Y DNA haplo group registration can you register 2 groups

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The main group here is R-BY3373 and one below there R-BY43488.  Do you register both under Haplo group so they both show up on matches for both groups


On the profile for Moses Nesbitt-731 both should show so it also appears on the BY-3373 matches below on the tree as these are no doubt related with in the paper genealgy time frame.

Both are important for the DNA tree

WikiTree profile: Moses Nesbitt
in WikiTree Help by Jean Skar G2G6 (6.3k points)
Why not put the most recent branch that occurred before the particular individual's birth?
Then we don't have the most recent group that defines Moses Nesbits branch that the others don't have
Then it had nothing to do with Moses per se? That's why you need to combine with STRs to provided a meaningful proof of family-line descendency.

As someone else said

First, STRs are helpful in the sense of "getting into the right ballpark", but they are too unstable to be highly reliable for determining who actually is the closest relative on the line of descent.  We need SNPs for that.


If people want to ascertain where their line of descent is from, where their surname Patriarch ancestor was likely to have lived, and to which branch of their family they belong, they need to follow the SNP trail, not the STR trail.

These are SNPS and all Nesbit(t)s with the BY3373 mutation share an ancestor with Moses. (probably around end of 1500s) 

But only Moses. and his descendants so far have R-BY43488 that either occurred with Moses are in one of his ancestors before the shared ancestor that had the BY3373 mutation. As Moses was born about 1740 we now then that R-BY43488 mutation occurred sometime 1740 or earlier and probably after  end of 1500's.

So both SNPs are very important to the line as both are within a genealogy time frame and not hundreds of years ago like most SNPS. Both define one of Mose's ancestors that he shares with others.

In my opinion STR are seldom helpful in a genealogy time frame, but it does happen. I do have an example you can see on the category page I showed the link for above. It also shows the SNP tree

A Big Y-700 test currently costs $399 and a Y-DNA37 test costs $99.

You usually have to (Big Y) test several different direct paternal line cousins to nail down precisely which ancestor in the “1700’s” was the progenitor of a particular SNP.  

Y-DNA37 tests are less expensive and are sufficient to determine that two males share the same direct paternal line ancestor (or to determine that they do not).
If you have a surname group as we have.  

if some do the Big Y some others can just test for 12 markers $59 and the Snp for $39 as we can for BY3373.

This is the case for some in our 3 largest groups not for the smaller matching groups.

Unfortunately when they do the 12 or any other marker test, we have no idea until we get the results if they belong to one of these 3 larger groups.
At Yseq you can test the defining SNP for $18.

In my opinion there is absolutely no reason to test other descendants for the old fashioned STRs if you already know the SNPs from earlier BigY and besides SNPs are much more accurate the STRs

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Hello Jean,

Enter R-BY43488 in the tester’s haplogroup field.  In the note field you may enter that R-BY43488 descends from R-BY3373 (e.g. R-BY3373>R-BY43488).

If for example the Y-DNA111 results are entered in mitoYDNA.org then you can enter the mitoYDNA ID in WikiTree.  Clicking on that ID in WikiTree automatically displays the tester’s Y haplotype. Up to about 20 Y haplotypes for a direct paternal line can be compared in mitoYDNA via WikiTree.   If the haplogroup is entered in mitoYDNA then mitoYDNA automatically links to the terminal SNP’s ancestral trail: http://scaledinnovation.com/gg/snpTracker.html?snp=BY43488

by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (479k points)
Yes but that doesn't show the same then on the profile pages of the other BY-3373 members so you can see they are related.

I have thought doing it the other way around as that would show on all the BY 3373 profiles and not just the one branch from Moses. I have started using categories to solve the problem.

Not actual with MITO, as there is no way I could get all the results there. Also for STR, I have numerous examples where the STR gave the wrong impression of relatedness and were not at all reliable. This led in the past to wrong speculations that first were shown to be wrong with Big Y testing. One that had a distant of 4 that turned out to not even be in same main Haplo group at least in the last estimated 2000 years. STR have worked a few times, if you only compare the markers that mutate very seldom for my groups.

These 3 larger groups consist of over 30 in each of the groups. It also seems that there is little to gain for these 3 groups to use money on testing for more that 37 markers.

I suspect this may differ within different surname groups.

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