Ancestry Template no longer showing up on profiles [closed]

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HI all,

Has there been a change to wikiTree in the last few days, that has affected the Ancestry Template? I have an OT trailer whom I just explained how to use the template, I noticed the latest profile didn't have any templates showing, I viewed the profile in edit mode and the template is there, but not showing at all in either preview mode or on the profile when not in edit mode. So I went to check some of my profiles that I have used the Ancestry Template on, non of the Ancestry  templates are showing on the profiles. Meaning there are now no links to the sources I listed. I only use Ancestry when there are no other available free sources for the fact in the profile I need to source. The template ensured that the source could be linked. I know how to use the free share option for Ancestry and use that also, but am well aware that it doesn't show up at all for those who use Chrome, as I do. So I've always used the template as well as the free shared image option. What has changed? And can it be reverted so that the templates show up again?
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Hi Becky,

The ad-blockers were originally suppressing links with the Ancestry domains from appearing in web pages, including WikiTree pages. So by using the Ancestry External Link Templates that use the WikiTree affiliate-prefix,, or by hard-coding that prefix ourselves at the beginning of an Ancestry link, we were avoiding the suppression.

But the ad-blockers are now also suppressing the Ancestry affiliate prefixes, so the links are all being suppressed from appearing in web pages now. Using the ad-blocker icon on a WikiTree web page, you should be able to disable your ad-blocker for WikiTree and refresh the page to see the links again. Unfortunately, that only works on a user-by-user and site-by-site basis. So everyone has to do the same for their own browser(s) per site. Many users may not even realize that there are legitimate non-ad links (such as the Ancestry free shared images) being suppressed by the ad-blockers.

BTW, Jamie Nelson (in another G2G post) has indicated that she's looking into possibly adding a template for the free shared images, but that won't help with the suppression issue.
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Thank you Rick,

I hadn't thought about the adblocker, because strangely enough the free Ancestry share link shows up in preview when using chrome, it only gets blocked when the profile is published. The template wasn't showing up in preview mode at all. I've switched to a different browser and the template is still showing, so it is the ad blocker on Chrome, Thanks for answering.


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