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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Great to hear from so many this week. See you next weekend!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
closed ago by Pip Sheppard
I sure did, Doug! Hope yours was just as good. Did you get all the produce in finally?
We did get all the produce in. Have one more box of plums to finish doing something with (we bought those). Our week wasn't as good as yours.
Sorry to hear that, Doug. Time for a little get-away?
Next get-away is in January when we go to SLIG (Salt Lake Institute for Genealogy). I'll be taking Judy Russell's class (Corpus Juris: Advanced Legal Concepts for Genealogy).
Did not know Charleston hosted a Scottish games, so thanks for sharing that.  Would give a good excuse for us to go there again sometime.  This time of year have trouble getting hubby North though.  We sold our house in Missouri a few years back and now are full time in our Motor home, don't hate me too much please... we're in Fort Myers for the winter.  I know it's cooler here today too, actually feeling nice it's been so hot.
Loretta, there are several in Florida, too. From what I hear, the Dunedin Games are a whopper.

Enjoy the warmer weather!
Thanks Pip ! We are going to do just that.
Loretta, I live in MO and they are predicting snow tomorrow and temps dipping into the 20s F .  Don't blame you at all for going South.
Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Thanks for hosting this Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Yeah, Linda keep hearing that from family and friends. Stay safe on the roads.

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Good morning everyone, the weekend is upon us.

I had to turn the heat on in the house this week. Here in Central Pennsylvania, we had about 1 inch of rain yesterday, and this morning the temperature is below freezing. The weather lady said last evening to expect some light snow this coming week. I put fresh oil and gas in my snow blower, in preparation for the coming months.

On the tree, I am working on a large family that came out of Virginia, and spread to many states. I found about 7 profiles that just need connected, so that always is a good feeling. The other good component of this is finding you are connected as distant cousins to some of those profile managers.  

This weekend here in the States we have the United States Marine Corps birthday to celebrate on Sunday the 10th, then Veterans Day to celebrate on Monday the 11th. I need to find something to celebrate on Saturday the 9th.  Also, a salute to Veterans from freedom loving countries all over the world.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend. Stay warm and enjoy every moment of it.

by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (302k points)
Rodney, let me be the first to say how much I appreciate your service!

We are expecting our first below freezing temps this week. Snow maybe in the higher elevations, but I don’t think it’ll reach us in the valley. No snow blower for us, just a shovel!
Comment in the wrong place, sorry.
Rodney, I recall the friendly rivalries we had (I was in the Army) between the Army and Marines, but behind all that was a TON of respect for what the Marines did. Thank you for your service and an early Happy Veteran's Day!
Thank-you Pip. I appreciate it. On the snow, if it is light and fluffy, I use a shovel also. If it is hard and packed, the snow blower gets a workout.
Thank-you Scott, Happy Veterans Day to you also, and have a great weekend.
We here in Central CA been dropping into the 30's, around the mid-30's range (F, not C) this last 10 days or so
Susan, what is the fire situation in California this week. I have not heard anything the last few days?
Our rainy recent weather reminds me that just today I read that US Marines can now use umbrellas for the first time in 200 years! Happy Veterans Day to you my friend (and all the others)!
Yes, I read that also. What is this world coming to?
Eh, Rodney, as of yesterday the NorCal Kincade (started 23 Oct) and the SoCal Maria are "fully contained" which may or not hold.

Debris removal from roads (at least) will begin "soonest" but I expect "soonest" to include when you don't see any more smoke and bitty flames flickering out of whatever you want to move and it's not still got some orange red yellow "eyes" staring back at you. And you can't get into an area in a family owned vehicle since most of them are not off-road. So, douse the hot spots, clear the roads ...
Thanks for being a regular WikiTree WeekEnd Chatter  and fill-in host  Rodney.    I keep meaning to take a  picture of the local bank that posts on their Electronic Board, in front of the bank, to  "Come See Rodney Long, for any business loan".... not that I think you're commuting to Georgia to experience the mild winters, but this IS the most patriotic community I've ever lived in.    

Happy Veterans Day.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Thank-you Peggy, hope you are having a great weekend. No that is not me on the sign at the bank, that is funny. Take care and travel safe.
Good morning Linda, have a great day.
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Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall.

I was wondering if WikiTree had something to commemorate that?
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (301k points)
Wow, I remember that like it was yesterday!  Where has the time gone.  Time to play some Scorpions.
SJ, you going to crank up Wind of Change?
I'm not SJ, but I will probably go for something more punchy.
Aaaand I'm going to re-watch "Goodbye Lenin". Obviously.
"Goodbye Lenin" was in our program on 3 Oct (unification day).

Not a problem. Can't get enough of Daniel Brühl!heart

I forgot to comment on the fall of the Berlin Wall in my answer. I have a piece of that wall! A friend who was from Germany went back to visit soon after the fall and she brought back a small chunk for me. I know a lot of people have that memento but I have always been excited to have it!
My daughter spent a semester in Paris on an exchange study program during college years.  She brought home a small piece of the wall also.  Lesson learned: Identify what you have in some way.  To the casual cleaner it looks like a piece of garbage, or construction debris in the wrong place, and it will get thrown out.
@Ginny: a cool piece of history. Especially for those of us who grew up during the Cold War.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Today is....



