What WikiTree join invitation has worked best for you?

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Please let me know what wording you have found most successful when inviting a relative to join WikiTree?

I have a match in GEDmatch who has their ancestral tree in GEDmatch.  I can see our shared ancestry.  I have used that tree to add their ancestral line back to our shared ancestral couple in WikiTree.  When I add their profile to that ancestral line I can enter their e-mail address which will automatically generate a join invitation. What have you written in similar greetings/invitations that were well received?

Thanks and sincerely,
in The Tree House by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (489k points)

Great question, Peter!

I haven't dug into it, but this is related to JN's proposal here: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/941051/feature-proposal-invitation-links-for-sending-dna-matches

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I have found that it's better to become somewhat acquainted with others before inviting them to WikiTree. I often send them information about WikiTree by email first, and ask them if they would like an invitation. Most people respond positively, but a few have no interest. Basically, I think it's better if you get to know each other a little bit first, which will naturally make the invitation more personal.

Beyond that, I always let them know that WikiTree is a collaborative project, and that reliable information and sources are required for every profile.  They should know that I will be ready to help them with any aspect of WikiTree.

by Bill Vincent G2G6 Mach 9 (91.4k points)
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Similar to Bill's answer, I tend to not invite matches in my first message, but that tends to be a function of the platform. I don't use GEDmatch due to the genetic privacy issues among others, and not many matches have a ton of information on 23andMe or Ancestry DNA. Consequently, usually I share with the person my suspicion or best guess about how we're connected. The first message usually kicks off:

Hi (Match Name),

I'm ........ (a little about me).... 

Currently I'm working on my family tree to figure out ... (insert mysteries / questions)....  

Based on ..... (relevant facts including shared matches, ethnicity, or info on profiles), it looks we're somehow related through.... (relevant ancestor)

(Sometimes at this point I just link to the WikiTree profile of the ancestor in question.)

Do you have any information about (relevant ancestor) or how you might be connected to (him/her)? 

(Some closing remarks... Regards/Cheers/etc...)

Usually if that person replies, either directly confirming the relationship or providing info that connects us, then I tell my match that he/she is welcome to join WikiTree. How it's collaborative and a place where we can work together. Usually I try to make a path down to that person's last deceased ancestor (e.g. a grandparent) and then share the link to that profile. 

After that it gets unpredictable. Lots of people appreciate that their grandparent has a profile, but don't join, or join and maybe don't mention it. I need that process to be more streamlined, hence why I wrote that proposal in G2G about being able to send individualized links to DNA matches, which you commented on. So I'm kind of in the same boat.

by JN Murphy G2G6 Mach 9 (91.3k points)

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