South African Regional Structure Proposal: Last Call [closed]

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The following is a proposed category mapping of the regional structure for South Africa. The intent is to clearly outline the second and third tiers to accommodate the placement of ‘landing’ categories for districts, cities, towns and settlements where South Africans were born, lived and died.

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Please vote using ONE of the below answers. Up vote for "Yes, I agree" or down vote for "No, I do not agree" (and provide a reason as a comment). Thank you!

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Thank you, Andrew, especially for hanging in there for so long for this to happen!smiley

Yes it was rather a complicated process Natalie, but Andrew's hard work paid off.

Andrew had to use a lot of patience with us :-P

So happy to see most everyone is in agreement, and that we can now move forward.

"It is thus proposed the first tier, under both South Africa and Zuid-Afrika, should be ...

English & Dutch. While Afrikaans is the language both the Dutch & the English wanted intentionally and unintentionally to supress. 

I have no opinion other than it would be more appropriate to have an extra section for Afrikaans … (though the current verdict under academics is that contrary to what was taught and believed in the past, Afrikaans is not a socalled 'daughter' language of Dutch, but rather a self-vormed creole 'type' created in the Cape itself: "Ons glo dus dat Afrikaans se wortel teruggaan op die Nederlandse verlede, maar ons toon ook duidelik aan die invloede (ander tale, normale taalverandering, oorlog, politiek) wat alles daartoe gelei het dat ʼn nuwetaal (nie Nederlands nie) in Afrika volwassenheid bereik het en uiteindelik as ʼn amptelike taal erken is in 1925. Hierdie taal se verbintenis met Afrika word bevestig deur die taal se unieke naam – genoem na die kontinent waar dit ontwikkel het: Afrikaans." Prof. Wannie Carstens, 2017.)

Greetings Philip,

Thank you for your comment.  I shall need to revert back on the question of language structures.  I am not sure, but the general propensity is towards the languages currently in use (official languages) to be utilised.   
I just need to make the point that it is only the category structures themselves - the first few tiers thereof - which shall be in the languages chosen by the SA Roots Project.   If they choose Dutch, I shall action that accordingly.  The actual landing categories themselves will not be multilingual (i.e. there will not be more than one landing category, but each landing category will link to the multilingual structures).
The language stream for South African regional categories is in English and actually Dutch, not Afrikaans.   I have thus amended the Free Space Page to reflect this.  As yet, there is no Afrikaans language stream for regional categorization, and this is perhaps something SA Roots Project may wish to work towards as the priority dictates.  Philip, I fully agree your sentiment, and wonder if I might call upon you for translation assistance?

Hi Andrew, many thanks for amending the Free Space Page (modern day post-colonial South Africa and it's variety of languages including English and Afrikaans has very little to do with the Dutch, except when it comes to the many sources that are to be found in the Netherlands and not in South Africa itself, as well as the history - as far as many place names in SA go - over the near 350 years of colonisation many names reflect the same place names not only in the Netherlands, but also in Great Britain and some other European countries such as Germany; many of course are also unique to SA itself [but this you know])

The SAR Roots Project will have to assist in translation though. My time on WikiTree is much too limited; I have to respectfully decline. Thanks for considering me and asking.

Even if there is currently no Afrikaans language stream, it can be added at any time in the future, as soon as someone feels inclined to work on this aspect. (Just wanted to point out that there should be no pressure).
Looks clear and simple to me.

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Yes, I agree with the proposal of this structure.

by Andrew Field G2G6 Mach 2 (20.4k points)
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I agree, thanks for all the hours you put into this.
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No, I do not agree with this structure. (Please list concerns in the comment section as well as down voting this choice if you do not agree with it.)

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edited by Andrew Field
It would be extremely useful to know the objections to the proposal.
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very nice work.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (255k points)

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