National Cappuccino Day on November 8th whips up a frothy, hot cup of cappuccino. It’s a perfect drink on a frosty morning, meeting with friends or just to enjoy a creamy cuppa.

Traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam, a cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink.

The word cappuccino comes from the Capuchin friars and is the diminutive form of cappuccio in Italian, meaning hood or something that covers the head. This popular coffee beverage got its name not from the hood on their habits but from the color of the hooded robes that the friars wore.  (The Capuchin friars is an Order of friars in the Catholic Church, among the chief offshoots of the Franciscans.)

  • In 1945 Achille Gaggia invented the modern espresso machine which further popularized the cappuccino.
  • The Mid 1990s – Cappuccino was made more widely available to North Americans as upscale coffee houses sprang up.
  • Late 1990′s to Early 2000′s – Cappuccinos became popular in the United States concurrent with the boom in the American coffee industry.
  • The start of the 21st Century – A modified short-cut version of the cappuccino started being served at fast-food chains.
  • While steaming the milk you must pay close attention to attain the correct ratio of foam, thus making the cappuccino one of the most difficult espresso-based beverages to make properly.
  • A skilled barista may create artistic shapes while he/she is pouring milk on top of the espresso coffee.

HOW TO OBSERVE Cappuccino Day

Visit your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a nice hot and delicious cup of cappuccino.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.8m points)
An excellent day. Any day about coffee is a great day. Starbucks, here I come!
Not a coffee fan, but I certainly won't begrudge someone their favorite cup of cappuccino.
Thank you Dorothy for your food of the day. I am unable to drink the cappucino but I do stroll down the coffee aisle for the smell. Also, I don't know how to order at Starbucks so I don't go to that foreign country. Double whip skinny foam?


@Scott: HERESY!  Isn’t drinking coffee required by the Honor Code! laugh

Sorry Pip, I agree with Scott. Tea is my drink of choice.
Tea drinkers unite!! (I'm sure we'll get our day too... just not today!)
mmmmm looks good!
I found out that the Copp Family on the island of Maui. My GGGrandfather Judge Charles Copp. Are behind the Copp Coffee plantation on Maui. I looked it up once. I should collect some family coffee. I had no idea that I was related to them until last year. Darn you wikitree for expanding my knowledge of family. Holy crap I am rambling.
I had mine right after lunch, so thank you for the excuse, Dorothy !!!

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Happy Friday to all from beautiful southeastern Arizona!

It’s been a busy week. The weather here has been lovely, and the leaves are changing colors. It’s currently 50F with a predicted high today in the low 70s. We even got a small bit of rain on Wednesday morning.

Writing: I’ve started on my second book. I’m struggling a bit with the opening chapter – don’t feel it currently has enough “punch” to capture a reader’s attention. The second chapter has gone a bit smoother. I find it’s difficult to blend in bits from the previous book so a new reader won’t be lost. My snowbird friends have read the first book and given me good comments. One said, “Though it’s a genre I don’t normally read, I couldn’t put it down.” I was thrilled. Next Tuesday, my writing critique group will begin their review of the first 10 chapters. I’ll probably need to wear armor. Lol

WikiTree: Haven’t had much time for genealogy this week. I did spend a few hours playing around with text editors before I decided that Kate will work all right for me. I adopted profiles for my first cousins five times removed because I’d found General Putnam’s (my fourth great uncle) children needed a bit of TLC. I got so involved in daughter Abigail’s profile yesterday when adding in-line sources, I forgot to go play cards with my snowbird friends. Hope to get a few more of these distant cousins done this weekend because next week’s calendar is filled with meetings.

I’m off to get the car’s oil changed then on to host at the senior center. Have a great weekend all!

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 3 (35.6k points)
That’s the trick, isn’t it Diane, getting the opening chapter right so it grabs the attention of the reader. So, is this next novel following the other, like a series?
I've always wanted to write a book, but every time I sit down and start writing, my mind starts wandering, I get bored, and then I put it away for another day (that will likely never come). Guess I'll just keep reading instead.

@Pip, yes getting the opening chapter so it grabs reader's attention is important. Trying to find the balance between new and repetitive information is difficult. Don't want to bore readers who are reading the second book with too much from the first one. Yes, a series. Right now I think it will be a trilogy.

@Scott It took me 4 years to finish the first one. There have been many times when I've gotten bored and wanted to stop. Especially after my first critique by my writing group wink I've gotten so that I try to treat it like a job. I work from shortly after I wake up (usually around 5:30 am) till Noon. My friends know better than to call me before then unless there's some emergency.

Some days I achieve more writing than others because other days I fall down a rabbit hole researching. But this has led me to find interesting family dynamics I hadn't considered when I started.

Many tell you to just write - it doesn't matter what. So maybe you should write whatever your mind is telling you about (unless it's telling you about chores that need to get done or your other half will be upset). lol

But I'm in the other camp. I have to revise as I'm writing. Yes, I do reread and revise again later. It's now a huge joy and a relief to tell myself that I did it. laugh

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Huh. Refreshing the page every few minutes DOES work. Cool. =)

Hails and horns, Wikipeeps! 

On the genealogy front, I think I really stretched it for my #52Ancestors post. The topic was rich man. So....I talked about a guy named Richard? It's okay. He was rich in family. So that counts. 


