52 Photos Week 47: Siblings

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in The Tree House by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)

Duncan siblingsHere is another picture from my 'Duncan Unknowns' page I set up. I believe they are my mother's cousins, but not sure. A very sweet and serious little pair. I love the bow. :)


The 5 Basson Siblings after a day of fun on an uncle's farm. 

c2006, South Africa

This was a photo belonging to my Grandmother in law and given to me as family genealogist. It is a photo of her, Naomi Ruth Burnsed - Hansen, and her siblings.

In the photo are pictured:

  • far left standing up, girl: Bernice (b 1922).
  • sitting in chair, oldest girl: Banna Ezelle (Ezelle) (b 1916).
  • toddler in big sister's lap: Naomi Ruth (b 1928)
  • boy far right standing: Ponce de Leon (Leon) (b 1924).
  • oldest boy, standing up in back: George Washington Burnsed, Jr. (b 1918)



29 Answers

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Photo week 47

Mimi Goldmark born 1938 is my only sibling, unfortunately I lost her in 2001, she always eat to quickly, her son found her dead, she has been eating spaghetti to quickly and died.

She left 5 children 

by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
edited by Susan Laursen
Susan, how very sad that you lost your beautiful sister to such a tragic accident. Thank you for sharing her fabulous photo.
Thank You sweet Alexis for your sweet comments , it was very  sad to loose her.
Your sister was very beautiful, Susan. And she is sitting in such a lovely room wearing a very pretty dress. Thank you for sharing this, and I'm so sorry for your loss of Mimi.
Thank You sweet Robin for your lovely comments.

My sister was 14 years on the photo it was her confirmation

The photo are taken in my parents living room.

It was sad to certainly loose her
What a lovely woman.  She has a beautiful smile.  Thanks for sharing this with us Susan.
Thank You Caryl for your sweet comments how sweet of you
So sorry, Susan. Thanks for sharing. It's a wonderful photo.
Thank You Laurie for your sweet comments
Susan, she is beautiful, and I am so sorry for your loss. Your parents living room is very beautiful. I love their furniture.

Thank you for sharing a little more of your life with us, my dear friend.
Cheryl my wonderful friend thank You for your wonderful comments much appreciated, you really are sweet

The furniture my mother brought home from Hong Kong
Beautiful photo, very interesting and sad story, thanks for sharing.
Thank you SJ for your sweet comments
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This is a 1917 photo of my grandmother Nellie Long, back center, and her five sisters. They are on the farm that their parents made the Oklahoma Land Run to acquire. There are also six boys, but they are probably working the farm or off fishing and not wanting to stick around for a photo. I spent a great deal of time with all of them, and there is an amazing amount of body language here. Lizzie and Nellie quarreled, and Nellie has her back to her. Nora has her hand on her head to pull her hair back, as she is considered the beauty. Ruth is very sweet and timid and is looking at the ground. Nellie has her arm around Phoebe, and Nora has her hand on Gracie. They all had cats that they loved. Today our three cats are named Lizzie, Nora and Gracie.

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (137k points)
Alexis what a beautiful grandmother you have with her 4 sisters, the photo are absolutely adorable

Thank You for sharing
Thank you for this photo Alexis. And thank you for the story. It adds so much to the photo. I feel like I know these girls a bit now.
Thank you Susan, my grandmother was not very social, and her sisters were her best friends.
Robin, thank you for your sweet comment. These women were such a big part of my life, and I love that WiKiTree has given me a place to write biographies on them.
Very cute of all of them.  Great expressions.  Thanks for sharing it with us.
Caryl, thank you for your great comment.
Great story and photo. Thanks, Alexis.
Laurie, thank you for your comment.
Alexis, you come from a line of very beautiful women. You describe them so well, and I can tell that you have studied this picture. Your grandmother looks like she was a mother-hen, even back then, by the way she has her arm around Phoebe.

Thank you for sharing this lovely picture with us.
Cheryl, you are so right. The next year she married my grandfather, who was a oil well driller from Pennsylvania, and the girls often stayed at her house in town, and she made sure that all the boys had jobs on the oil rigs. Thank you for your sweet comment about them
what a super photo and story
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I have a photo of my Great-Great Grandmother, Catherine "Kate" Mumma-Omelia, and her 5 Siblings.  Someone (most likely my great grandmother ... Etta May Omelia-Allison) has written the names on the back of the photo.  And the appearance of the individuals are consistent with other individual photos of the siblings.

