52 Photos Week 41: Autumn

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20 Answers

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Photos week 41 autumn

This photo are taken in a graveyard in Copenhagen, we took the photo because certainly the red squirrel came running

We don’t se that very often

The photo are taken 1October this year 

by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
edited by Susan Laursen
Susan, beautiful picture, and I love the red squirrel.

Thank you for sharing.
It really stands out, doesn't it?
I love that photo Susan. :)
Thank You for your kindness Cheryl much appreciated
Thank You Laurie for your kindness
Wow David thank You for your kind comments
Susan thank you for sharing the gorgeous photo. I can’t remember ever seeing a red squirrel.
Thank You Alexis for your kind comment we only have red squirrel in Denmark but don’t se them very often in Copenhagen
Lovely setting; lovely photo. Thank you for sharing it, Susan.
Thank You my sweet friend Robin how sweet of you

Much appreciated
Very beautiful and calming cousin!
Thank You cousin for your sweet cousin
I, too, have never seen a red squirrel. In the western USA we only have grey ones. There are 2 species where I live, one a little larger and fluffier than the other.

One of my great-great grandfathers was from Denmark. He came to America around 1870 as a draft-dodger, or so the story goes.
Wow Alison exciting  your gg granddad came from Denmark

We only have red squirrel they are so cute
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"Canadian Ballerina" by W.M. Cruthers, my grandfather. I still remember how big the maple leaves were!

by Laurie Cruthers G2G6 Pilot (114k points)
edited by Laurie Cruthers
What a cutie!  Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Caryl.
What I was thinking, what a cutie!
What a adorable photo thank You for sharing
Laurie what a dear autumn photo. We don’t see leaves like that here in Oklahoma.
Thanks everyone.
Passing this photo again, have to say again, what a cutie!
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This is a photo taken in the autumn of 1924 in McAlester, Oklahoma of my father-in-law, LeRoi Nelson, holding his kitty while he is standing in the fallen leaves.

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Mach 8 (88.1k points)
Adorable picture! Two of my favorite subjects for photos - kids and cats.
Alexis, this is such a cute picture. Your father-in-law is adorable and I love his cat. You picked the perfect picture for this week.

Thank you for sharing.
Thank you Cheryl, LeRoi was a wonderful man, and this photo is a favorite.
Emily, thank you, we are all a bunch of cat lovers too.
I love the hat, very kitty-like!
Laurie, yes the hat is unusual looking. Thank you for the fun comment.
This is so precious.  I agree with Cheryl, this is the perfect picture for this week's theme.
Thank you Caryl. My father-in-law was a very kind man; I think it is good for children to learn to love animals.
Gorgeous photo of your father with the wonderful cat thank You for sharing
Thank you Susan for your sweet comment.
Very cute!
Thank you SJ.
Great autumn photo! LeRoi is all dressed for fall and even has fallen leaves strewn about his feet. And he looks pleased with his kitty as well. Thank you for sharing it.

I just realized the hat has little ears two; so we have two kittens wink

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An Autumn Wedding September 28, 1924 My Dad's sister Minnie Hills marrying Bill Barnett at St, Margaret's Church, Barking, England

by Christine Frost G2G6 Mach 3 (39.7k points)
Beautiful! Thank you.
Lovely. Very 1920s.
Gorgeous photo thank you for sharing
Lovely photo!
What a great photo.  I just saw the Downton Abbey movie this past weekend and they could have been in any scene.  Thanks for sharing this with us.
Was it traditional there and then to wear black hats at the wedding, I wonder?
Thanks for your comments everyone, I think the shape of those hats was fashionable for weddings at that time, but they could be any colour. I have seen white ones on other wedding photos.
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Each year my husband and I take a week long (or more) holiday trip in the autumn.  This photo is of the two of us at El Capitan State Beach near Santa Barbara, California in October of 2011.