At least I think it does? Whatever. Next week is "Poor Man". Not sure what I'll do there. I'll think of something random. Always do. =D

A DNA match on Myheritage contacted me and this weekend we'll be talking on the Skype. The cool kids use Discord now. But, I figured Skype would be easier to deal with.

Not much else to report. Getting cold here in NH. We did some yardwork outside before it rained. I would love to have one of those leaf vacuums. Those are so cool. Kinda loud, though.

Findmypast has a free weekend. I haven't found anything new so far. Ah well. It is what it is. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (264k points)
Well done with the blog, Chris.

No snow yet? I thought I saw that y’all were going to get a blast of Arctic air this week.
Nice blog Chris.

I was just trying to access FMP and getting the dreaded 500 error - looks like it's cleared up now. I need to start hunting my sources that I was unable to see previously so that I can flesh out some of those profiles. I really should make a list but I end up scrambling and only getting a little value out of these free events.
@ Pip: Arctic air? Eh, a little. I did yardwork for a bit Wednesday and it was okay. Rained most of yesterday. Wasn't too bad. Good day to stay inside. What did you think of the blog from the week before? I think I did a better job on that one to be honest.

@Scott: 500 error is bad. So is 404. =) Glad it's cleared up. Keep up the good work!
Dude, no nerd updates? I missed last week. You are my wiki connection to my nerd past. I'm just going to have to watch The Highwayman. It had that annoying Oi guy from the energizer commercials. His name was Jacko. I was in 6th grade when that show was on. The main character drove a semi that also was a helicopter. It was M.A.S.K., Mad Max, and stupid all mixed in one show. It was cancelled pretty quick.

Alright. You want nerd stuff, huh? I'll be happy to oblige, Paul. =D

This week I got my comics and picked up the newest relaunch of X-Men. It was okay if a bit confusing. I really think having Magneto and all the bad mutants on an island with our heroes is going to blow up in their face. Apocalypse never strikes me as a good guy. I mean...his name is APOCALYPSE and his whole gimmick is "Survival of the fittest".  This reeks of a bad plan.

Fantastic Four has been a decent read. Pretty sure Lisa Hazard is gonna see these comic updates and be confused. Haha. Comics are weird, yo. Also got issues of Spidey, Ms. Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy.

I also mailed some old Marvel Legends to a friend in Canada. He's a collector. I know they'll be in a safe place there.

I think I remember the show you're talking about. Toy Galaxy just did an episode on M.A.S.K. by the way. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMqbWnielhc

Good stuff on YouTube. And that's the nerd update for now!

I am so behind on my comic nerdiness. M.A.S.K. Update! That is righteous! Apocalypse is as much of a good guy as Unicron or Galactus. Calling Apocalypse good is like saying hey, I was talking to Satan. Dude invited me out for coffee and pastries. Nothing bad could possibly happen.

I really miss the days when comic continuity wasn't all over the place. I loved GI Joe, Transformers and Conan the Barbarian comics. I was also huge in to The Avengers, The Ounisher, and X-Men. Good lord. I can't keep my mind on one freakin thought.
I was never really into the Punisher. The comics I read growing up were: Captain America, Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, New Warriors and a few other titles.

You're right about Apocalypse. He's on a council with Xavier and Mr. Sinister. They recently sent Sabretooth to live in the bottom of Krakoa because of his violent tendencies. Chuck....you should have looked around at the company you're keeping.

The rest of the Marvel heroes are like "What the hell are you guys doing?"

Yeah, this is gonna blow up in their faces REAL good. Should be amazing to read and riff on. =)
X books are required to be confusing.  Pretty sure it's in the contract.  (For a fun blast from the past, see if you can find the old Usenet X-men dangling plotlines list...)
Wow! That should be fun! I was so glad when Firestar joined the team and suddenly she wasn't there any more. No explanation given.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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It's Friday already?!?!?! Goodness me!

It's gut up and get moving week for me! I am attempting to get back to my regular workout routine, which is 20 - 30 minutes of stretches and calisthenics first then, then a 2-4 km walk mid dayishy. I haven't been keeping my routine up and I have to tell you, two conferences back to back KILLED me!

It's my fifth day and I am attempting to pull a colleague into working out with me! Anyone else have a low-impact high octaine workout on the go?  mini Mags


by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (473k points)
Whoa! Welcome to the Weekend chat, Mags! =D Yeah, the week flew by didn't it?

Two conferences back to back would have killed a normal human. Two COMIC Cons back to back would have made you patient zero for con crud. =) Glad things went well at the con. =D

To track my steps I use my 3DS. It has a step counter. Nintendo wants to make sure we move. Why you think they sent over the Wii? Japan's telling the world to get off our butts!
I let my phone tell me when I've hit the mark on steps. I have no clue if it's accurate or not, but I know that if I walk enough it dings at me and I can do a little happy dance for that day. And it's all fun and games until someone (my wife will remain nameless) says "How many steps did you get today?" Me: "About 3000. Didn't hit my goal." Her: "I got 14,000." Boy do I feel inadequate... sheesh. But good for her.
You could always tie the counter to a ceiling fan and rake in the steps that way. Sure you did a million steps today!!
Now Chris. You're only cheating yourself.