The names of those seated are: 

Frank Luther Mumma (1866-1940), then the mother of the 6 siblings in the photo, Susan Huffman-Mumma (1822-1902) and Mary Ellen Mumma-Kerns (1844-1923).

Standing are: Josiah (Joseph) S Mumma (1845-1923), David Mumma (1850-1906), Samuel Walter Mumma (1856-1939), and my bloodline ancestor, Catherine Mumma-Omelia (1848-1835).

By guessing at the ages of those pictured and the fact that Susan Huffman-Mumma left this earth in 1902, the photo must have been taken about 1900.

by Bill Sims G2G6 Mach 5 (51.6k points)
Thank you for this wonderful photo, Bill. It shows the styles of the times -- what a lovely family.
Very nice photo Bill.  Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful photo Bill thank You for sharing
You are so lucky, Bill, to have the names written on the back of the photo. I have so many photos that no one in the family can identify.
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A photo taken in 2013 of my fathers cousins - Douglas (left) and John (right) Collis. They were brothers. Their mother, Bessie Collis nee Burrow was my paternal grandmothers oldest sister. Sadly John (aka Jack) died in 2015 and Douglas died earlier this year - in February 2019


by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (702k points)
They do look like brothers, despite John's lack of hair. Was he the elder?

Yes. John was born in 1925 and Douglas in 1926  smiley

Sometimes one looks at a photo and thinks, "Now, they look like people I would like to have known."
The sad thing is that I never knew them personally and we only lived a few meters away from them. I vaguely knew that we had relatives in the neighbourhood, but we never knew or met them.

This was before I got into genealogy.

Our street address number was 208 and theirs was 196 - in the same street - the same block!!

The sidewalk where they are standing (outside of 196)  is the same sidewalk (footpath) I walked on to get to the bus every day for school, college and university. For 6 years!!! This was in the early to mid 1980s.

THAT was the really sad thing about all this.
Oh no, that is sad, Robynne.
It seems strange to me that your family lived so close to your father's cousins and he didn't go visit them, or take you for visits. Were they estranged for some reason?
Not estranged. I just dont think they knew that much about each other.  I think my father just preferred to keep his privacy....

And I was just a teenager. What did I know about family history?  This was long before I caught the genealogy bug.

The good news is that John's daughter and my mother are now very good friends. And I have been contact with Douglas's son (through email) about their family history, which is why I now know the family details but have never met them personally.

The daughters son (he would be my second cousin once removed) currently lives in Canada - Quebec I think - on a 2 year contract (work visa) through his high tech employer.

But the son has no interest in genealogy.

John and Douglas - my fathers first cousin

Johns daughter is my second cousin.

Her son (in Canada) is my second cousin once removed and my sons 3rd cousin. The irony is that he has kids the same age as my son and they are 1 generation removed!!

Thanks to my father being so much younger than his siblings....
great pic!
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My great grandma Mildred Metzger had two sisters and eight brothers. Her eldest brother died young and these are the remaining "Metzger Boys." I love this photo... I feel like they're about to launch into a performance of "Newsies" with the kid in the front center (Herb) in the lead role. Look at that hair!

by Sarah Oliver G2G3 (3k points)
Yes, awesome 'dos!
Gorgeous photo Sarah thank You for sharing
So true!
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This is my mom and her siblings. Front row: Judy, Mom, Sue and Bobby (looking back). Next row: Denis, David, Jimmy, Teddy, Bud. Back row: Ritchie (wearing cowboy hat). Photo was taken at one of the annual Mathews family reunions, probably about 1980. If I recall correctly, one of the boys farted!

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 4 (44.5k points)
And we know which one LOL!
That's hysterical... the photo shot just at the moment of the offense!  ...Made everybody smile, though!
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There is a crab house on Cobb Island in southern Maryland named Capt. John's, it is a local favorite.  This was a family gathering there back in the early 1990's.  I am (cut-off) first on the left, next to me is my oldest brother, nephew and mom. 

by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Pilot (179k points)
Caryl, thanks for sharing this great photo of your family. This is certainly my favorite kind of food.
Thank You Caryl for sharing this wonderful photo of you and your wonderful family
Definitely from the early '90s -- big perms and moustaches!
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The following photograph is of my mother with her six siblings and her parents.  It was taken in about 1930 in CaƱon City, Fremont, Colorado.

