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Can someone please tell me if The Puritan Great Migration Project (PGM)  is active?  WikiTree ID: [[WikiTree-30]]  I have not received any help or seen any changes, replies, and/or updates for profile [[Bartholomew-223|William Bartholomew]] where "Husband of Anna (Lord) Bartholomew" is listed twice. One of the duplicates needs to be removed and/or add Research Notes as to why Anna is listed twice please.

With respect to United States President's Project I've been watching the families Bartholomew/Humphrey since September of this year with a goal to find who is Hannah (Bartholomew) Humphrey's mother, grandmother, and solid proof of her father, and grandfather.  That alone is a task in itself, but a delightful one.

If the Puritan Great Migration Project is not active, not to be mean, but, I feel they should be removed as profile manager on profiles: [[Bartholomew-223|William Bartholomew]] and [[Bartholomew-107|Henry Bartholomew]]. 

WikiTree profile: William Bartholomew
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The PGM Project is quite active.  To get their attention to this post you should add the tag "PGM."  You can find this and other information about the project at the project page:

Moreover, if you want any information about any project, go to the top right of your screen, click "find" and then "projects" and then search out the project you want to communicate with.  Each project page will tell you how to communicate to and within the project.  In the case of PGM, their project page says: 

We use google groups and G2G for communication.

The 111 contributions you're referring to are the contributions of the project profile.  Project profiles don't make contributions and the 111 contributions you are seeing are probably some other work that is not related to the current work of the project.  The project profiles are set as the project profile managers but the real work is done by real WikiTree members (leaders, coordinators and project members). If you need help you want to talk to the living project members, not the project profile account.

I see that the tag PGM has been added to your post - this will alert the project and I am sure someone from the project will be along to help you out.

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[SJ typed faster, but I'm not going to bother to edit this to remove the repetition.]

The Puritan Great Migration Project is alive and well. Yes, the project account WikiTree-30 has had a total of only 111 edits, but project accounts like that one aren't supposed to be used for edits. That and other WikiTree projects consist of numerous human members of WikiTree who have volunteered to collaborate on developing the profiles included in the project. PGM project members (I'm a member) and others typically do more than 111 edits per day on profiles managed by the project.  Most of those 111 edits credited to the project account were probably done by mistake when a project leader was using the project account to respond to a Trusted List request or approve a merge for a project-managed profile.

When you find a pair of project-managed profiles that you think should be merged, you can propose the merge the same as you would for any other pair of profiles. (Please don't assume that a "project" has know-all see-all powers and is aware of that sort of situation.) Since the two women connected as the wives of William Bartholomew were supposedly married to him 26 years apart, those profiles are unlikely to be merged until some research is done to ensure that the data in the merged profile will be supported by good sources.

by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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There is nothing stopping you from completing the merge of the duplicate wives.  They have gone into default approval. The merge proposal did not come onto the radar of PGM because neither of the profiles of the duplicate wives are marked PGM. And there is no comment on the husband's profile seeking the project's attention so I'm unsure what lack of response you're referring to.
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (757k points)
Could be they should both be merged into Ann Unknown.

There's no marriage record.

Apparently Bartholomew was called brother by his neighbour Robert Lord, but he was also called brother by his neighbour on the other side.

I gather Anderson isn't happy.

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