*My high school teacher*
LOL! I never personally did that. I don't have a ceiling fan. I just know people who have.

When I was younger my husband and I were joggers.   At the time I would have denied walking could be exercise.   HOWEVER,   today we walk for exercise...... with some stretching.    Owning a dog certainly helps keep us in the routine.  (Have you ever been stared down by a dog when you're sitting on the couch?)
A friend of mine ran on the public highway in front of his house for years.  He is a fitness buff who rows, swims, etc.
Thirty years later he has had both knees and ankles replaced and having back problems.  All his doctors have told him it is from running on asphalt and concrete.  Look for a better surface.
Same applies for example for tennis players. People with joint problems have to play less on "hard courts" because the joints complain faster. Clay and grass is better for them.
Same problem with dancing. Ouch those feet! Walking is what we do too. Often I will walk beside the asphalt on the grass. It is slower but easier on the feet. Having shoes with support helps. Unfortunately the person we bought our shoes from just died! German and Japanese shoes seem to have better support. Hard to find somewhere to order them.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+16 votes
Happy weekend.

The weather here has also turned cold, but at least no snow! It's great weather to start fixing comfort food. So this week we had Chicken Parmesan (from scratch). Speaking of cold, I seem to have caught one, yuk.

This week I have signed up for a couple of RV gatherings. The one next October should have close to 1000 people - and yes, you need to get on the list nearly a year in advance.

I've been creating profiles for descendants of a gggg uncle on the off chance someone might have an old family bible. Of course someone had to marry George Wilson, and that sent me looking at existing profiles and trying to put sources/dates/locations on the couple dozen George Wilson out there. I did find one with census records with his 11 eleven children, and will probably tackle him today.
by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
RV gatherings? That’s a new one for me! Sounds like a blast. Where do folks meet? All over the country?
Pip, RVers meet all across the country in different campgrounds. When I was still in school my parents belonged to a RV club and we had meetings every month wit some being camping outings when weather permitted.
@Pip - an RV Rally is a gathering of folks with common interests -- often owners of the same brand, although it can be members of a camping club, or an "owners rally" organized by a dealer.

In our case, its a brand rally. There is a "national" rally each year near Elkhart, Indiana (where the majority of US RVs are made). That has grown to nearly 500 RVs attending. There are also "regional" rallies across the whole country - from Oregon and California to Georgia and North Carolina. We'll probably miss Indiana this year, and skip the one in Pennsylvania. We've signed up for Myrtle Beach (on our way home from Florida this spring), Tennessee and October in Virginia.

So what happens at a rally? You visit, eat, visit, eat, visit, eat, maybe attend a seminar or tour a local attraction, eat, visit, eat, visit. Just imagine the pot luck dinner when there are 300 to 500 RVs (and at least twice that many people).

On our Yellowstone trip in 2010, we were sitting at our campsite and a bunch of folks came over and starting visiting. It turns out that they were the Rapid City (South Dakota) Good Sam Club out for the weekend. It was very interesting to visit them, learning about the work that they had done, and what it was like living in that area.
That sounds like the funnest!
Kay, just an FYI, I am a lifetime member of the Good Sam Club. In fact I am one of the Charter Lifetime members and that club holds many rally's across the country every year. Yes they are fun.

My husband and I now live in our motor home (RV) and we travel to different parks all over the US and Canada (this summer, not now of course:). Went from 4000 square ft. to 400 square ft., but we love the lifestyle.   Currently or soon after the holidays there are several hundred thousand of us here in South Florida.  We have several activity sessions a week, tonight is "Chilli dinner:" here in the park.  My husband and I write songs, and he performs too so often he is the entertainment or he and a group of other musicians jam.   Fun to meet nice new people in person, then I come on Wiki Tree and "meet "more nice  people all over the world !!  Trish (adopted born Loretta Morrison)

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.


Chili dinner sounds great. We stayed for a short time at a park in Bradenton a couple winters ago that had a genealogy club, although I wasn't there long enough to participate.

Looking at the October rally where they plan about 300 rigs, the camper crawl should be interesting to observe, perhaps participate.
+13 votes

On this day:

1519: The Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés met in Tenochtitlán (today Mexico City) the Aztec leader Moctezuma II.

1658: The Battle of the Sound took place in the Øresund.

1896: Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen found the x-rays. In German they are called "Röntgenstrahlen" (Röntgen-rays)

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (282k points)
Battle of the Sound. A new one for me! Might check to see if we have a M&W category for that!

Poor Wilhelm,   from Röntgenstrahlen to X-rays.....  We're certainly into short cuts.....

Thanks for the history tips once again!

Thank you Jelena. I seriously love your this day in history posts.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+15 votes
I will be in and out of the chat this weekend, more out than in I am afraid.

This week started out very bad. On Monday Diane's sister died and then  a friend of mine from the radio club became a silent key on the same day. Tomorrow is the calling hours for Diane's sister so we will be very busy most of the day and then on Sunday, at the same funeral home my friend from the club is being laid out. This week is also a VE test session on Sunday so have a nice weekend, I am going to be very busy. I did manage to work on a few profiles this week but nowhere near as many as over last weekend.