This is one of our favorite camping places. The point is a beautiful surfing spot when there is surf and the campground is in a beautifully wooded spot.

by Robin Shaules G2G6 Pilot (434k points)
Looks like a wonderful spot Robin.
Thank you, Laurie. It is wonderful. We've enjoyed it many times over the years.
Amazing photo Robin what a wonderful view thank You for sharing
Looks like a wonderful place to vacation.
Thank you, Susan. This was a peaceful day. Some days the bay is full of surfers.
It is a wonderful place to vacation and camp, SJ, even in December (which we have done many times).
I've been to that beach, as a child, when I lived in Santa Barbara. I think that was one of the beaches where we would go to swim at night when there was red tide, which made phosphorescence in the waves.
What a place to live! My husband used to surf there -- it was one of his favorite places.
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Photos Week 41 - Autumn

This is a photo of my late mother-in-law Audrey Armistead Ruckert going for sail in the fall of the year.  She was a beautiful person.  We miss her everyday.

by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Pilot (143k points)
The photo's not showing Caryl.
Thanks Laurie.  I hope I fixed it. :)
Thank you Caryl for sharing Audrey, and she certainly is beautiful.
Thanks Alexis for your comment. She was an amazingly kind and loving person.
Thank You Caryl for sharing this wonderful photo of your late mother in law
Looks like it fell out of one of the Kennedy Family photo albums.
Yes, it does!
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52 Photos Week 41: Autumn

This week, I am sharing a picture of the Hay Palace in Momence, Illinois. (my hometowm) This palace was built in 1890, 1891 and 1892. It was billed as the Autumn Festival.


I am not sure if you are able to read the description of the Hay Palace - but it was made entirely of hay bales. The building was 206' in length, 166' wide in the center and it was a perfect circle, 103' in diameter. It was flanked to the North, South, East and West by wings that were 50' wide. The central dome was 87' high.


The surviving Veterans of the 76th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers would hold their annual camp fire in the auditorium. I had relatives, as did my husband in that regiment.

This was the first attempt at constructing an exhibition building entirely out of hay, and it was successful.


by Cheryl Hess G2G6 Pilot (907k points)
Cheryl this is so interesting that it makes me want to come to visit Illinois. No wonder my grandmother missed living there.
Thank you Alexis. My little hometown is so full of history. I love living here.
Fantastic photo Cheryl really great thank You for sharing
Thank you, Susan, my friend.
Wow!  Don't forget the no smoking sign!
Thank you for sharing this Cheryl -- so interesting.  I would love to see the Hay Palace.
SJ, isn't that the truth.
Thank you Robin. I wish I had seen it also.
Thank you Laurie!
I was able to read the whole description--it sounded amazing!

In Iowa there is a "Corn Palace", which is a permanent building of which they decorate the outside yearly with murals made of corn and other grains and legumes. I visited it in 1998 when I took a trip around the US.

Alison, thank you for sending me that information. It was very interesting. I am glad that you were able to visit. Bet you had a great time.
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Mom has her autumn hat on - love those wings to keep the wind out of the ears!

by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (636k points)
SJ thank you for sharing this photo of your mother. She certainly is a dear little girl with a wonderful smile.
So cute.  Love the smile.
Beautiful photo of your mother SJ thank You for sharing
Thank you, SJ, for sharing this cute photo of your mother. She is darling in her hat and sweater.
Very sweet photo.
What a lovely smile, she is really enjoying herself!
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Mine is my aunt Sandra Leonard and her profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Miller-56421
where she was in Jonesborough, Tennessee.


ago by Linda Barnett G2G6 Pilot (401k points)
Great photo, thanks for sharing!

If the leaves on the ground don't prove that it is Autumn then the date stamp does!
Definitely looks like the rolling hills of Tennessee! Nice photo of your aunt.
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Hi everyone, this is a picture of the football team my grandpa Victor Johnson was a captain of. At this time he lived in the Oddfellow's Home in Walla Walla, Washington. His father had passed away from pulmonary tuberculosis and his mother was ill and lived at Saint Anne's Hospital in Juneau, Alaska. The back of the photo says: "Ed Childers, Don Fuller, Dick King, Jim Grast capt., Jim Robison, Junior Benedict, Mike Hennen, Don McMann, Vic Johnson capt., Bob Quipp."

ago by Erin Johnson G2G5 (5.2k points)

I also found this picture of me holding my baby sister at Thanksgiving. She's not a baby anymore; she's 20 now! 

