Reject matches when creating new person

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At the moment, if I create a new person I get presented with a list of possible matches.  The only options are to view them and to ask to be on their Trusted List.


Would it not make more sense to include the options to reject the matches at that moment should you want to??
in Genealogy Help by David Mee G2G4 (4.2k points)

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This is one of those areas of the WikiTree collaboration effort that is not easily solved.

When  the page comes up listing the possible matches, there should also appear the Button allowing you to go ahead and create a new profile.  The truth is, merging can be done later on.

It would be best never to create duplicate Profiles, but that is simply not a realistic notion in collaborative environment such as the WikiTree.

Thus, following the Honor Code, all we can really ask for and expect is that each contributor do the best they can to work within the framework while constantly challenging it to improve it - such as you are doing with this question.

AS far as rejecting the matches at that moment goes, that is what creating the new Profile really does.  In effect, it rejects them all - at least temporarily.

Hope this helps,

Keith Baker

by Keith Baker G2G6 Pilot (105k points)
Sure, but then they re-appear in your "list of possible matches" - to be officially rejected later.  Meaning you have to access and check their records twice :-(
If you compare them the first time, and find a match, record it's name-number. Finish your profile, then propose a match with that one you recorded. No need to search them again. You can then go on and do other dependant family members without waiting for confirmation.
Sure. Matches aren't a problem. You ask for Trusted, merge etc from initial screen. My gripe is with non-matches. No way to handle them easily.
Hi guys. This is actually on the to-do list. Someone else was talking about this in G2G recently (but from the proposed merge side). The reason we can't do it currently is that the profile hasn't been created yet. That is, when you're creating a new profile, the profile isn't actually created until after the matching step. So, we can't create a rejected match for a profile that doesn't exist. But this just means we need to change around some code so we can preserve the rejected matches and add them if/when the profile is created.
Excellent :-)
See there, David?  Merely by posting your question in the G2G Forum you have helped improve the WikiTree process!


:-) I'll have to see if I can "help" some more :-)
I hope you do.  This is a dynamic process if thinkers participate.  And it is obvious you are thinking!
:-) I have spent years searching for some way for relatives to collaborate on a joint tree. Couldn't believe my luck when I found here :-). I have plenty of ideas :-) will start posting some and hope I don't upset anyone but as a newbie you have a different perspective from someone who's been using for a while :-)

Excellent, David.  Collaboration is the heart of the WikiTree project.  Have you looked at such places here as:


These are just the beginnings of many, many exciting new avenues that are opening up to all who will participate (following the Honor Code, of course) in developing the WikiTree.

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