If I list a new category for cemeteries, does someone else create the link?

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I don't mind linking my own, if I knew how---but if I create a cemetery in a county that is not listed yet, will someone else creat it?  or should I learn to do it myself?  2nd question if someone else does them, do I need to message them?
in WikiTree Tech by Susan Tye G2G6 Mach 2 (20k points)

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So to answer your question another way.

Smith-123 is burried in Unlisted Cemetery in Unlisted County.

You would go to Smith-123 and edit.


[[Category: Unlisted Cemetery, Unlisted County, State]]

Save changes

Look at profile for Smith-123

It will be red

Click on Link, you will be taken to the Category page for the Cemetery

Edit this page by adding:

[[Category:Unlisted Cemetery, Unlisted County, Cemeteries]]
[[Category:Unlisted County, State]]
If any of these turn red, contact me and I can help. 
Examine some of the existing near by Category pages for examples.  Do not be afraid of clicking on the Edit link to see inside.
PS. Are you sure the County is not listed?   
Slowly my brain is waking up, I should not stay up so late on Wikitree.  I think what you are really asking is.  Who creates a missing County?  You can do it, just follow the examples for the other counties.  If you follow the process outline for adding a profile, you will then need to edit the newly created county and put in the appropriate links to the State of interest and then it will all be connected.
Whew...I should have taken more time to abosorb what you were asking...
What county is missing?
by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (366k points)
selected by Jillaine Smith
Just a quick addition,  add the township, borough, city or whatever.  Then the county and or state.

Yes..thank you Maureen!

For example,

My Baltzer Kolb-678

in New Somerset Christian-Methodist Cemetery, New Somerset, Ohio

The following is added to that category.

[[Category:Jefferson County, Ohio, Cemeteries]]
[[Category:Knox Township, Jefferson County, Ohio]]  <=== Maureen's Suggestion.
[[Category:New Somerset, Ohio]]
Sorry, still not sure where to add, I am creating a space for my cemeteries.  I am missing( Nez Perce County, Idaho), (Whitman County, Washington) (Asotin County, Washington)

It looks like you are linking through the category page.....Maybe send me a good example?  I would like to not make work for other people....


Hi again Susan,

Since your profile has the Cemetery Project Badge, I am assuming you are also trying to help the Project.  Turns out that Tom Shaw is the Project leader for both States you mention.


Below are the links to creating both Categories and Projects for the states you mention. There is some detail for you there.

I am working with the Categories Project and will work to set up the Counties for the states in question.  But I want to read through the Cemetery Projects as I see they want these to areas to work in tandem.

I am happy to help out as I want to learn more about this anyway so this is a good project for me as well.  No extra work here. We can learn together.








Susan,  Can I assume that you are going to create and set up the Free-Space profile for the Nez Perce County, Idaho, Whitman County, Washington and Asotin County, Washington cemeteries in question?

If so you can do the following.

On your own profile, click on Edit and go to the Text Box where you enter profile information.

In the box you could enter something like:

==Cemeteries I manage for the Cemetery Project ==

Then add the following:

[[Space:New Cemetery Name, Nez Perce, Idaho]]

Save, it will then be Red in your profile.

Click on it and Edit profile (You are now the Profile Manager for this New Cemetery)

Enter the following

[[Category:New Cemetery Name, Nez Perce, Idaho]]

[[Category: Nez Perce, Idaho, Cemeteries]]<br>

[[Project:Idaho_Cemeteries|Idaho Cemeteries Project]]
This will create the links in the appropriate Categories and Project pages.
The newly created Categories for the newly created count of Nez Perce and the newly created Cemetery will be red until something is linked to them.
Click on the newly created cemetery category which should be red.  Category:New Cemetery Name, Nez Perce, Idaho
and edit it by adding the following.
[[Category:Nez Pierce, Idaho, Cemeteries]]
[[Category:New Township or City, Nez Perce, Idaho]]
[[Category:City, Idaho]]
This nests the cemetery in the appropriate Cemetery category and the appropriate City and State Category.  Yours may differ slightly base on how Nez Pierce, Idaho is organized.
You can then go back and edit the Free-Space Cemetery you just created with the details you need to put in and you can go to the newly created Cemetery Categorie and add addtional detail related to the cemetery.  Take a look at some examples from nearby counties.

Michael --

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the middle category statement on the above message is incorrect.