My mother is the baby of the family.  Her oldest sister, Mildred, standing on the left in the back, was 20 years older than my mother and already had two children.  My mother was an aunt when she was born.  There are her brothers, T. and Harold, and her other sisters, Helen, Ruth, and Alice.

by Robin Shaules G2G6 Pilot (599k points)
My father was 17 years younger than his oldest sister although he did not become an uncle until he  was 9 years old!!  Consequently I have first cousins who are now grandparents while I still am still raising a teenage son!!

I understand just how much those huge gaps affect the generations!!
Robin, thank you for sharing such a wonderful photo of your mother and her beautiful family. I love looking at these old photos and seeing the hair styles and clothing.
I have a 2nd cousin in Canon City! If you know any Eggleston's in that area, they are related to me, via my father's father's mother.
Alison, I recall that we talked about Mosher Eggleston in Cotopaxi previously. My mother and her family lived there as well, on my grandfather's ranch. Maybe one day we'll find that we're related.

I just did a relationship finder for the two of us and we are related through our fathers and the Woodbury line. We're 9th cousins one removed! Hello, Cuz!
Hi, Cuz! Though we're related from way back on the east coast, not Colorado, I would think it likely that our families knew each other if they lived in the area at the same time. Small town, you know. And my great-great grandfather being a dentist. Probably not too many around.

Let me introduce you to another 9th cousin of yours, my first cousin (our fathers are brothers) Jonathan Gardner AKA Father Martin Gardner (he converted and is a Russian Orthodox Monk) He's also into genealogy, and is a wikitree member. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Gardner-8923.
Gorgeous photo of your mother Robin, and her siblings.

Thank You for sharing this wonderful photo
Beautiful photo.
Thank you, Susan and Laurie, for your kind comments.
big family!
+15 votes

My great-grandma's two youngest siblings, Frank and Edith Geissner.

by K. Anonymous G2G6 Mach 9 (92k points)
So nice to have. I wish I had more photos of my relatives when they were older.
+17 votes

I'm torn between 2 photos, again, so I'll use both. I really like this first photo, of my grandmother, Edith Forrey, and her brother Ira. Ira and Edith were the youngest in their family. This was taken when Ira was in college, where he played the coronet, so it was probably around 1905, probably in Lincoln, Kansas.


The other photo is of my same grandmother, around 1926, with 2 sisters. It actually contains 3 sets of siblings.


The 3 older people standing, far left, left and far right, are my grandmother, Edith (far left), with her sisters Hattie and Ethel.

My grandmother's two eldest, Willis and Mildred are the two children on the left. Ethel's (far right) 3 youngest children are also in the photo: her daughter Ruth is just to her left, and the other two smaller children, Alice and Johnny, are the front row on the right.

by Alison Gardner G2G6 Mach 5 (57.4k points)
Alison, both of these photos are fabulous, no wonder you had trouble choosing. Thank you for sharing these.
Alison I love all the photos you are sharing.

Thank You for sharing them
Although I like them both, particularly the dog in the second one, I'd choose the first but only because I'm a sucker for early photos.
Alison, both of your photos are amazing, although I am going to pick the top one as my favorite. Your grandma and her brother are very nice looking young people and I love their clothing. The picture is very clear, and I love the details that you are able to see.  Her necklace and the pendant and her broach are stunning.

Thank you for sharing this picture with us.
Thank you for all your comments!
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Here is a photo of the Urquhart siblings, my father's cousins, who live in Saskatchewan, Canada. This photo was taken about 1970. John, Barbara, George and Dennis standing behind, looking L to R, and James in the front. They are the children of John Urquhart, my grandfather's elder brother.

by David Urquhart G2G6 Pilot (129k points)
Thank You David for sharing this wonderful photo
Thank you Susan. It was my pleasure. I'm happy you liked it. I only wish that I knew of a way to make contact with these children. Contact was lost when their father passed in 1977.
Have you try Facebook or in Denmark we have a side call looking for lost people .

