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What is the correct thing to do when working on the profile of a shared ancestor that has nothing but GEDcom drop numbers like what I pasted below? Is it ok to delete these things and try to find real sources? This may sound dumb, but the PM has been defensive and actually threatened me at one point. I don't want to upset his apple-cart, (or mine) but there are so many profiles dropped without anything real, I'd really like to remove the dreck and add some decent citations.

: Birth:  

:: User ID:  71A4AC10-C7F3-444E-819E-A0795EB56CFD

:: Record ID Number:  MH:IF128854

=== Death ===

: Death:  

:: User ID:  0F9FAECB-FC85-402C-92D3-37848FAB4C8A

:: Record ID Number:  MH:IF128855

=== Record ID Number ===

: Record ID Number:  MH:I702

=== User ID ===

: User ID:  9B5D00A5-E872-4B9A-885D-5D1D8642868

=== UPD ===

: UPD 09 SEP 2008 17:25:08 GMT-7

in Policy and Style by Lisa Linn G2G6 Mach 7 (76.0k points)

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Those are part of what Ales calls the Gedcom Junk that he has created new Suggestions for to remove them. 

Review the Technical Stuff at the bottom of this page

by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (559k points)
selected by SJ Baty
Thanks Linda.

Great question and I'm glad you brought it up:

Most GED junk can be deleted - a few items need to be preserved.  Ros' link below is a good instructional:

Thanks for the star SJ. Good idea adding the other page, also
Thanks S.J.
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I move them all to ===External Files===

beneath Acknowledgments , they are still there (so original PM shouldn’t mind, but totally apart from the bio.

If they are orphaned then I think you may be able to erase them, they are still available in the changes record.
by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Thank you Marion.
Thanks for the star Lisa
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Have a read of this:

It tells you what you can and can't delete
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Here's an sample where a third party (me) would like to select this as best answer because it's really more accurate and better advice than the answer selected by the original poster. There is absolutely no value to retaining gedcom "junk" on a wikitree profile.
Thanks Jillaine -S.J. added the star, but I appreciate all the advice. And the linked page shows what was said above. SO....

I guess we're all on the same page LOL!
Yes, my only issue with that otherwise terrific page is that it says in two places to check Ancestry links. I would prefer if it were reworded so as not to assume everybody is able to do this.
My opinion is (opinions are not wrong)even though a third person may have more knowledge in a certain area or even if it is a third person's field of experience, all of that knowledge may not be important to the person asking the question. or it may not pertain to what the asking  person is looking for. The question may be asked for their skill level and must be answered in their skill level. A teacher is a very intelligent person and they deserve many accolades for their work. A teacher w/all of the knowledge will answer a question to the limits of the person who asks. Other answers may also be given for reference but what counts is what the person seeks to know. A doctor once told me that what'sright or wrong may not be as important as how the person perceives  an answer. If you talk over someones knowledge then the answer may alienate the person. I believe that what counts here is the person asking the question, not the one answering.
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Hi, Lisa.  What a timely question.  I am today/tomorrow wrapping up a Data Doctors video on just this subject.  Linda listed a good link, and the video will say the same thing.  If the data has no relation to the profiled person, not only should it be deleted, but headings/sections like User ID, Record ID Number, Data Changed, etc. will generate Suggestion 853.

So, yep, you're on solid ground here.

by Karen Hoy G2G6 Mach 3 (37.7k points)
YAY! I realized I had asked the same question about a different profile managed by the same person several months ago. I also answered a question from a Newbie earlier this week and discovered that the DDs didn't have anything up for people new to Wikitree. The learning curve is pretty high and it sure would help the tree and everyone working on it if there was more vetting, fewer GEDcom drops and some kind of "training." I hope you'll consider that in the future.

Lisa - your observation is a good one.  Data Doctors focus on Suggestions, and a general "how to" would help eliminate future profile problems, but we're not the Greeters group.  I'll run it by the Project Coordinators and see what they think.  (We've only got a bazillion suggestion videos left to make.)

In the meantime, there are overall videos, usually featuring Mr. E, that are available on many subjects.  Suggestions, Find A Grave, Dates, Gender, etc.  Here's the link to the video collection:  Newcomers will benefit from viewing them.

Thanks again!


Thank you Karen. That page was the first place I looked! It just seemed with all of our "code" numbers for correction and multiple screen-shots, that most of us would recognize; someone new to Wikitree would probably be overwhelmed. This person hadn't even signed the Honor Code yet when he came to G2G asking for help -at least he was able to figure out where to ask the question!

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