When do sourced 'Unsourced Profiles' get taken off list

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I am in Category - Australia - Unsourced Profiles in the box where it's says Location - Australia.

It says to use the Status when a source has been found, but there is no Status showing in the right hand side. A lot of Profiles have been Sourced, but still staying there.

Do you have to join a Sourcerers Group for the names to be removed.

I will copy and paste more information.


in WikiTree Help by Jenny Gray G2G3 (3.1k points)
Sorry. It is not allowing me to paste anything extra.

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Hi Jenny!

THANK YOU for your work on Unsourced Profiles!

After you source them, are you removing the {{Unsourced}} template at the top of the profile?

I think also the reports are only run once a week so you might have to wait a bit for them to disappear off the list.

Is there a specific profile you are having a problem with?
by Christine Daniels G2G6 Pilot (111k points)
Suggestions are not shown in the suggestion list if there is an Unsourced template on it.

The list of Unsourced Profiles is found in other locations, but they are not in the Suggestions List for a profile or Watchlist.

Ales might have to answer when those lists are updated.  I am not sure if those are updated weekly or less frequently.

Yeah, sorry Jenny .. I'm a doofus.  blush  I was reading the blurb and not paying attention to what it was about (too tired, I think .. been a long week already (and it's only Tuesday!)).

That blurb needs to be reworded, as it is misleading and confusing. "When you're done, set the status using the button in the right column."  There IS no status button for it .. and there won't be.  So just go on doing what you are doing and just make note of which profiles you have done so you don't try to double-up.  I'm going to try to force myself to sleep.

Thanks all.

'I'll keep on keeping on' as the saying goes.

I can tell when I (or someone) has looked at a profile, as the colour of the person's name changes from Blue to Purple.

Cheers xx
Unsourced Profiles don't necessarily have a suggestion. To see suggestion of the profile you work on, you have to go in the column with the WikiTree-ID to the button "suggestions". If you "only" want to source a profile you click on a profile of the list, source it, remove the {{Unsourced}} template and save the changes. Then you go up to the green banner, click on the button "Challenge Tracker". New site opens. There you click on "Sourcerer's challenge" and add the sort of source you added (BMD; Census, whatever). In case there are other issues with the profile, the suggestions are also shown on this site.

And yes, Aleš updates the lists once a week. But if there is a profile e.g. born in England died in Australia and you only add sources that prove him in Australia and the England part of his life is still missing, the profile stays in the Unsourced list. And because there is in a location field "Australia" the profile will also stay in the Australian list, no matter if it has already sources for the Australian life.
Thanks Jelena.

That is working.
Once any source is added, the unsourced template should be removed by the person adding the source. The lack of an unsourced template does not means something is fully sourced, or has a source for each country for birth, death, and marriage. So no, Jelena, it shouldn't stay on the unsourced list in that case. The profile needs more sources, but it is not unsourced.

I think not all sections of the regional suggestion lists are updated each week because it is too much to run every week.

Wayne, if you go regularly in the Unsourced lists by countries created by WikiTree+, you will see just that. Example is the list "Location Canada, template Unsourced. If you go in the second package of 20 profiles from above you will find Joseph Culberson. You will see that he is very well sourced for his Canadian time, but got the {{Unsourced|Ireland}} template. And yes, it is still in the Canadian list, although he only needs Irish sources. This is because the death location is filled with a Canadian place. 

Joseph Culberson is sourced and should not have the unsourced template on it. The citation needed formatting template may be used after a statement about his birth. A maintenance category for more records/sources may be used, per the unsourced category page and the unsourced research note box template page After a single "real" source (not simply another family tree) is added the unsourced template should be removed. This has been discussed multiple times on G2G, for example here. If you still disagree, I think we should start a new G2G thread to get opinions from others.

I know that when I sourced it for Canada, I removed the {{Unsourced}} template, but someone else has put the {{Unsourced|Ireland}} on it. And I agree with that template as he is not sourced for his Irish time.

I removed the unsourced template (since it is sourced) and added the maintenance category Ireland, Needs Birth Record since that is specifically what is needed.

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Ales hasn't updated things this week yet, I don't think, so if you are looking for a change since last week's Unsourced list, it probably hasn't been updated yet.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (546k points)
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Once the unsourced template is removed and the changed saved, the profile should no longer be in the list of unsourced on the category page.  If you pull up the list from the top that says things like "1900-1999" that list changes only with the next update run by Ales.  

The unsourced template creates a category.  Once the category is removed, the profile is no longer on the category page.

The template (in edit mode) looks like {{ Unsourced | Australia }}.
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (267k points)
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I just want to thank everyone twice over who took the time to comment on this post. I research pretty exclusively in Ontario, Canada, and there is a huge Unsourced List I have been working on.

Thank you for explaining how/when/why the Unsourced template should be used and deleted. (< actual thanks!!)

Also thank you for making me go look for and find the Ontario Maintenance Categories... (< sarcasm!!!)

Really, I love you guys!! 

by Christine Daniels G2G6 Pilot (111k points)

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