Problem with Pre-1700 Certification

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I have answered all of the questions correctly on the Pre-1700 Certification 3 times.  I clicked the liittle box saying I understand and will abide by the rules.  Before the last time I even cleared the history, etc. on my laptop.   And nothing happens.  I just don't understand what else I can do.  After all, it's not rocket science.
in The Tree House by Judy Wardlow G2G6 Mach 1 (19.9k points)
:( I was having the same problem, too~took this test 3 times and each time, couldn't get the confirmation button to appear. It wasn't until the 3rd and final time, after searching The Tree House to see if others were experiencing this that I decided to check over my answers on that third test and I discovered that I did, in fact, forget to answer one of the questions (I really thought I answered them all). Once I answered that question, scrolled down to the bottom of the page, I saw that I needed to check the "Accept" box again, and after checking off that box again, the "Confirmation" box appeared!! Glad I saved that third test! Whew!!

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If you've selected all the correct answers, and checked the little box, a big green button should appear that says CONFIRM AND COMPLETE.

If you're not seeing that button, the most likely cause is that an incorrect answer is selected somewhere. Make sure all your answers have a green box around them and start with the word "Correct". Beyond that, I'm not sure what could cause the button to not appear.
by Lianne Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (423k points)
selected by Keith Baker

Glad you got it to "behave."  yes

It does not!!
I have completed the test many many times.  I have ensured that every answer is correct. I have checked and checked that they are all correct. I have ticked the certify box. I have changed my browser, I have cleared my history.  No green box or anything else appears that allows me to submit my form. Absolutely nothing works at all. A pity I cannot access pre-1700 profiles to add the necessary sources but if I can't submit my test then it is impossible. There surely must be a hiccup with the test form because judging by the number of frustrated people experiencing the same difficulty something is clearly not working as it ought.
Judy Wardow, I love your last comment......still chuckling!

Over and over, I have been going through the same hardship as described several times here above. At every attempt, I figured that there was some kind of automatic save. Today, I checked the over 1000 names that had their cetification and mine was'nt there so here I come to G2G.

Upon reading the messages above, I went through another attempt and succeeded, the last one that I had in mind. 

Suggestion to management: would'nt it be easier to insert a short message above the chexk box saying: To succeed, all choices must show the green box around them.

It would save a lot of frustration and give us more time to work on our profiles!

Hi Gaston,

Yes, I think we do need this (a note on the quiz).  Would it be OK with you if I ask a new question about your suggestion ... or would you like to do it?  I think it will get the attention it needs that way.
That would be fine when there is an error in the answers. But the real problem is that many of us have all the correct answers with the box saying correct on every single one of them after checking the answers over and over and over again. We then click the certiify question but there is nothing to confirm and submit on the page.
The principal behind the pre-1700 certification is a good one and I agree that we do need to endeavour to source our profiles where possible. It would be excellent if we ALL are able to successfully submit our answers and become certified.
Gaston, I wonder if management could also discover why for many of us there is no way to confirm and submit the form when all the answers are actually correct and the certify box is ticked [after checking and checking and checking again to be certain]? Management might then post up a note on the page to explain why this happens.

Further suggestion to management: One of the frustrating aspect of trying over and over is not knowing after checking the "accept" at the end of the quizz that you have failed. Now that I have succeeded, I know that I did because I saw the clear message.

In case of failure, could'nt a meissage like: attempt failed appear? No more fluttering around... Both end results would be clear!

Cynthia, I don't see the need for a new question but for you to see.


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