Are 5-star profiles labeled in some way?

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in WikiTree Help by Katherine Patterson G2G4 (5.0k points)
What's a 5-star profile?  I've never heard the term.
"Star Profiles" are the most-visited profiles on WikiTree, and they have an outsized influence on how we are perceived by non-members, and on how well all our profiles rank in Google.

Most 'members' will have 5 star profiles because we visit, wikitree visits, etc 'our' profiles frequently.

Chris had a post about the 'star' profiles
Aah, yes Linda, thanks, I did see that thread.  Apparently I'm just having another one of those senior moments!  So, the answer to Katherine's question, I guess, is no, they're not labeled, unless it's in WikiTree+?

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Dennis, just join the group of us that 'can't remember everything anymore!!'  lol

I suspect that the only way to find those profiles is to do a search on wikitree+ using his 'magic words' 

And now I should be able to remember where and how I bookmarked something like those 'magic words'  lol

This page will help to find the 5stars profiles, I think

by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (548k points)
I thought there is a category for them, so that they can be found on the category page, plus each project has established a page listing all the project's 5 star profiles. Just don't ask me for links to any of these things at this late hour!

I just saw that posts from all the projects about their 5star profile pages are under the "Related Questions" below this one.
Some 'projects' may have created categories, but all of the multi star profiles don't have categories, I don't think.  If a profile goes from 5 star to 3 or 4 star, I doubt that Ales process is going to check the categories and change them.  

Majority of profiles on wikitree are not in projects, I would not think.  Some of the projects were trying to update their multi star profiles after Chris' request

I looked at a few of the projects shown below and some of the profiles in the G2G had a category, but others did not 'within the same project', such as Magna Carta.
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Just done some experiments.  For instance, if you want to know if William Bradford is 5-star, you can go to the WikiTree+ Search form and select Text Search, and type in "5stars WikiTree-9" and get a list of the 5-stars managed by the Mayflower project account.  Then scan the list.

If it's a long list, you can then narrow it down by adding another keyword, eg

5stars WikiTree-9 William

5stars WikiTree-9 Bradford

5stars WikiTree-9 Austerfield

5stars WikiTree-9 24

(24 is the numerical part of the WikiTree-ID)

To cover all project accounts together, you can say

5stars ProjectManaged Austerfield

For profiles that aren't project managed, use the WikiTree-ID of the PM.

For profiles without PMs, say Orphan.

Or you can skip the PM altogether, eg

5stars Austerfield

But searching for the profile's WikiTree-ID, Bradford-24, doesn't seem to work.
by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (568k points)
Other magic words available - 16cen etc.

Magic words I'd like - NotProjectManaged, Pre1500, NotPre1500, Pre1700, NotPre1700.

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