How to add a religious name?

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Dorothy Rose Marchant of New Zealand entered a religious order and became "Sister Walburga."  Pauline McEwen, who knew the story, has added the religious name after the given names, but this has created an error.  What is the correct protocol?
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What error are you getting?

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I think probably the Preferred Name, and explain it in the bio.  Maybe the error is because it is written as "Sr" rather than "Sister", and the computer is asking if it's a unique name?
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Thanks, Ros.  That sounds good.  The Marchant family isn't mine. Grace Marchant, Marchant-966, is the link to my Boyketts, and Pauline is in Grace's line.

Erik, Sorry: The error message was "Prefix in Nicknames", and the prefix was "Sr."  But a religious name isn't really a nickname.

[OT: I was previously associated with the Ryerson Index, where entries don't distinguish  between male and female.  We always added "Sister", e.g. Sister Joseph, a friend of my father's.]
I always thought something like this was a title. Like Mister Tom Jones. Or Sister Elizabeth Jones. In which case, wouldn't it go in the prefix? Of course, this might generate an error of a non-standard prefix, but it's hard to know unless it's tried. I don't believe that those in a Nunnery are officially given an actual "name" of Sister, so I'm not certain its accurate to imply that's their official name. But I do agree if it's a key part of their life, it should show up somewhere.
It's been tried.  It generates an error.  And yes, ladies who join a nunnery *are* given a totally different name which includes the word 'Sister'.
I guess it's a good day when you learn something new - didn't realize that the "Sister" part was an actual name and not a title.
That is a good point.  Probably, it is a title.  There is "Mother", "Father" and "Brother."  I am a Protestant, and I don't know how Catholics view the issue.  I have never regarded the religious name as a legal name. This lady was known by her middle name of Rose before she became a Sister, so she doesn't really fit.

In my experience indexing deaths, the deceased in this case would be listed in the newspaper as

MARCHANT, Dorothy Rose (Rose) (Sister Walburga);  she hadn't lost her original name.  I feel like transferring the Profile to Pauline and l.etting her sort it out, but she is less familiar with Wikitree.
I have added "Sister Walpurga" as a Preferred Name, and "Rose" as an ordinary middle name.  The program accepted that, but the Data Doctors may not.  Legacy F.T. would say that "Sister" is not a given name.

This on top of my monthly depression week and two family injuries!  I will retire hurt for a while.
Considering we have first names of all kinds of unusual varieties these days, I would hope that if someone named their child "Sister" that it wouldn't object too terribly much. And hopefully if we choose to use that for her newly adopted name for her profession, then again, I'd hope it would be accepted easily enough.

Last week I ran across someone who was named "Sister", Zuster Jacobs van der Zee.

If you  have "Sr" or "Sister" in the prefix, or the preferred name, field AND you get a "suggestion", just mark it as "False Error" and comment why.

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