Do you have anyone in your family from North Carolina? The Global Family Reunion Project needs you!

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As you might now, AJ and the Global Family Reunion are looking to connect Ahmir Khalib Thompson (aka Questlove) to the global tree. Here's the thing: the more similar someone is to AJ or people within 10 steps of AJ, the easier it is to connect them. That means people with roots in New York or Pennsylvania, established and notable Jewish-American families, any white North American who has seen a James Spader film, or someone with Mayflower heritage, are all easy to know where to direct research to make a connection. The same can be said of anyone hoping to connect to the tree, how do we find someone similar to you as a waypoint to connect to? The easiest is to broadly identify what makes you who you are genealogically, go back as far as you can, and scour that time and place, and then try to find what connections you can make to the largest or central portion of the global tree. (Right now, the tree seems white and North American for the most part.) From what we know so far about Questlove, his family is black and from North Carolina. With the added difficulty of having very few pre-Civil War records for this population group, probably the simplest way to find a connection is to cram WikiTree full of North Carolinians. The more choices we have, the better the odds of making a connection get. So, here's where all of you delightful people come in: Pick any North Carolinian in your tree whose branch is a little sparse (Never added a spouse? Spouse needs parents? Siblings missing? Children of siblings?), and branch out from them. Even if you add just a few names, you'll be helping other researchers who come down the road later looking for their own connection, and making WikiTree a more complete source for family historians.

Any North Carolinian profiles will help, but especially:

Black/African-American families

People in Wayne County, especially Goldsboro

People in surrounding counties: Wilson, Greene, Lenoir, Duplin, Sampson, Johnston, as well as Perquimans county.

People with the following surnames: Thompson, McIntyre, Moses, Parks, Newby, Walker, Townsend, Bizzell, Atkinson, Fair, Perry, Archie, Beaman, Pool, Lightfoot, Barcliff, White

Thank you all!

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Probably the most helpful contribution would be anyone who has a documented link between African American families in North Carolina and a white ancestor, as this would allow for connection to white pre-Civil War families already represented in the tree.   Since so few African American families can get their family trees beyond the veil of slavery, this would be very helpful in connecting the entire African American community in North Caroilna.

I have two families in my tree where the connection between master and slave offspring was documented in legal papers. I'll add these and hope we can connect to them.
First, snort, seen a James Spader film.

Second, thank you and great thinking, Erin! I will be back to work on this for a longer spell when I am home this afternoon. There were tons of siblings in the families I was working with last night, so I am hoping skimming the later generations may give me a spouse to help us connect.

Perquimons County, North Carolina is another great North Carolina county with a heavy presence of the families we're looking for
I have Hills from Edgecomb; Macons and Hawkins from Bute, Minters from Chatham, Shugasn from Warren; probably more but I think that covers most of them.  Does that help?  Kind regards, Lee
Steven - absolutely. Thank you.

Abby - Adding Perquimans to the list above. Thanks.

Lee - Every bit helps. Who knows where connections could be made?
I found researching my primarly white Anglo-Saxon family tree including but not limited to Beamon/Beeman/Beman that provisions were made in their wills for their slaves.  Some were listed by first name only, some were listed by family name, some were set free upon death of owner, some given to relatives or sold to pay debits.  So CHECK YOUR WILLS for clues!

Not proud that my Quaker ancestors fell from grace and took to owning slaves but hopefully AJ project really shows we ARE all ONE family.  Verification of my sources is a slow process but inputting new relatives daily (IT'S A HUGE FAMILY).  Stay tuned!  DNA testing soon to come.

Not all of the below names and counties inputted to wikitree as of yet but working hard to do so.  Currently 34 step from AJ.

North Carolina family names: Beamon, Draughon, Vaughn, Babb, Jackson, and Clark.

North Carolina Counties: Sampson, Bertie, Wake, Wayne, Cumberland, Mingo, Albemarle, Buncombe, Duplin, Columbus, Edgecombe, Johnston, Burke, Anson, Caswell, Orange, Mecklenburg, Chatham, Chowan, Iredell, Balden

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Not sure what you are hoping to accomplish.  I have several that come to mind.

I have Carraways (Dr. James Carraway and wife Ann Stewart Carraway from Bladen, NC,Thomas Caraway of Virginia, moved to NC,  quite a few  Stewarts in  Bladen, NC  Patrick 5th Laird of Ledcreich who immigrated Scotland to NC (another county);    and Robert Cate, Thomas Cate, Robert Cate and probably their children...

However my connection seems to go through William Baugh, his daughter Rebecca (recorded as Rebecca UNKNOWN,  then through some of the Cox family of Virginia to Georgia, on to texas.    I am currenty at  24

If someone "knows someone" who could Unlock Rebecca UNKNOWN to be a Baugh (she married a Cox)
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Hi Mary,

Sorry I didn't see your message earlier; I haven't been checking my email.

What we're trying to do is create better odds of connecting someone to the global tree by creating a rich data pool for a geographic area. It's like a larger scale version of the FAN club principle. There are people working on branching out from Questlove, and finding a connection point to the global tree is a bit like feeling around in the dark to get the light switch. By working out from the global tree, we get a variety of surnames and branches for that area who are already connected, hopefully giving us a wall full of switches that we can hit once we stumble over to the wall.

If you have time to add a few more people to your tree (spouses, spouses relatives, etc), the GFR group would really appreciate it.

What is Rebecca Unknown's profile number? Have you asked the PM to change it yet? Otherwise, there is a link at the bottom of the profile where you can request a profile be opened. Paul gets on top of taking care of those pretty quickly.



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