Is anyone closer than me as I am 16 steps from Elvis Presley?

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I'm 16 steps from Elvis who is 7 steps from John Lennon.  Is anyone closer than 16 steps from Elvis?
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Could you correct the spelling in your question, please?  The Thon shook up my OCD...
It must be about 17 degrees in my case. Today's Profile of the Week is with John Lennon, the ex-Beatle. I'm 23 degrees of separation, or steps, from him. His son, private, and I only know of Julian and Sean, married yada yada yada whose wife's husband etc., eventually leads us to Elvis Aaron Presley. Elvis is, according to Wikitree's relationship finder, my 9th cousin once removed.
I’m not sure how anyone would know for sure since Elvis’ tree here has at least one mythical person supposedly a Cherokee ancestor.  Elvis has no connection to the Cherokee.
Haven't been able to figured out the steps but 9th cousins 1X removed according to the relationship finder.

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I'm 27 degrees from John Lennon (and I'm English!) and 24 from Henry VIII.  What's going on?  It's not like I'm posh or anything.  I connect to John via my Dad and his Cornish ancestry - I never knew that John Lennon had so much Cornish in him.
by Ros Haywood G2G6 Pilot (720k points)

My connection with John Lennon is  even further at 29 degrees. The connections through my husband, (par for the course, connections rarely go through my ancestry) It's from  Lennon's 'private' son whose mother then connects to an ancestor of my husband's, a member of the  Waterlow Family.Until it hits the Fords  it is very posh indeed.

Link with Henry VIII is 25 degrees, also via husband and this time via South Africa. 

A couple of weeks ago, my connection to  Henry was through me and very much closer. Then I unlinked the spurious parental connection, so I suppose it is  all my own faultwink

It would be a great opportunity for the England project to see if they can shorten some connections!
Trouble is, the first connection I went to that joins into my own branch (where I am confident) - goes to Australia before It comes back to Cornwall in 1816.

Back I go, then...
23 degrees from Lennon (22 from Henry VIII Tudor) .. through my paternal line as usual (his son, then his (the son's) wife, then her father, his father and so on).
I've got a ton of Cornish but my connection to Lennon is through the Isle of Wight. 31 steps.
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John Lennon is the famous connection target I see this week, not Elvis.

And I also can't figure out my connection to Lennon. The first 4 steps on his connection to me (supposedly 22 steps) are 4 private people. The first one is his son (that would be Julian or Sean) and the next one is that son's wife. That's where I get stuck, since Wikipedia says neither of his sons has ever married.  What now??  frown

by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (989k points)
Same, Ellen, mine says private sons wife. 27 degrees via the Bligh family. I also thought his sons were unmarried but actually I think I’ve read Sean did marry but where I read that I have no idea. What’s even stranger is his son lives less than 10 minutes from me!
I could knock round under the guise of borrowing some sugar. ;-)

Edit; it’s Paul McCartneys family that live near me. I believe Julian Lennon still owns property round here, but like you can find no evidence he married, here or in Monaco.
Julian has not married, but Sean is in a long-term relationship.
Well, the Wikitree management consistently  tells us not to use a "marriage" connection for long-term relationships that aren't legal marriages. Yet someone made a profile for a wife of one of the sons, and we can't tell who made the profile nor who she is....
My connection to John Lennon runs via Edward D’Abo, but Olivia did not marry Julian, as far as I know. It looks like there’s a false marriage here.
Thanks for bringing those up, guys. I just removed two engagements.
And the one for Sean, too. Hopefully John's still connected tomorrow :-/

Lennon should still be connected tomorrow. Ros has a 27-step connection that doesn't involve a son. cool

I am connected through his mother, Julia Stanley.
Whew!  Good to know! I might add some where I can to see what we come up with.

Like I said the connection finder connects John Lennon to  Elvis Presley through John  Lennon's son's wife.  Al the profiles between the two are private.  Thus, you can only tell me how many steps you are from Elvis jf you have both John Lennon and Elvis on your connection fineer links

Today my connection to John Lennon is through his mother and the Stanley family -- and it's 26 steps, only 4 steps farther than the connection I had yesterday. I hope other members are still connected...

Two days ago the  29 degree link to John Lennon was through his son's  posh girl friend and my husband. The connection meandered through  several baronets and other titled persons.

Today it's 31 degrees and this time it's through my family.laugh

The connection is via  the marriage in New South Wales, of my 2nd cousin ,6x removed, who was transported there following his conviction for highway robbery. (Don't think of Dick Turpin, not nearly so 'romantic') At least that far, its a legitimate connection. 

Helen, did it go via the Elton baronets ? Mine did before the engagement was removed. I’m still connected, but by a quite different, longer route to John Lennon’s mother.

Ah can't remember all the details, it went via

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Told ME we were very very uncertain 14th Cousins, but ... he'd be hard to get close to anyway, the way he bounced around ...
by Susan Smith G2G6 Mach 7 (74.4k points)
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10th cousin of Elvis Presley!
by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Mach 8 (89.3k points)

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