It snowed yesterday and last night here in Northeast Ohio but that is normal for here. I also got word that there will be a new Technician license class starting on November 21st so my trip south is not going to happen this year. Our radio club elections are underway, results will be announced on November 25th but with all candidates running unopposed I think it is fair to say that I will be an officer in the club next year.

Well back to preparing things for tomorrow and the calling hours.

I hope the rest of you have a very good and happy weekend.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

Dale, when are you ever not busy! You’ve got a full plate (again), but even if you can’t post, we’ll be thinking about you. So sorry to hear about your losses. 

Dale, so sorry to hear of your family's loss and the loss of your friend. It does make for a tough time I'm certain.

Got to love the early snows of the season. Here in Indy we're expecting some next week, but I'm thinking it won't stick. We'll see if it surprises me.
There is a silver lining to one of these deaths. I managed to get Diane's one brother to join WikiTree and because of that there are two less unlisted profiles on my watchlist.
We just got a phone call from the school. Our oldest grandson cut himself and needs medical stitches in his thumb. We contacted his parents and they are taking him to the ER now. As if we don't have enough to do this weekend.
When it rains, it pours. Hang in there, Dale!
I forgot another bit of good news. My father had another visit to his doctor and the doctor said that my father could very easily live another 10 years. He just turned 90 last month so.......
A centenarian in the making ;). Sorry to read about your losses.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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I talked on the phone yesterday with my cousin (the oldest). She actually met some of the people that are just names to me. I was able to give her some information she didn't know. It is a refreshing change to actually talk to someone, not the online and books aren't great....

The repairman came yesterday to replace the pump in the washer, it broke the first week! We talked about refrigerators and I may be replacing my almost 30 year old fridge, not because it is broken but because the new ones are way more energy efficient.

And we had our FIRST SNOW last night! More birds are showing  up at the feeders.

Finally worked the actual election after doing 2 early voting days. They just changed the law in NY to have early voting. It helps a lot of people schedule easier. Now they can take down all those lawn signs!
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (117k points)
You’ve been busy, Sue! We’ve done the same with older appliances, getting the more energy efficient ones.

Didn’t you just get that washer?!?

You certainly want to replace that refrigerator. It's so much easier when the old one is still working that when you are in a hurry because yours has died. Of course, you might just be able to stash stuff outdoors in a snowbank.
National Grid will pay you $30 and take away an old freezer, and maybe a refrigerator, if yours is in working condition.  Check it out if your provider does this.
Beulah has a great point about some utilities rewarding you to get rid of old appliances.   Our county didn't have such a program,  but we found there are a lot of people that will pay a little something for a working fridge  (wanting something for their basement)......   Trick is...... sell while it's working.

We've always enjoyed feeding the birds in winter.
Good point, I hadn't thought of that! We did it. Should be here Wednesday. Looking into rebate. If it had failed we would have been without until Wednesday, 5 days.
I was told I could put birds on eBird and Feeder Watch because they are separate databases. The rules are different though. It kind of warps my brain.
Yes we just got the washer and used it for a week and the pump stopped working. Just got it replaced. Only problem was they don't have enough repairmen and we waited a couple weeks to see him and a couple more for the repair. And he is "retired" and working part time! Hope they get some more trained.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Well this weekend is pre-Veterans Day weekend. Since we won't be on chat on Monday I thought I would recognize a couple of veterans today in hopes others will do the same during our weekend chat!!! 

First, my own cousin  Henry G. "Sony" Taft, who passed away Oct 25, this year. My condolences went to the Taft family and all our other cousins and family members. We especially remember him from his mid teen years in the early 60's when he was visiting us in Connecticut. He served his country in the Air Force during the Vietnam War time frame. I just found out he will be buried on "Veterans Day", Monday Nov 11th. I hope there is a large turn out for this worthy veteran. May he rest in peace. 


Next is someone I remember every Veterans Day and Memorial Day; he is Edward F. Barry, a distant cousin, whom I spotted his's name on the "Vietnam Traveling" Wall when it was in Nashville two years ago.  Sgt Edward Francis Barry was killed in action during the Vietnam War February 15, 1969 in Long An, Vietnam. Sgt Barry was one of many heroes of the battle for Saigon during Tet -68 and May offensive. He lived right across the sound from where we lived in Norwalk Ct. He had the same birth date as my brother and similar name (my brother is Frank Edward Barry, he is still living.)  May Sgt Edward Barry rest in peace.


by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.8m points)
Well deserved remembrances, Dorothy. I honor you, too, for your service to our country!

Thank you Pip, much appreciated. yes

For those who may not know what the "Vietnam Traveling Wall" is (in the United States), please check out this page and it will help explain it:  http://www.travelingwall.us/

Thank you Dorothy.
Great picture of you at the Vietnam Memorial.    Edward F. Barry is fortunate you "adopted" him.
A lovely tale Dorothy and what a discovery for you. Great picture of you and the wall.
Nice memorials. Sorry for the loss of your cousins.   It is very moving to see that wall if you can. My husband hesitated to go being a combat vet himself , but after he did I think he was glad and we found a few names from his unit and had a moment of silence.  Thank you Dorothy nice pictures.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Greetings and Salutations, fellow WikiTreers!