What a wonderful photo Erin thank You for sharing
What a adorable little girl Erin
Thank you, Susan! :)
Great fall photos, Erin.
Very cute photo of you and your sister!
Thank you, Laurie and Alison! :)
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Time for the Folsom Blues Breakout 5K!!! Can't do the Marathon, but I can walk 3 miles!! Also adding a photo of the Johnny Cash Trail Inauguration day run/walk.  Folsom, California

ago by Janice Sutherland G2G6 Mach 2 (27.1k points)
edited ago by Janice Sutherland
Photos don't seem to be coming through. I'll look for them on the space page, but maybe you could try copying and pasting them in again? They don't seem to be in the "free space gallery"...that might be the problem.
ok. I can see them
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This is my grandmother Louisa Banks Flintoff on an Autumn visit to Monkton, Maryland in September, 1916.  The children are Gregory and Janie (I haven't discovered their surname yet) and the animal is named Betsy.  :)  

ago by Susan Yarbrough G2G6 Mach 1 (18.6k points)
+5 votes

My great-grandmother in October 1955.  Not really any leaves, just snow...it's a reminder about the weather change that's going to happen here sooner rather than later.

ago by K. Anonymous G2G6 Mach 7 (72.8k points)
+7 votes

What do we like about Autumn? The weather is still warm although the cold is coming. Is it the leaves on the ground to kick? The red and gold's? Since I have made it to my 60's, the word Autumn, gets me thinking back to lost friends and family, appreciating life and every moment.

This is an old postcard photo of The Hobby Drive at Clovelly in Devonshire, England.

ago by David Urquhart G2G6 Mach 5 (54.5k points)
David what a wonderful photo I really love your photo with the horses in the back. Thank You for sharing this incredible photo
+3 votes

Our traditions include going for a hike in the woods.  This one was taken in Virginia, in the Shenandoah range from nearly 10 years ago.

ago by Jeffrey Spencer G2G Rookie (290 points)
edited ago by Jeffrey Spencer
Photo doesn't seem to be visible here. Didn't find it in the "Free space gallery", either. Maybe try again?
I could not figure out how to post it.  I clicked on the image upload and sent the target file.  I also tried the link option.  Nothing works.

I tried again in the "Free Space" and think I got it to load there.
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Once again, I am using one of my grandfather's photos, simply because he so wisely wrote the date on most of them.

Many of you may remember the comical photos of my grandfather and grandmother playing tug-of-war with their dog Rome, with a long stick, over the hole they were digging for a fish pond. Here is a photo with the pond completed, taken Oct. 22, 1916.


My grandmother, Edith, is holding my aunt Mildred. Beside them is their collie-dog, Rome. They have constructed a bridge over the pond. Being in southern California, it doesn't look much like autumn.

ago by Alison Gardner G2G6 Mach 4 (49.1k points)
edited ago by Alison Gardner
Allison, this is a wonderful photo. It looks so serene. Thank you for sharing it.
Wonderful photo wow I love the dog and family photo thank you for sharing
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I look har for some colorful Autumn photos ... but no luck

So, here is one of my grandmother, Oma M Allison-Rammel (1895-1995).   Her family have a cottage on Lake Michigan about 10 miles from Escanaba.

I believe this photo was taken in late September about 1928 ... fall and winter come early and stay long on the Upper Pennisula of Michigan.

ago by Bill Sims G2G6 Mach 3 (32.6k points)
+1 vote

Mural in Autumn, Toronto, Canada


ago by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (633k points)
+1 vote

Missaukee County, MichiganMissaukee County, Michigan

ago by Kenneth Powell G2G Rookie (230 points)
edited ago by Kenneth Powell
+3 votes

I asked my nine year old to help me find an autumn picture this week, and she decided that the leaves on the ground mean that this photo was taken in autumn.

And you know what? It absolutely does look like the kind of posed picture my own kids would take during an autumn pumpkin patch visit. 

The three dark haired girls are the Jolly sisters - Myrtle, Viola, and Martha. They're the children of my great-grandmother's sister, and I don't know much about them, but they're adorable. 

ago by Jessica Hammond G2G6 Mach 2 (21k points)
What a wonderful photo! I love the matching dresses and rolled socks. I love the wagon, but the goat makes it all complete. And it's great that you enlisted the help of your nine year old -- grooming a future WikiTreer. Thank you for sharing it.

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