 Pilot (139k points)
I would if I could find any sources for him.  He's my brick wall ancestor that I can find no information about.
Ah I see. Ireland is tricky to find good sources for.I have a brick wall there myself, with an O’Neill ancestor, who is not even as far back as that.

In that case I would suggest choosing another pre-1700 profile to work on - one which you can add to and improve.

Is there an active Ireland Project at the moment ? If so, it would be worth joining.

Also there is a source-a-Thon coming up and they work on profiles with the Unsourced template - so make sure any really Unsourced profiles have the template and you might find somebody adds something :-)

Is there an active Ireland Project at the moment ? If so, it would be worth joining.

by Joe Farler


Yes, there is. 

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Although it's in its "very" early stage of development, the Ireland Project has some pointers on getting a pre-1500 badge. You can find the information at Irish_Roots_Pre-1500_Team

by Richard Devlin G2G6 Pilot (447k points)
That pre-1500 project for Ireland looks valuable.
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If what you have to add is using either internet trees or books written by famiily members those are not valid sources for pre-1700 or pre-1500 profiles.   

You can use them as clues but need to find something that validates the information.   Things that work are:

Land records

Tax Rolls

If you find them birth, marriage or death records but often they are hard to find.

Court records (sheriff records)

military records

Some town have a town history that may name some of the people in the town.  These can be used with an asterisk...  check the known frauds section of the link I give you below.  

I wish it was easier but it is not.  

This is a list of sources that you can use 


The reason we don't use trees or family written book is that there was a style to try to connect your family to a ruling or noble family and a lot of bad genealogy took place.  Also generally there are more than one person with the same name living in the same area in the same time period because Grandpa was say John, one of his sons was John, and 3 of his grandsons from 3 different  sons are all John... so now you have 5 of them living in the same area at the same time...  And often families could be bigger than that...  and in my scenario the descendants are all sharing the same DNA from Grandpa..

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (729k points)

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