Last weekend was a busy time, as my wife had just bought a new Chevy SUV and we noticed that the neighbor cat had left her little puddy paw prints all over her nice new car. Well, that wouldn't do. So I spent what seemed like all day rearranging the JUNK in the garage, and at the end of the day, was able to pull the car into the garage where it's now safe and sound from cats, birds, possums, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and whatever other forms of wildlife might take a shot at it. My wife didn't really react much to things, other than a brief thank you and to remind me that I still had planned on raking leaves... *sigh*

So Sunday was met with many hours of leaf blowing - one positive note: I've never had a working leaf blower before, so this was an experience for me. In some ways, it's harder as I like the exercise I get with raking. But I don't miss the blisters on my hands, the aching in my shoulders, and the inevitable next day pains in my body that seemed to be much less with blowing. So overall, blowing gets a "B+" from me, which is pretty good.

This week was mostly uneventful. Had another failed attempt to migrate the church's website to a new server. I suppose I'm just not quite knowledgeable enough to get it to work properly and should seek professional guidance. I'll do some searching and see if I can discover what I did incorrectly, but in the meantime the original site is still running.

For Genealogy, I finished up Yakima Canutt's profile (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Canutt-10) and got him connected to the tree. He was a stuntman from the old days, so everything was rough and tumble, and dangerous. So many injuries. Sometimes nearly fatal as well. But he was a survivor. He doubled for John Wayne on several movies and people asked for him by name. He ended up living past 90 years of age, which for someone who lived their life through risking it all the time is incredibly long. He got limited recognition for his efforts while living, but got an honorary Oscar after he died. Also did some work on several other notables and helped get several connected. Currently working on Rod Steiger, who got an Oscar from "In the Heat of the Night" (the movie, not the TV show - that was Carroll O'Conner).

Weather-wise - it's cold. Darn cold. Real cold. Today we started in the teens and I think we'll barely break freezing by 4 PM. It's going to get a little better over the weekend, then worse by Monday, including snow and slipping closer to the single digits (definitely will be there in wind chill). Winter is knocking at the door and I'm trying to figure out how to bolt it down, but it's no use - so bring it on. Sometimes it's best to rip off the band-aid and just get it over with.

by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (622k points)
Scott, you're SUV experience with the cat reminded me that I saw raccoon paw prints on the back deck this a.m. I'd better go check my trucks!

Leaves: I have a blower, but I need the exercise of raking! Took me a while to learn that if I wore gloves, I wouldn't get those blisters.
That SUV is the cat's now. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You need a new SUV. =)
Kitty and I already have a difference of opinion on where her litter box should be. She seems to think my front flower bed is a good spot and we're drawing battle lines there. My wife found a home remedy that sort of works - crushed red pepper flakes. Apparently they bother kitty's delicate sense of smell, so she avoids the area. But it only works for about a week, and she returns.

But the car - she lost that battle. On the flip side, if she really wants to, she can walk all over mine which is still in the driveway. But I think she must be particular to red - my poor brown/bronze-ish colored car doesn't seem to excite her much. Or else it doesn't show paw prints.
Haha. Show the kitty who's boss. My kitty has no concept of time and has been waking me up early because of the time change and everything.
Since we lost our last kitty several weeks ago, I've missed that early morning wake-up and feeding. But my wife has implied that after our vacation, we might look into a couple of new ones. She just doesn't want to get them before we leave for a week and abandon them. So perhaps by Thanksgiving or the latest before Christmas I'll have pets again!
Sounds like a plan!
Ha Scott :  Your story reminds me of my leaf raking days we had 1000's of large oak trees with our house in the middle for 19 years.  Our cat died at 18 years of age but she was pretty good about staying off the car, but our neighbors cat wasn't !  We called him Big Cat... she was small but sure knew how to boss him around, and he must have liked it because we ended up adopting him as he would not stay down the street.     I had another cat that ran and bit me on my big toe at 6:30 am every morning, that really did not work out well on mornings I could sleep in !  Trish (born Loretta)

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

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This week I worked on one of November's Example Profiles -- Carroll Shelby  

I worked on the profile of his great grandfather Enoch Lawrence and, once developed, discovered he was already on the tree.  I proposed a merge with the older profile and now Enoch has more descendants!  And Carroll has more cousins!!

Thanks to Marshall Satterwhite for completing the merge!!

by Michelle Enke G2G6 Pilot (171k points)
Excellent work, Michelle! Especially on Enoch’s proifle.
Thank you!
So, Michelle, Hi there...

I accidentally clicked on Enoch's name and the profile now comes up as orphaned.  What's up with that? Thought you would like to know. PS. Oh okay, I get it!

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Loretta, the profile I was originally working on was an orphan.  Marshall had the other profile. He merged the two, and now it is orphaned.  I can adopt it, for a while.
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Happy Veteran's Day Weekend to All!!

Our neighborhood lines the streets with small US flags for Veteran's day. For a small fee, the fire department puts a large flag in each yard. It is quite impressive and I love the holidays that this happens. We will attend the Veteran's Day program at our club on Monday evening. My husband was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam in 1965-66 so the military recognition days are special for us.

On the genealogy front: I spent Friday of last week in the Dallas Library and came away with a few sources for profiles on WikiTree. And, I found a wonderful county history for Smith County, Mississippi - a burned county. I copied a number of the biographies which has helped with adding extended family. I have almost wrapped up the Henderson extended family - and they are many!! Now, I am updating and adding another generation of descendants on my Butter(s) line. This has all helped me to surpass the 17,000 contributions this past week and, I was surprised to find that I was well past the 200,000 G2G points. Wow! Love WikiTree!!!

