Pieter Quackenbosch the immigrant and his wife's patronymics

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I've tried contacting the profile managers for Pieter, tried joining the trusted list, and tried joining the New Netherlands project and haven't heard anything from anyone. I've been working feverishly on a Quackenbush bibliography http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Quackenbush_Bibliography and may be overly excited.

Pieter's profile is using his patronymic for the first name. This means that the Pieter Quackenbosch profile doesn't show up in Google and that's bad.

Also, I know the popular patronymic used in family trees for Pieter is Pietersen, but I haven't seen a source for that. I did just find a translation of a court document that says that his patronymic is Jacobsen.


That's kind of a big deal. Also that's a translation from Van Lear, hero of the Beverwijck translations http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/arnold-john-ferdinand-a-j-f-van-laer/

Pieter also had an alias of Bont but I'm on the chicken and egg quest for that.

Maritje's profile is using her patronymic for her last name, though honestly I haven't found the source of her name yet. http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Ariens-3
WikiTree profile: Pieter Quackenbosch
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Ellen mentioned the "lock" on the profile (thanks Ellen!) ... I locked the other ones too (the "Project Protected" banner toward the top of the right-hand side of the profile means it's "locked" and can't be merged away or have its WikiTree ID chaged).  I marked the profiles with the New Netherland Merge Notice template that has a link to the New Netherland Settlers project page.

Did you see the other G2G question that was referenced on one of the duplicate profiles?

P.S. I sent you a private message also, with additional information.

At first glance just by the name, your court document seems to apply not to Pieter, but instead to the attached father of Pieter Quackenbosch-13, Pieter Janszoon Quackenbosch 1590 - 1651.Well, it's not quite Jacbosen though.

In any case, if we merge these Pieters, that will be the attached father, not a Jan, norr a Jacob.

Sorry that Liz and I are both not on top of this, it is way past late hours for us both. Let's see if we can get it in better shape tomorrow.

@Liz, I did yes, but assumed that post was long dead. And I totally misunderstood how protection worked. Thankee!

@Steven Pieter was an immigrant and came over with his family and his parents have been long been a mystery thanks to the Dutch not really using last names. They adopted them here in America sooner than they did in the Netherlands, probably due to our melting pot. That court case is the first reference in any document that I've seen to his parents.

Edit: Oh I see what you're saying about that possibly being the another Pieter, maybe the father of the known Pieter but in the index to the book, Van Laer also references the plantiff in this case under Pieter Bont, known alias of Pieter Quackenbosch. There are several entries in the minutes for this trial. Long story short, the translator (AJF Van Laer, whose life work was putting the puzzle pieces of these people together) is of the belief that this is our Pieter. Edit more: I wonder if they were using the patronymics for the trial to keep things from getting confusing with both the defendant and plantiff being named Pieter.

The only source I've ever seen for the father Pieter and Nelletjen Starvelte is (dun dun dun) Ancestry Family Trees. I still have to get through the Albany court minutes post 1668 so we'll see, but at this point I think they're about as real as Santa Clausen. laugh I am working to find sources one way or the other. I'm certainly finding some interesting Dutch records O_O https://www.wiewaswie.nl/en/search/search/record-details/a2apersonid/381903693/srcid/42823853/oid/1


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I don't have nearly your experience researching Dutch family histories, but it's pretty clear that Pieter is the correct given name and that Pieterszoon is a patronymic form (whether or not it was his patronymic is another question).

The lock on the profile means you can't merge the profile with the duplicate you tagged, but I believe you should be able to change his given name to Pieter. Add a biography and some standard reference citations on his profile (among other things, this will show your basis for the name change), then change the given name.
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Oh I see, I totally misunderstood. I believed that the lock meant that the profile was not to be touched. Fantastic and thanks.
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Hey Carrie!  Wow, it's good to have someone so passionate about their lines as you.  I understand the whole "I am so excited I want an answer NOW!" feeling.

Since the New Netherlands Project is active and one of the profile managers is active, I don't understand how you've not gotten a response.

I suggest you retag your post here with the LNAB of the two profiles in question - having the New Netherland Tag is good.  Also, if you don't know, your post here in G2G will show-up on the profile you listed.

I don't know the time frame you have been working with, but if you don't hear anything after a resonable time (30 days) you can go the route of the unresponsive profile manager.  This process is listed here:  Unresponsive Profile Manager

Good luck, Mags

by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (495k points)

I don't think I'd be nearly as excited if my last name was Smith. cheeky I'm hearing stuff now so it seems this post did the trick. Thanks muchly.

It is possible for Smiths to be excited, too.  devil

@Jill That makes you a better woman than I. I started to work on my husband's Scott family tree and stopped pretty fast. indecision

Actually, I have made VERY little progress on my Smith line. In the last 15 years, I was able to discover only one generation further back than the family had known. And we found that out pretty early in that 15-year stretch. Leonhard Schmidt b 1818 in "Baden". So not only did he have a common last name, his only "origin" identifier is also very common-- the name of a "kingdom" not a town.

But I've been VERY successful on those lines that married into the SCHMIDT/SMITH line. Of course, their names arent' common at all: Fassnacht; Betz; Jauch, Glunz, Kraps !

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