Earliest birth date for an autosomal DNA test taker in WikiTree?

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I know WikiTree can tell you who with a particular surname has taken an auDNA test (or Y-DNA or mtDNA) and you can sort that list by their date of birth.

I wonder if it is possible to easily determine which living DNA tester in WikiTree had the earliest birth date when they took an auDNA test?  

I would like to see how early that auDNA tester’s grandparents were born.  I can then look at those testers and see which of them are in GEDmatch.

A side benefit is that this will help find auDNA tests that have been erroneously assigned to ancestors and not the actual test  taker.
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How would a DNA test get erroneously assigned?

Birth dates don't always correspond to generations, so how much help would that really be?
DNA tests get erroneously assigned when a WikiTree user says someone else in WikiTree took a DNA test, but that someone else died before that DNA test existed.  Here are some profiles that have DNA tests associated with them but they died before that DNA test existed:  


One can view a DNA tester's grandparents in WikiTree and see what date those grandparents were born.
I understand your first point.

As for the second, I have seen generations get thrown off over time.  For instance, a first son of a first son of a first son could be a second cousin to a last son of a last son of a last son, but their birth dates could be radically different.  That wouldn't affect their inheritance of DNA.
Peter, I understand that by specifying a living profile, you are trying to eliminate those where the wrong person's DNA is registered, however … there may also correctly be profiles of reasonably recently deceased people who actually did take a DNA test before they died.  Wouldn't you want to include these in the group you want to identify?

For an example, I know my cousin Dick Orkin (Orkin-13) took an autosomal test.  He died nearly two years ago.

Hello Gaile,

Your cousin Dick Orkin-13 died after his DNA test existed.  I am referring to people who died before the DNA test existed. Their profile says they took the DNA test.  However someone else has added a DNA test of someone else to their profile.  

Please see: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:DNA_Test_Misplaced

Sorry, Peter - I guess I wasn't clear.  It looked like you originally said you want to restrict the set of profiles you look at to those currently living, because there are profiles here of people who died before there were DNA tests.  I was trying to identify the group who are not currently living, but did actually have DNA tests before they died, to make sure you don't exclude them.  I think it is highly likely that one of them will have that earliest birth date you want to identify.
My aunt was 84 when she tested with 23andMe in 2009.  Her grandparents were born in 1850, 1853, 1849, and 1850.  I wonder if there is a auDNA tester in WikiTree who has grandparents born earlier than that?
I can come close Peter :)

My then 97 yr old aunt didn't test for me until FTDNA in 2013 (and 23andme in 2014).

Her grandparents were born 1851 1854 1852 1854

Hi Peter,

I had my step father do a AncestryDNA test in 2018 and we got him set up on GEDmatch. He was born in Bristol, UK in 1926. Sadly he passed this spring at the age of 93 but all his DNA test info is on his profile - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Marsh-7273

His GEDmatch ID is A196478

I manage his ancestry data - Ancestry member ID britdane2

His Grandparents and year of birth's are:

Paternal line

Maternal line -
Hope this helps.
My father [[Selmer-21|Knud Selmer]] born 1919 tested in 2015.

His grandparents are

 [[Selmer-23|Christian Selmer]] born 1845,

 [[Rosenvinge-11|Frederikke Rosenvinge]] born 1852,

[[Heering-17|Christian Frederik Heering]] born 1843 and

[[Hansen-8781|Emilie Hansen]] born 1852
My late grandfather was tested through 23andMe. He was born in 1927. His parents were born in 1876 and 1885, and grandparents in 1844 and 1851, and 1839 and 1848, all in Navelli, Abruzzo.

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My uncle, William Waugh Smith-44676, tested with FTDNA before his death in 2010. His grandparents were born in 1805, 1839, 1837, and 1844. His grandfather, Caleb Smith, was 72 when his father Alfred Smith was born in 1877.
by Kay Wilson G2G6 Pilot (176k points)
That is amazing!!
Wow - 1805!!
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Are you trying to determine which living Wikitree member has the earliest birthdate, or which one has the grandparents with the earliest birthdates?

My 101 year old mother was 98 when she took her test in 2016.  Her grandparents were born 1849,1850,1861, and 1862.
by Karen Raichle G2G6 Mach 7 (70.2k points)
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Peter how do you account for folks who have provided things with possble dna like hair brushes, tooth brushes etc.  Some labs are doing autosomal from such items and it does not matter how long a person has been dead?



by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (630k points)
Hello Laura,

Can you provide a GEDmatch ID for one of those folks?

Thanks and sincerely,
I don't have one.  But I have read where people are starting to do this and some folks here on WT expressed interest in the thread I posted.
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My then 101 year old aunt Irma Little-3782 tested for me in 2012.  Her grandparents were born in 1819, ~1835, 1856, 1859.  She is still living.
by Jane Lindsey G2G1 (1.3k points)
Wow - 1819!  I hope you can get her into GEDmatch (if she is not already) and add her GEDmatch ID to her profile.
Frustrating!  I am quite certain the Gedmatch ID was there at one time but I managed her profile and at 100+ she was not a Wikitree user.  We had her join and then she turned over management of her profile to me.  But even as the profile owner, I cannot edit her DNA information.
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My mother who is still living and will be 102 in December tested in 2015, and her grandparents were born in 1836, 1850, 1854, and 1858. Our generations on that one line are genetic throwbacks because they married later in life.
by Edie Kohutek G2G6 Mach 7 (73.8k points)

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