Have you seen the new centenarian sticker?

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As a result of this post: 

Is there a sticker for those people who live to 100?

I see that Ellen has posted the finished sticker:


I thought I'd beat the drum a bit as it is a sticker that recognizes the rare few who have aged more than 100 years.

Thanks Ellen!

WikiTree profile: Rebecca Berryann
in The Tree House by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (766k points)
retagged by Ellen Smith

I added it to one (our most recent who died at 102 in Canada) and have 25 other Olmste(a)ds that qualify. Some may not yet have profiles on WikiTree. The eldest was 112 who died in 1972.

Walt Steesy, genealogist
Olmste(a)d Family Association.
I just added it to two profiles.  Thanks Ellen!
Thank you so much!  Was able to add to my great grandmother who lived to be 103.
Proud to add it to the profile of my paternal grandmother, who died one month shy of 102.
I love this sticker!
Awesome recognition!

Is there a sticker for a "super centerarian"?

I have have one who lived to be 112.
Same one.  Just add the age and the category changes (the sticker remains the same).
hmm, did someone do a profile for the famous Douglas actor who died recently, aged over 100.

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I have one I can use that for. Thanks!
by Joyce Rivette G2G6 Mach 6 (63.2k points)
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Snagged it for my mom. Thanks!
by Jacqueline Girouard G2G6 Mach 5 (53.2k points)
Me too..
+7 votes
Great sticker!    I'll certainly put it on my Aunt Gertie's profile.
by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
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I put it on my distant relative who lived to age 104 in the 17th and 18th century. Thanks for that.
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (343k points)
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My mom's still living, so I surely won't add it yet!
by Edie Kohutek G2G6 Mach 6 (67.6k points)

There is a way to modify a sticker so that it can be used for living people; I'll email Ellen to see if we can add the modifier to change it to "Edie's mom is a Centenarian, living to age 101."

Yes, that could be done.  yes

Silly of me for not realizing we'd have  living members wanting the sticker! 

That is great! Thank you!

Done! There is now an option for indicating that the person is living.

The age will have to be adjusted at each future birthday. smiley

Ellen, I added the sticker to my mother's profile and have just edited it. She's now 102!
Congrats to your mom!
Thank you. She's still a spunky woman.
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Cool. I just made a profile for a centenarian and was thinking it would be nice to have a sticker 

by Joelle Colville-Hanson G2G6 Mach 7 (70.4k points)
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You can get all profiles for this sticker on WikiTree+. http://wikitree.sdms.si/default.htm?report=srch1&Query=age101&MaxProfiles=500&SortOrder=Default&PageSize=10

It is over 10000 of them just aged 101.

by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (428k points)
Does the list exclude profiles with no date of death?
Yes. I can't determine the age at death if either date is missing.
Of course.

Well, I regularly work on my watch list to add missing death dates!
Is there a way to search our watchlist for centenarians?
Thanks Aleš!!
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That's fantastic. Great graphic! Thanks Ellen, and thanks Rebecca for letting us know about it. I think one has been on the request list for some time :) I haven't got pause to use it unfortunately, but when I do.... thank you!
by Raewyn Vincent G2G6 Mach 4 (43.9k points)
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Very cool! I have a few relatives who can use this sticker.
by Alex Stronach G2G6 Pilot (215k points)
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Thanks for the update. Have now updated my uncles profile since the old sticker has disappeared from his profile.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (702k points)
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The sticker is apparently not approved. Just checked my Suggestions report and I got a Data Doctor suggestion "Data Error 843: Missing template (spelling)" for each time I used it.
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (319k points)
edited by Isabelle Martin
Same here.
The sticker supposedly was approved.

Error 843 seems to appear on every new template the first week after it was created -- please try to ignore that suggestion.

It is approved. This error was generated when a parameter was updated (changed) on the sticker itself and should clear itself out on the next run.

I'm ignoring the suggestion.
I got the same error. I just marked hide forever.
The suggestion 843 was calculated just before I updated the list. Sorry about that. It will be gone next week.

With changes in template project, I hope to automate this process and all needed information for template will be defined together with documentation and automatically imported to the suggestion definition.
Thank you all. Now that I know what is happening, I'm definitely leaving the profiles as they are and completely ignoring the DD suggestion.
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Although probably most people who appear to be centenarians on wikitree probably weren't. https://www.livescience.com/oldest-people-may-not-be-so-old.html

"the state-specific introduction of birth certificates is associated with a 69-82% fall in the number of supercentenarian records."

by Chase Ashley G2G6 Pilot (159k points)
edited by Chase Ashley
Well, for my Centenarian the original church book entry states just that "she died at age of 104." Otherwise it wouldn't have been transcribed like that in her digital entry.
Stated or believed ages at death are very unreliable.

Nearly all the centenarians on my watch list have a contemporary birth record which I have viewed online and which can hardly have been fabricated. French death registrations include the exact date and place of birth of the person, not just the age.

I grant you I have relied on Wikipedia for this one's date of birth, so if both 1920 and 1930 census are two years off, he's not a centenarian.

I randomly examined a bunch of profiles with this sticker, and I found the majority to be rather well-sourced, some with excellent biographies.  Any putative American Centaruian who was alive between 1850 and 1940 should be documentable by census data.
Census data frequently has errors. Ages given in a census are not very reliable, particularly if given later in life. Very common to see them be inconsistent even from one census to another.
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I am on WikiTree and g2g everyday, but I still missed this thread! I did see the sticker on my great aunt’s profile though. Thank you so much!! She would be tickled!

Missy smiley

ago by Missy Berryann G2G6 Mach 3 (35.5k points)
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My paternal great grandmother lived to be 100 and a half. I think I put the sticker on her profile already.
ago by Greta Moody G2G6 Mach 2 (24.5k points)
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Thank you SJ for posting this because I hadn't seen it either.  And thank you Ales for showing how to find them in sdms which was easy to use.  It's brought up some interesting date questions.
ago by Cindy Cooper G2G6 Mach 6 (64.3k points)

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