Why isn't merge notice on both profiles?

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I could have sworn that it used to be that the merge reason comment showed up on both pages of duplicate profiles but it's not doing that on these two -- just on the lower numbered profile.  Was this changed recently?

Don't we want viewers of both profiles to see this message? I certainly do. P

asked in WikiTree Tech by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (662k points)
edited by Keith Hathaway
I heartily agree.

I have had the same experience. I have the message appearing on the profile I manage (the lower number), but it doesn't appear on the other (higher numbered) profile.

The message must appear on the profile with the higher number (as well) because this is the profile that created the duplicate

I'd also like to see this fixed.  I don't recall the note ever showing up on both profiles, but it should.  I've actually been copy/pasting it into public comments on the other profile lately.  I can't even guess what the reasoning might be for having it show up on only one.

Completely agree.

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I agree that both profiles and their managers should get all comments and messages about the proposed merge. This would only help everyone make informed decisions about the proposed merge. I never noticed if this happens on the higher numbered profile or not but I will be watching from now on.

answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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I've noticed that also. Both profiles should show the same message. Both should be aware of the proposed merge or the reason why it was unmatched or rejected.
answered by Mary H. G2G6 Mach 7 (78.3k points)
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Hi Jillaine,

This hasn't changed. It was decided that we want everyone to be informed of the comment, but not for the comment itself to be duplicated.

answered by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thanks for the quick response, Chris.

Unless I've recently returned from the Twilight Zone-- anything's possible-- I *know* that I have removed two copies of such messages post merge. (Unless the two copies I deleted were Unmerged Match or Rejected Match comments-- are they treated differently?)

In any case, I think what you're reading here is that the merge request comments *should* be on both profiles. As we've been seeing elsewhere, it's not just profile managers involved with merges, and I think it's important that readers of any to-be merged profiles should see these.  Yes, it means we have to delete two comments post merge; so what? ;-)

And IF you really really really only want one copy to appear on a profile, I concur with Peter K that it should be on the higher-numbered profile. BUT I think it should be on both.

I agree with Jillaine, if I am managing the profile that the comment is not on how would I see it quickly and make an informed decision?
Dale, if you're a PM on the higher-numbered profile, you'll still get an email notification. What I don't know is if EVERY PM on a given profile gets an email notification or just the first one. I'd like to know that actually.
Just this morning I checked the pending merges waiting for action by me and there was one that had been proposed by the other PM. I was the only PM on the profile for my side and I got no notification. The first thing I do online every day is check my email, including the spam and yet still no notification of the proposed merge. I have received several emails about the G2G comments and answers so I know that my email is working with WikiTree. That being said, for some reason the system is not working correctly.

Sorry, Chris, but I think that was clearly a bad decision.  It really should be changed.

AND email notifications should go to all PMs

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