How does/should the Germany project decide what profiles will be managed and protected by the project?

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Hello all,

I am interested in finding out how the Germany (German Roots) project and its members have decided what profiles should be managed and protected by the project?

Also, how should profiles be chosen for project management and protection in the future?

I personally think that people who have been especially notable within Germany's history and therefore are often searched via google should be PPP.

I also think that very early profiles who will have thousands, if not more, descendents, should be managed by the project, for collaboration purposes. If a set of styles and standards can be created for the project then, collaboration between many wikitreers will be much easier. Less conflict should arise also.

How have other projects handled this topic? And/or these types of questions regarding their profile management and protection policies?

I look forward to hearing everyone's feedback.
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Have you reviewed  ?

In projects I co-lead, we only *protect* profiles that meet protection criteria.  But we might co-manage other profiles so we can keep an eye on them and manage collaboration. 

What Jillaine said (for PPP).  Regarding profile management, Germany has a lot of subs - I would think that each sub-project will have its own quirks and requirements that would also need to be explored.

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Hi Kylie.  

Different projects I'm involved with protect profiles for similar and yet quite distinct reasons.  

PGM protects pretty well everybody since they only deal with ancestors who came to the colonies from 1630 to 1640.  This keeps anyone from giving them spurious parents.  Many interesting lines were created for these people in the 1800's, and even now we're still sorting out which lines are truth and which are fiction.  

Dutch Roots also protects everything up to 150 years ago.  I see two important reasons for this.  First, even though it's fairly easy to connect people born before 1811 with their parents through patronymics, it's very easy to give them the wrong parents.  Therefore most of us involved with Dutch Roots have done a lot of extra research to "prove" family connections in a variety of ways.  For example, when Westfries Archief released about 200 years' worth of notary records a few years ago I went through them carefully and discovered about 25 connections between parents and children that I personally had wrong on WikiTree.  Most of these have been connected wrong by genealogists for over 70 years.  Others have been in dispute that entire time.  We don't want that work destroyed by a well intentioned newcomer.  

Secondly, in 1640 there were about 30,000 people in what is now New England, and at least several thousand people are working on their lines in WikiTree.  In the meantime, there were about 2 million people in the Netherlands and probably about 100 people are presently working on their lines in Wikitree. I am blessed that a genealogist started work on my father's father's side of the family over 100 years ago and that many others coming from the same town have become genealogists.  That means I'm the only person presently working on about 60% of my own Dutch genealogy instead of most people who are the only ones working on about 75% of their Dutch genealogy.  This still means I have created at least 9,000 profiles.  I'm not able to manage all of them.  There are many siblings of my ancestors that I create a profile for and then turn over to Dutch Roots Project WikiTree to manage.  Otherwise I would have to orphan them, and it never feels comfortable to me to leave them orphaned.  

So what are the reasons people want certain profiles to be project protected?  It's certainly important to protect the ones for famous people.  And it's certainly important to protect those for which parents may be disputed, after the proper amount of research has gone into them.  But others may want still more, even everything, protected if they're creating too many profiles to manage.  I know I have between 500 and 1000 profiles of people living in present day Germany that I feel responsible for and thus manage.  It would be a relief for me to give many of these to a German Roots Project WikiTree to manage.  However, this would create a lot of work for you, Kylie.  Ask Bea Wijma how she manages it for Dutch Roots if you consider this route.  I know it creates a lot of extra work for her.
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This really is a discussion about control vs open collaborative profiles.   In my opinion, PPP should only be used when there is an issue of the profile having fraudulent data attached to it.  Just because the profile is that of a well known person does not put it in danger per se.  

However you need to weigh off the time to admin the PPP vs the time to untangle a messed up profile

PPP stops gedcom uploads which is where a lot of the past issues came from.  

pre-1700 and 1500 profiles are protected by their time period.  

But you do need to think through how you want those with the certifications to work on profiles related to the German Roots Project.  Also you will need to look at profiles that cross over to other projects and Germany did not exist as a country until 1871.   Prior to that you had a multitude of Kingdoms, Dutchies, Federations, the Holy Roman Empire, among others.  So where does the German Roots Project responsibility start and stop with other projects?  And how does that affect your time and workload?

Lots of questions and not a lot of answers I know.  I am willing to help I have both pre-1700 and pre-1500 certification and belong to several projects that overlap the area.  I think the first thing to do is to figure out what projects belong to German Roots and then see which ones cross over and to which other projects.  Look to see if any have had past problems.  Go from there....
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (565k points)
While pre-1500 profiles are almost always protected by their time period, an hour on Ranger duty trolling the pre-1700 feed will quickly dispell the notion that pre-1700 affords much (any) protection at all.  The protection that is afforded to pre-1700 profiles is purely reactionary and does not block like PPP or pre-1500.
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I also think that very early profiles who will have thousands, if not more, descendents, should be managed by the project, for collaboration purposes.

In my experience, my German ancestors do have many descendants, but not many that are active in genealogy, and of those that are, certainly less than half are on WikiTree.  

I have a ONS on my mother's family name.  Of all the profiles with that last name going back to 1697, I am the profile manager of 61 out of 68 (not counting descendants with other last names, and I don't enter living people except close family).  Four others have entered the other 7 profiles, and two of them are not prolific contributors to WT.  So far conflicts have not been an issue.

by Rob Neff G2G6 Mach 3 (32k points)
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In response to your request for input about the policies of other projects, I will tell you the Holocaust project's policies. This is not likely to be of any help to decision making for German Roots, however, because the Holocaust project is fairly unique.  By definition, no project profiles can be earlier than 1835 or later than 1945 and, because so many were killed during the Holocaust, there are not a whole lot of living descendants to claim a relationship to these profiles.  In addition, the primary purpose of the project is to honor the lives of the victims.

A need for project protection has not been found for any project profiles, so we don't have occasion to deal with any criteria/issues for/against PPP of any profiles.

The project prefers to have someone with an interest in the profile manage it, but the project will step in to manage any orphaned project profiles to ensure that someone is there to care for them.  We STRONGLY encourage anyone with an interest in any project managed profiles to take this responsibility off the project's hands and will gladly turn management over to anyone who so wishes.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (751k points)

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