Preparing for two events: a couple of grandsons spending the night on Saturday so must visit the store and stock up on food - they are 12 and 14 and they eat! Also, reading about the cold and snow some of you have, this sounds wimpy but we are expecting mid 20's Monday and Tuesday nights - thankfully not accompanied by ice.

I guess three events would be more accurate. My first cataract surgery is next Thursday so not sure I will be checking in next weekend but maybe by Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone! I always enjoy reading all the posts.
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (226k points)

Ginny, I hope you have a huge pantry! A while weekend and nothing will be left! laugh

I know the surgery will go well. Heal up!

I remember when my best friend's parents got a new Cadillac! It was all new and fancy... what? Wrong thing? Oops...

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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I'm enjoying all of the predictions of cold weather people are making for themselves as I pack my things in preparation for my escape to Florida.  I made a trip to the recycling center to
get rid of a car load of materials and the sun reflecting off yesterdays three inch snow fall made sunglasses welcome.  At least I know they are ready for my trip.  I have very limited access to wifi at the camp so will not respond to much on G2G for about four months.  If my light of my life and delight of my eyes were alive he would be celebrating 100 years this month.  We starting going south so he could play golf.  It set me up to be able to still escape
bitter winter weather now days.  A small cheap trailer on a small cheap golf course describes my habitat.  I just took my sewing machine and crochet hook to keep myself occupied at first and still do.  It gives me lots of time for the
charity projects I contribute to.
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (201k points)
Beulah, we will miss you on Wikitree for the next four months but glad you will be in a happy place with wonderful memories and activities to keep you busy. Please check in with us when you can! I know that routine - as I am away part of the summer as we escape the summer Texas heat in exchange for the cool Pacific Northwest. Enjoy your time.
I forgot you headed for Florida for the winter, Beulah. Stay warm and connect with us when you can.
I will enjoy it.  I think I have it easier than you do, having to unload the boat and storing it.  As I remember, you did it in a high wind this fall.  I just straighten up the house or trailer, depending on the direction I am going, put a few things in the car and can go.  After 30 years the routine is pretty easy to remember.  And I take the auto train over night to Florida from outside of Washington, D. C. and land 10 miles from the camp.   I get dinner and breakfast on the train, have a roomette with lower bunk to sleep in, and my car is on the train with all of my belongings when I get there.  It cuts off 1000 miles driving and almost two days of driving with the rate we used to drive.  But we enjoyed the sight seeing and each others company on that trip.
That sounds really neat!! And stress free from the long drive. I love trains. I traveled by train a lot when I was a child and would do it again if any went where I was going!!

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Grace and peace to you, WikiKin!

On the genealogy front: I've been at a low ebb for some weeks now. I'm not getting much done. Most of what I have done has been trying to chase down DNA match connections at Ancestry.

On the homefront: It's been a week of cycling through everyone getting sick for a few days. I'm on day three of my turn. I feel a little better today, hopefully, tomorrow will be a lot better.

Last weekend we finished up the attic insulation project. I made some progress getting my daughter's room ready for her impending birth (in 11 days). I should be able to finish it tomorrow. 

We have also accomplished most our Christmas shopping for the kids and birthday shopping for the twins. We definitely want to get the bulk of that done before we had an infant in the house.

Weather: cold. First measurable snowfall. It really needs to wait another month. I need to rake leaves this weekend too.

by Thomas Fuller G2G6 Mach 6 (64.1k points)
Busy as ever, Thomas, but with a house full and illness going around adding to it...

Haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet, but I have been given hints by my daughters.

Got a name yet? We settled on our youngest with ten days to go.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

So long as it's a girl, like it's supposed to be, we've had a name for months. I'll probably share it post-birth. If, in the extremely unlikely event that we end up with a fourth son in row, we're pretty much stumped.

Well, there’s a wealth of biblical names and of course you can revert to the Scottish method and use family names, just to make it difficult for later researchers. laugh

Well, all my boys have first names from saints, both biblical and post-biblical. The middle names are all family names.

The older twin's middle name is my first name, which is also the first name of both of his grandfathers, as my dad and I happen to have the same first name as my father-in-law.

The younger twin's middle name is the same as mine, and my dad's, which is my paternal grandfather's first name and his dad's middle name.

The third son (not a twin) has a middle name that is the masculine version of my wife's favorite aunt's name.

The incoming daughter - both her first and middle names are both saint names and family names. My wife's grandmother and mother's first names are to be the baby's first and middle names, respectively.
I can just see a future genealogist sorting to sort that out. (But really, it would be easier now.)
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A recent question in the forum indicated that there are people on Wikitree who have no idea that the Puritan Great Migration Project (lovingly known as PGM or pgm) is alive and active. There were, yesterday alone, 135 different edits to PGM profiles. Some 30-35 were comments left on profiles, which have to be researched and/or commented on. There is about question a day in the G2G. There are about a dozen highly active members who participate every day and dozens of other members who make contributions.

We are looking for people with good genealogy and wikitree skills, preferably with access to Anderson's Great Migration Series. If you think you might be interested read the project page and answer our G2G join post.

