How did I become a G2G6 Mach 7?

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ROS outlined where the points are in responding to a post, point for this, for that, while IN g2g ... very helpful list, BTW

So, I am looking at 74,950 in my g2g profile. Okay and I see I made 28,195 Contributions since May 1st 2018. My wrist, index finger can testify about that. Currently 1,600+ profiles on my WatchList and 1,200+ on my personal category of blood kin. That's not counting the profiles I also did that are not on my WatchList, like the parents and siblings of spouses what married a blood kin. Were I to count those it might well double and triple the number of profiles created. Might.

However, based on the List of point catchers ROS listed, and the list on my g2g profile, I do NOT see where those 74,950 points came from. Is that a accumulated total from all the counted this and that listed on the g2g profile? Like 153 Q + 76 Best Answer + 1,540 up votes and on through that list and that DOES NOT ADD UP to 74,950.

So whence come the 74,950??
in WikiTree Help by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (581k points)

laugh Debbie, thank you? Not sure what congrats are for but thank you, anyway.  

I was puzzled, even exceeding my usual level of puzzled, but as Dennis advised and with Ros' lists that she cited, I was able to more or less do the math ... don't know if I should laugh or cry. 

The one about Contributions, now that I can relate to, and so can my wrist, index finger, my nethermost and etc, that's the measure of profiling, editing, revising, and so forth, it's the measurement of productive activity 

HOWEVER, I recognize that Points ARE incentive. Points are valued by many. Amen. 

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They aren't just a point here and a point there.  Some count for 10 points, and some even count for 30.
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
selected by Marty Franke
  • You start with 100 points
  • Every question you ask is 30 points
  • Every question of yours that you select the best answer to is 30 points
  • Every answer is 100 points
  • Every answer of yours that receives best answer is 300 points
  • Every vote up on an answer you give out is 10 points
  • Every vote up you receive is 30 points

§ Ros, you didn't SAY that in your listing.  What are the 10 pointers and 30 pointers and if you don't want the rest of "them" to know, send me a PM ... I musta been running amok among the 30 pointers ... 

I just said which are the 10-pointers and which the 30-pointers.  The reason I didn't say that in the previous listing was not me - I straight copy-and-pasted it from a help page (which didn't say).

cheeky Girl, your new name is "Ros FASTDRAW Haywood" stepping right along on my heels, you were. Okay, I will take your listing (the new one) and see if the math works out 


Ros, if someone posts something and does not -- in the post -- attribute the source, then that someone gets the credit (or the blame, depending).  So you got the credit. And p'don me if I missed seeing the attribution, speed reading HAS advantages but there IS a sharp downside to it 

It's the same thing pretty much that the PM who had his answer taken and credited to some other who did NOT give HIM credit, according to what he said in his post ... 

Huh. Well, if I was hunting for points, I blew it by trying to stick to merely Comments because I got tired of being stripped of my Gold Star for Answers -- among other issues associated with Answers that I ran into, or was ran over by -- certainly honed my instinct for Self-preservation. 

As for Concerned, Dennis, is not Concern on my part, is / was total bewilderment, bemusement and befuddlement. The 1+1+1 ..+n just didn't compute ... NOW I know, ROS has made it plainer 

BTW, Dennis, I do not know how to OPEN up my g2g profile as you suggest. Agreed, it is another point of ignorance on my part. Where do I go click?
Go up to the 'My Wikitree' menu and make it drop down.  Look for 'G2G profile'.
Well, Ros, that IS where I found my g2g profile, yes, 74,950 and as I said at that time ...
Scroll down a bit and you will see a box containing how many questions, how many answers etc.  So 153 questions of yours times 30, and so on.  

My question is: why on earth would you want to do all that math? :O)

laugh I am noted, since early childhood, with a passion for counting things. And reading (almost) anything I get my hands on.  Counting is safe enough, reading requires some up-front caution. 

ANYWAY, I did some math ... too too bad I did not stick to giving Answers, I might actually be a Pilot now ... tsk. 

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Here's a tally of G2G points from a couple of years ago:

I think your contributions to profiles is a separate tally altogether and would not affect your G2G level, so you probably did say enough or react enough to accumulate the points.  If you're really concerned about it, you can open your G2G profile and walk through All Questions, All Answers, Recent Activity, etc. and count 'em up.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (459k points)

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