Or if you know where they live last in Canada  you could go into that town and write there name and se what comes op

Or google it

It is a difficult search but if you find them you will be very happy

I certainly wish you good luck
Wonderful photo. Good luck with your search, David.
+12 votes


Mine siblings are 6 children of Jeanetta Rebecca (Rominger) Belton and her profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Rominger-163. Her 6 children are: Florence Edith (Belton) Brown and her profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Belton-473, Nora Lucille (Belton) Szombathy and her profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Belton-475, Grace Emily Belton and her profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Belton-476, Mildred Ersel Belton and her profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Belton-477, Mattie Juanita Belton and her profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Belton-479, and then the last child is Thelma Jeneva Belton and her profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Belton-480. They have a sister named Eulalia Inez Belton that was not in the picture and her profile is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Belton-481.

by Anonymous Barnett G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
Thank You Linda for sharing this wonderful photo
I love all the white blouses from this era. Thanks for sharing.
This is such a lovely photo -- all in white, and the girls with their bows -- all so feminine.  Thank you for sharing it.
+13 votes

My great-grandmother, Mabel (Bennett) Mounts, and all five of her siblings, about 1919 in Kansas City.

by Jessica Hammond G2G6 Mach 2 (28.4k points)
The brother on the right could attend a formal occasion today and not look out of place! Great photo.
+13 votes

Esther Webster (1865-1920) and her older sister Mary Elizabeth Webster (1863-1899), my great-grandmother. Ettie and Lizzie both attended Alma College, St. Thomas, Ontario. After Lizzie's death, Ettie married her brother-in-law, my great-grandfather, and raised my grandfather.              

by Laurie Cruthers G2G6 Pilot (125k points)
Laurie Ester and Mary are adorable siblings, what a wonderful old photo

Thank You for sharing
Laurie, thank you for sharing Lizzie and Ettie; they are so dear, and their story is so sweet.
Thanks, Susan and Alexis.
Lovely photo.
Thanks SJ.
+16 votes

Three of my aunts, L-R Minnie, Franie & Sue taken about 1917 in their mother's photographic studio in Barking, Essex. England

by Christine Frost G2G6 Mach 5 (50.5k points)
Christine, these girls have such beautiful smiles, and their love for each other shows. Thank you for sharing their wonderful photo.
Christine the girls are gorgeous thank You for sharing
Wonderful photo. I'd love to read about their mother. Wiki ID no. please.
Christine, this is just a cute picture. They have such beautiful smiles and are posing so sweetly. I really love this picture, and thank you for sharing it with us.
Thank you all for your kind comments. Laurie this is their mother's profile https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hall-13679
She was a great lady very resilient!
Thanks, Christine. Yes, I would say she overcame a number of challenges in her life! Great profile.
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Hi everyone, this is a picture of my grandpa Victor Johnson II and great uncle Arvid Johnson II spending time with their uncle, who Victor was named after. My dad was named Victor as well. Arvid and Victor II's father, Arvid passed away when they were young and it seems like they were really close with their uncle Victor. Victor I and Arvid I immigrated to  the United States from Sweden.

by Erin Johnson G2G6 Mach 1 (12.3k points)
reshown by Erin Johnson
+13 votes

52 Photos Week 47: Siblings


This is a picture that was taken of the Mahlon Hess family taken January 1, 1912 at the family farm that was located just outside Momence, Illinois. I have several pictures of this family, but I love the way the brothers and sisters all got together when they were older to have their picture taken with their mom and dad. They are adorable when they were younger, but just thought it took more time and effort to do this when everyone was married and scattered throughout the land.

by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Cheryl thank You for sharing this wonderful photo, what a magnificent old photo, what a treasure own
Thank you, my dear sweet, sweet friend.
Beautiful photo, Cheryl. What a lot of children they had. They all look so nice, but definitely dressed for cooler weather. Thank you for sharing it, my friend.
Cheryl this is so fabulous to have everyone named in a photo taken in 1912. You are so fortunate to have this. Thank you for sharing them with us.
Thank you for saying such sweet things my dear - Robin. You are so sweet.
Thank you Alexis, for your sweet comments.
That's so true, Alexis. It's wonderful to have everyone named in a photo from that time. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl.
+12 votes

Dad and his big brother Junior. On the left, my grandmother Myrtle Parks (Hamric-36) holding my father Ralph Parks (Parks-6239) and on the right my great grandmother Flora Gay Hamric (Boggs-2992) in front of my uncle Henry Parks Jr.(Parks-6255).

by Zane Parks G2G3 (3.7k points)
edited by Zane Parks
+11 votes

This is my grandfather Sven Albert Laurin as a baby, he had 9 older siblings and was the youngest, he always disliked this picture because his hair was too long

by Keith Cook G2G6 Mach 2 (22.8k points)
+13 votes

George and Harold Skelton, about 1919.

by Betty Norman G2G3 (3.1k points)
reshown by Betty Norman
Thank you for sharing this photo, Betty. They are both so nice looking. I love how they're dressed -- especially the boots.

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