Bain Ancestry What does it mean for a family member to own a platebody and shield with a coat of arms on it?

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Hey i'm new here my name is Emma Bain and i'm quite interested in what my Ancestry is, i mean not as much as some people but nevertheless it's interesting would love see what i can find out :)

My first question is what i asked in the Title: What does it mean for a family member to own a platebody and a shield with a coat of arms on it?, i ask this because my dads father had one that was passed on to him and it was a real one not bought online or anything, someone else on my dads side has it now since his parents passed a while ago. I saw it once myself when i visited and it was pretty epic, i'm positive it was either the Bain Coat of Arms or the Clan Chattan Coat of Arms on the shield cos it had the different pictures on it both have the boat picture on it.

My dads father and ancestors a lot of them served in the Military too that much i know a lot of the older families do, i'm new to this though so not sure what much means but i've read into a lot of the Scottish ancestry, what happened with the immigration of Vikings, Pictish Tribes and the Ottoman Empire, i figured that stuff was the best place to start.

Pretty interesting thing to have i'm not sure if a platebody is common to have either? but nevertheless that's what they have, i'm sorry i don't have photos since it was years ago i saw it and i'm not quite sure who has it but i'm positive they're in a different town a fair distance away.
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According to Google, it appears a plate body is a type of armour covering the torso, as distinguished from a full set of armour which cover/encases the whole body. The former would allow more mobility than the latter.
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It just means that the individuals coat of arms has been added to the face of the shield or body chest protector. As well, coats of arms are usually issued with a banner, crest and flag that may be, but not necessarily, similar to the coat of arms. They would be described separately in the actual "grant of arms ".

Coats of arms are issued to individuals only, not families. Others in the family may or may not have the right to future use of the individuals coat of arms but they have to make application to do so on a differenced " altered or changed " basis. "  This is a very expensive undertaking.
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It was just a platebody and shield (the shield has the coat of arms on it) it was a big kite shield like the shape would be if it had a flag or banner then it was long lost cos that's all there was.

The one on my dads side was 100% passed on and has been for a while now my dad said to me when he showed it me at his parents house that it was passed on from his fathers dad to his father, i dunno for how many generations now but right now i can account for 2/3 generations since the platebody and shield was passed on again to other relatives definitely been well looked after i hope it still is.
Google...….. College of Arms. UK and you can get detailed information to assist in understanding how the heraldic process works and how to identify items. If you are of Scottish decent try researching the McBain family.

Regards: George Churchill

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