If you just have questions. Ask.

by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thanks for all you do for PGM!
I admire all the diligent members of the PGM Project. I hope you continue to add members and continue the quality work I’ve seen there. My hat’s off to you!
We try, Pip. Though....I haven't had to add a PGM person in what? A year? I haven't needed to! LOL.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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On the genealogy front I have now moved or saved all of the Yahoo Groups files, attachments, photos, and email messages that I could.   

I co moderate the Moselle List and have 2 other co moderators who are very techno savvy and we moved everything there to io.  We are not going through it to verify everything and delete any duplicates we may have created.  

For the groups I handled by myself I have placed a notice on those groups that I have it all and to contact me.  IO is a bit above my tech level to do by myself and some versions have a cost.  

I did move the Greiner Group stuff into the Moselle Group since we had members from both groups in both places.  That group has not been active in a while and I tried sending a note to the former owner of that group but it bounced back.  So I decided to try to save it myself.  

The Stenger Group has been inactive for a few years since Luc gave his findings to that group of the family.  I do know some of the family have a group they use on Facebook.  

Burgun family spelled as Burgoon in Maryland and descendants who moved to Ohio and other parts has an active group also on Facebook.  

GenVerre the big glassmaker group is moving to io.  That is a huge undertaking and a team is moving everything.  

Yahoo who was bought out by Verizon really pulled the run out from under a lot of genealogy groups.  

Hopefully io will stay stable.  It is part of Google.  

On WT I cleaned one really messy profile and have started on another.
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (557k points)
Nice work. I checked to see if I had anything on Yahoo groups. I thought I found something I posted on an old comics one. But, I was mistaken. Would have been nice to find something from like twenty years ago on the Internet.

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Pip, you certainly deserved last weekend's ceremony, games and feast!   At least your kilt fit!!  That alone is a great reward.

Happy Veteran's Weekend to all our incredible vets!!


Here's how the town of Ringgold, Georgia,  honors vets on Veteran's and Memorial Day Weekends.   They line the non-residential streets with huge flags  (An amazing feat for a town with fewer than 3,000 people in it's city limits.)  Each flag has a cross with a soldier's name and the war he fought in.

Weather    here is Catoosa County is incredible!   Moderate temperatures and plenty of rain...... I'm certainly enjoying living here.

On the sad side:   Just got back from my Uncle Bennie's funeral in NW Arkansas.  Bennie is my mother's twin. Of the 14 people of his generation in my family,   only my mother and one other sister is still living.  This year has been a barrage of funerals for my family and friends:  a year I hope to not repeat.  It reinforces my goal to live each day as a gift.

Genealogy:     Just today was contacted on the internet with rewarding information on my  Gray family line.   This is great timing, since I've just wrapped up this phase of work on my Elliott family.   The Gray family line has Cherokee heritage so I need to take advantage of the American Heritage free records until Nov 15th......  

Hope everyone finds a way to enjoy the Veteran's Day Weekend.   

by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (126k points)

That photo is inspiring, Peggy! 

So sorry to hear of your uncle’s death. I also have had a spate of family and friend passings this past year. Every day is a gift. I try to remember that even when dealing with ornery people! 

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Hello and good evening from Germany, which is this week remembering the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It is the week when everybody old enough remembers where s/he was when s/he heard the wall crumbled down. So there were on TV (not only this week but already in the earlier weeks) documentaries about many different aspects of the way how the two Germanies became one again. Not everything went really smoothly, but all in all I think it is a successful story, although many people in East Germany still now didn't learn to think politically. This results also in election results that lets far right and populist parties rise again.

On the genealogy front I flipped mostly through the FamilySearch unindexed documents. Because I didn't only look on the "Eckstädt" entries, but on all entries, I didn't work on that many profiles. But I saw a very interesting entry. I looked on the population cards, these look like census entries for particular families. You have them similar in English censuses as well. Well, in one family that is not related to me I saw a surname I knew:

In the marriage entry of my 2xgreatgrandmother and her husband she said her (unknown) father (my Mr. Tricky X of the 52 Ancestors Halloween challenge) had the surname "Tonne". It is at least a very unusual name and it means "ton", that's why I thought she could have made it up. And now I saw in the population cards of my Ancestor's hometown just this surname "Tonne". What?? Is that maybe actually correct, what my 2xggmum said? I fdon't have an answer to that, I will continue to check the cards and see what else I find in those entries...

All you with the long weekend, enjoy the weekend even more than we "shorties". Have a great one!
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (282k points)
Glad to see that someone has the patience to wade through records, Jelena! I often give up too soon and miss some vital,piece I’ve been looking for.

One of the ways my wife and I are celebrating the weekend with Veterans’ Day is seeing Just out movie, Midway, tomorrow at the theatre.
Thirty-two years ago, I travelled around Europe and when I was in Berlin I travelled to East Berlin through check point Charlie -- a sobering but very interesting experience!

At Checkpoint Charlie there is now a museum covering how people came from East to West. I was there several years ago when I was in Berlin. The creativity of the people was astonishing, also how many people were made fitting in such a car. With such a car there were seven people brought into West Germany. Don't ask me where they were hiding...

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Happy Veterans Day.

Welcome everyone to the Veterans Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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