Instead of creating a category called:

[[Category:New Township or City, Nez Perce, Idaho]]
The category should be:
[[Category:New Township or City, Idaho]]
and within that category's editable space should be the line:
[[Category:Nez Perce County, Idaho]]
which will place the New Township/City in the proper county listing.

Susan said:

Sorry, still not sure where to add, I am creating a space for my cemeteries.  I am missing( Nez Perce County, Idaho), (Whitman County, Washington) (Asotin County, Washington)

It looks like you are linking through the category page.....Maybe send me a good example?  I would like to not make work for other people....

Hi, Susan --

Categories can get really confusing until you use them a little -- took me a good long while to get used to them. I'm on the Cemeteries Project, too, btw.

I just want to make sure I understand what you're asking. You have created categories for new cemeteries, but the county categories are coming up red?

I just went and looked at Idaho, and there *is* a county listing for Nez Perce:

Nez Perce County, Idaho

Is it that you're missing the Nez Perce County, Idaho, Cemeteries category???

I'll just walk through an example of a cemetery setup and, hopefully, that will answer your question.

First of all, when you are initially linking a profile to a new cemetery, you will have a line in the Biography section that goes like this:

[[Category:New Cemetery, City, State]]

That will show up in red because nobody has ever created it before. So, you click on the red link, and you will come to a page where you can add in a couple more category lines which will place this new cemetery sub-category where it belongs (I'll use a cemetery I set up as an example):

[[Category: City, State]]  (e.g., [[Category: Campton Hills, Illinois]]

[[Category: County, State, Cemeteries]] (e.g., [[Category: Kane County, Illinois, Cemeteries]] )

If the City category shows up in red, first go to the state & then county listing to make sure it's not there. Occasionally, there is a misspelling somewhere along the way. If, indeed, it is not there, and you need to create it, you will click the red link and add the following to its contents (again, using mine as an example):

[[Category: County Name County, State]] (e.g., [[Category: Kane County, Illinois]] )

This will place your newly created city into the correct county category.

If [[Category: County, State, Cemeteries]] shows up in red, then you are the first person to add cemeteries to this county. Yay! 

Click the red link and enter the following (using *your* info as an example):

[[Category: State Cemeteries]]  (e.g., [[Category: Idaho Cemeteries]] )

[[Category: County Name, State]] (e.g., [[Category: Nez Perce County, Idaho]] )

These two statements will 1) place the new county cemetery listing in the proper state category, 2) place the new county cemetery listing in the proper county category.

I just took a look at Idaho, and there are several county cemetery listings. Maybe looking at one of those will help you get a concrete example of how it's done. Here is the Idaho Cemeteries listing.

Good luck, and please feel free to message me if I can provide additional help!

Follow what Julie Said...I've muddied the waters enough last night.  

Categorize down to the County Level.  If there were a huge number of Cemeteries in the County then down to the Township or City.

Easier Done... than Said...

Thanks Julie.
No worries, Michael! We're all about collaboration here, right?  ;-)
Thanks for the explanation! Categories are finally starting to make sense. I am trying to get more cemeteries for Pinellas County, Florida on here.
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Hi Susan,

You certainly can create you own category.  It seems difficult at first but after a few trys it is fun and you will understand how Wikitree Categories works better.  Give it a try.  If you keep me in the loop I can help you.

Collaboration is the order of the day, so it always helps to be in communication with anyone working on the same stuff.  But you do not, strickly, have to communicate changes and updates.  

The help for Categories is in the upper right under Help but I have provided a link here:


You do not say where your cemeteries are.  Read about Projects and in particular, the Global Cemetery Projects


You make like it so much you will want to join them.

Let me know when you have done a couple and I can check in on you.


UPDATE: Susan, I see you are already in the Cemeteries project.  So, if I am better understanding your question, the link to the Category you created is made when you add your 1st profile to the Category.  It starts with the profile and then you can add the appropriate subcategories if needed.  Review the Category info for details but let me know if you need more help.
by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (366k points)
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I open the cemetery page.  I have to go down the heirarchy from the find menu.


Now I see the problem.  You create the county, with the same vocabulary as is already there for the other counties. You don't have to let anyone know.  It will just show up.

Then you enter the state.  I copy and paste the name of the upper category that I am entering (then stick brackets around it) so I know it is going in the right place.
by Maureen Rosenfeld G2G6 Pilot (180k points)

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