Newly created One Place Study for Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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Created a One Place Study for

If you have an interest in Aberdeenshire, Scotland drop on by!

in The Tree House by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (662k points)
Laura - Is there a category that can be used to associate profiles with this study? If so, what is it? It tried "[[Category: Aberdeenshire, Scotland One Place Study]]" and got an error message.
I will save the page I am working on editing.  If you go to the page you will see a place to add surnames.
My ONS is originally from Aberdeenshire - Tillydaff etc.
You can link it on the page if you would like.
Just opened privacy lock.  Sorry!  If you want to create a category go for it.
Done - thank you!
I have a bunch of profiles related to Aberdeenshire, but they are not part of any one name study.  They're just a family with different names.

That's the point of a One Place Study.  They don't have to have the same name, unlike in a One Name Study. smiley

Except every link I saw on the page was for a one name study, not a person.

Hi Melanie,

At the top of the page I say it is a work in process.  Right now I am just populating surnames from a WikiTree+ query for those associated with Aberdeenshire.  If that surname has a One Name Study that includes Aberdeenshire locations I am adding those.  

Adding profiles will take a lot more time.   Going for the low hanging fruit first.

If you have profiles you want to add, you can (also stated on the page).

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I don't seem to have edit facility?  [[Tilliduff_Name_Study|Tilliduff Name Study]] I can't do the link right  either - definitely technology-challenged!
by Christine Searle G2G6 Mach 3 (35.8k points)
reshown by Christine Searle
I just changed privacy to open.  Sorry it must have defaulted to green level ...  it is open now
You forgot the word 'Category'.

[[Category:Tilliduff_Name Study|Tilliduff Name Study]]
Thank you Ros :)
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Hi Laura,

That's a big area for a One Place Study. I see you're on the Aberdeenshire Team in the Scotland Project. I'd recommend reaching out to Amy Gilpin to talk about this as I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Susie :-)
by Olivia McCabe G2G6 Pilot (245k points)
Amy is aware
Ah, good to know :-)

Susie we can also add pages so if say someone wants to create a Strichen page or an Ellon Page or a Lonmay page those can be added as they are all in Aberdeenshire.

If you compare it to the US states it is smaller than Delaware which ranks 49 out of 50 US states in size. 

It is Scotland's 4th largest by area and 6th largest by population.  

I do agree with Susie.  
a) we don't usually encourage Place Studies of an entire county (and please don't compare them to US studies, which are different)
b)  Isn't this just duplicating the Aberdeenshire page?
I sent an email to Amy who requested a page be created.  I am asking for clarification.  And in response to your note below I coud care less about badges.   I did this to support the project as requested.
After a bit of confusion to start, I think this will be a great compliment to our Scotland Project's Aberdeenshire Team.  If it is determined to be too large of an area for a true OPS, I hope you'll consider working on smaller areas and linking them to the Project.  While our existing space page for Aberdeenshire focuses on information and resources, your new page focuses on the people and how/when they connect to the area.
I am happy to support the project.  Once you and Wendy figure out what you want let me know and I will work to make that happen.   Most of my Scottish family came from Aberdeenshire so I have a solid connection to it.  The vast majority were farmers, crofters, or involved with maritime pursuits.  Some of these relatives were well known while others were simple folks.  

As I noted in an email to you I saw this page as being member interactive while the Aberdeenshire project page is more informational and static.  I see putting a link to the interactive page on the project page as making great sense.

I also think the project page needs to be more prominently displayed on the main page and not buried in a small link that if you blink you miss....  I found it easier to find the team pages than pages for the areas.  

So yes some of what I did on the new page is similar to what is on the project page and that is easily remedied by the delete key.  But I think what we were trying to do with the interactive side is much better done off the project's area page.
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@Chase - there is now a category for the Study.  The category page had not been set up when you tried it.

I have now categorised it into One Place Studies and given it its own category page.
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Thanks Ros you are great!
However, Laura, you will not get the OPS badge until you have gone through Wendy Sullivan, the project's Leader.  Of course I cannot guarantee you will get it if your page is not accepted.

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