How do I remove someone that was auto filled into my tree which is incorrect?

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John Barton is auto-filled into my tree as the father of Isaac Barton II and son of Isaac Barton I and Keziah Murphy.  Isaac Barton I and Keziah are the parents of Isaac Barton II.
WikiTree profile: William Barton
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The profile is unsourced, If you have sources please contact the profile manager with changes
There are several Isaac Bartons in this family. This one is showing as the son of Isaac and Keziah. There are also some duplicates as the William Green Barton in your question above also has a brother with the same details and two wives with the same name.

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First, there is no such thing as "my tree" here.  We all share one single gigantic tree that has the (probably unrealistic) goal of including everyone in the world who ever lived.  Each person can have exactly one profile.  If we find duplicates (of which there are many that were accidentally created) then we merge them to result in only one profile for that person.

Relationships between profiles do not get "auto-filled".  A member has to make the connection and there is a log of all changes ever made to any profile, so that it can be found who did it and when.  Click the "Changes" tab on any profile to see the list of changes and click on any item in that list to see the actual change.

I did that for the Isaac Barton who is father of the William that you linked here and saw that his connection to John Barton (as his father) was the first thing done when his profile was originally created.

I don't know what's right or wrong, but it looks like there is a lot of untangling needed for this family (see Samantha's comment) to determine if there are duplicates that need to be merged or if there is the opposite problem of several different people conflated into one profile that need to be separated.

It also looks like a few different people contributed to the profile of William's father Isaac Barton and it appears that they are all descendants, so you have the excitement of finding relatives here - I am so envious of you!  The best thing to do is contact these members and collaborate with them to sort it all out.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (785k points)
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l posted my grandfather's correction information on my page , but it was changed to incorrect information by Wiki tree. Two relatives of his were added which are also incorrect.

James McCormick, Livingston County, New York, 1872-1920 is correct. He is  not the James McCormick from Canada that whomever checks the information added. William and Laughlin McCormick are absolutely not related to me either. My information can be verified on Ancestry. com which  reflects fastidious family records.Unfortunately, other members have already copied your incorrect information. This is the second time out of the four times l have posted information that incorrect information has been added to my page. The first one was information claiming that my dad, Burl H. Dean ,who died in 1967 was still alive. The person who handled it told me that the Wiki researcher  did not " go back " far enough to check my  aaccurate information . It's very disappointing to use this site and find such sloppy research. I had great hopes for using it since l'm related to many of the Bugbees ( great migration & rev war) that are listed. My question in addition to asking you removing bongus data from my page, is how do l know that you research is reliable ? Thank you,

Sharon, if someone has attached incorrect parents to a profile you manage, you can detach them.

If they have made incorrect edits, you can revert those.
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John Barton-4442 is son of Isaac Barton-330 and Keziah.  He is born about 1765, but they didn't marry until 1772, so something is not correct, either his birth, their marriage, or they are not his parents.

That John has a son Isaac Barton Barton-4398, who married Nancy Snow, but that is not the profile that is identified as Isaac Barton II.  That profile is Barton-1803 and is son of Isaac and Keziah.  It looks like Isaac Barton-4398 is a 'cousin' of Isaac Barton-1803 II.  The profiles have different parents, different birth and death dates. Isaac Barton-4398 was born in SC, Isaac Barton-1803 II was born in Tenn.

William Green Barton-4872 mentioned in your question is the son of Isaac Barton-4398, which is not Isaac Barton-1803 II.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (380k points)

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