Sutherland-6080 dead end?

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has been fascinating traipsing in my Roper family line; however the very reason I entered wikitree was to dive into my illustrious Sutherland heritage ~ which dies unsubstantiated in the “recent” timeframe of 1700... since it’s a noble family seems bizarre My cousin Glen and I would be the only unlinked clamoring descendants. What explicitly is next step?
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Hi Kristen,

Unsure if you got some more information for this ancestor. But I found a few derivative sources

However they come back to a few different date of births? Would you perhaps have anything more definitive?

I have a March 1 1728 baptism at Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Another April 17 1728 baptism Canongate, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Also do you know of any source information for him passing away in USA in 1801?

Thank you.  We had one of those relatives - my great-uncle Carl - who gave all of his nieces and nephews (my mom) one of those leather bound onion skin paper typed copies of our Sutherland geneology... it's a bore to my mom, and i don't think it's easy for them to dig out/find their copies - yet my second cousin - Glen - the maintainer of this line - recently had an unexpected heir and a spare late in life and thus carries on our version of the Sutherland name - so our curiosity is enlivened - and he is the source of this info - which i assume is from his grandfather (Uncle Carl)... THANK YOU.  It's bizarre when you delve into this past (it's sort of like the past isn't dead...): amily:

Carl T. Sutherland Jr. –(Tom) born March 6, 1938

Father: Carl T. Sutherland b. Jan 13, 1905 – Oct 1, 1997 –m. 1932- Mother: Alma Cook Shaw

Thomas Oscar Sutherland 3/19/1881-6/8/1935 –m- 1904- Martha Jane Overton

John Tatum Sutherland 11/20/1836- 2/17/1920 – m – 1872 Mary Obedience Roper 7/23/1848-7/8/1906 Lt. Avery’s Cavalry, Wheeler’s Brigade, CSA.

James Sutherland 1805-c1865 – m – Eddy Brown 3/24/1805-2/8/1899

James Sutherland, b. 1764/66 lived in Culpeper, VA. However, you also go back one generation further to John Sutherland, born Scotland 1728, died 1801 Pendleton, S.C., U.S.A.

James Sutherland Sr. was born in Culpeper County, Virginia in 1764. James served in the military during the Revolutionary War as a Private in the North Carolina Militia. He received a pension of $20.00 Annual Allowance; His pension began on May 16, 1833 at the age of 70. James Sutherland Sr’s will dated July 21st 1845 names twelve of his fourteen children. His wife had died several years before this, records on her are scarce, Most records indicate she was Rebecca Parkinson who was from North Carolina but this has not been verified as of yet. James died around 1844 in Pickens County, South Carolina. His Father John Sutherland was born in Scotland. His Mother was Sarah Ladd of Rowan County, North Carolina. Both John and Sarah died in Pendleton District, South Carolina.

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Hello Kristen,

We know from DNA that your ancestor was not a male line descendant of the early Sutherland Earls because from memory the male Sutherland in your family who took a yDNA test does not match the group of male Sutherlands who descend from the early pre-Gordon Earls. The question then is how did your family acquire the name Sutherland? It could be that your original Sutherland was illegitimate so he got his mother's surname but his father's yDNA or that his birth father had been killed and he took what turned out to be his step-father's name without knowing it was his step-father or never feeling the need to record the fact. I am unsure whether any of you have taken the Family Finder test which might show a blood link to some of the other early Sutherland families in the then American Colonies.
by Mark Sutherland-Fisher G2G6 Mach 3 (31.9k points)
What an interesting mystery- thank you for the clues. Would this mean we are LEGALLY Sutherland? But not genetically? This lost link has no legal record, claim, inheritance?
I'm looking at FTDNA and it looks like the descendants of John Sutherland (c. 1728-1801) belong to group 0:3.2.  Is Group 0:3.2 a subgroup of 0:3 (the Moray Firth group), or are 0:3 and 0:3.2 unrelated?
I am a descendant of one Alexander Sutherland who also has descendants in the Pendleton, SC area and is sometimes asserted to have been John's brother.
Thank you. Still trying to get more Y-chromosome entries as prescribed, yet so many suspicious of being in the “system’
To my knowledge, Alexander Sutherland had only one child, a daughter Jane.  So, sadly, there are no male-line descendants available to confirm the tradition that Alexander and John came from the same family.
Alexander is said to have been a student in Edinburgh who went rough-housing on a docked ship with some of his classmates.  There must have been plenty of alcohol involved, because the ship had set sail before they came to their senses.  And that was how he accidentally emigrated to New Jersey.
He married Elizabeth Williams in Hunterdon County.  His only known child, Jane, married Peter Acker and moved to Pendleton District, SC.  Alexander himself may have moved there as well.
Jane and some of her immediate family are buried on what is now a golf course in Anderson County.  I visited the grave site a few years ago.
Hi Rebecca, no the men in that subsequent group are not related through the male line to those in the Moray Firth Group. However these men in 0.3.2 came to have the surname Sutherland, it was not because they were descendants of the early Earls of Sutherland through the male line unlike the men in the Moray Firth group who are direct male line descendants of one or more of the first 8 Earls of Sutherland. If you wish to further discuss your Sutherland roots please email me at Mark
Kristen, depends on what you mean by "legally Sutherlands". We have no idea who John Sutherland married to Sarah Ladd was. For that reason we don't know whose son he was or indeed even if he was born in Scotland.

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