need some help confirming or disproving a theory of mine on this woman

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Claudine Gralliard or Graillard came to New France with her husband François Thomas and their daughter Jeanne Thomas.  All parties remained here and died here, funeral found for all 3.  Jeanne married here.

There is also a man, Pierre Chaillot  who came here and married.  On his marriage record in 1739, his parents are listed as the late François Chaillot and Claudine Graillard, of the parish of Sueur sur Saône, Dijon diocese.  He was a worker in the Forges du St-Maurice (an industry established in early 18th century) per his marriage record. Fichier for Pierre Chaillot

Claudine Gralliard and her husband François Thomas are said to be from the diocese of Besançon in Franche-Comté (Doubs)  by the few authors who deal with them.  (no Fichier for them)  I found one record which clearly indicates that François Thomas worked in the Forges du St-Maurice also.

My theory is that Claudine Gralliard/Graillard is one and the same woman, and that François Thomas was her second husband.  Her name isn't that commonly used that I know of for the period, and they all seem to come from the same general area.  The fact that both men worked at the forges makes the connection appear more likely still.

As a further note, François Thomas was godfather of Pierre Chaillot's first child (Pierre died in an accident, only had 2 children)

Any way of finding out if this is indeed the same woman?

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She married François THOMAS  in Saint-Julien (Côtes d'Or) on November 5th 1729

She is a widow.

First husband  François CHAILLOU or CHAILLAU, charbonnier. The priest wrote buried at Bousange ? Maybe for Bousselange

Pierre CHAILLOT, charbonnier, is a witness.

François THOMAS is 23 years old,  the son of the late Jacques THOMAS, coupeur de bois, and Françoise DELAMAR... (i am not sure what the last letter of her name is) He has a brother, Jean THOMAS.

Claudine GRAILLARD is 30 years old. Two Brothers, Pierre GRAILLARD and Claude GRAILLARD, coupeurs de bois.
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Marriage record of Jeanne GRAILLARD in 1769

agée de trente six ans, fille majeur de claude graillard coupeur au bois de st julien, et de françois dubru ses père et mère (qui l'ont délaissée des l'age de six mois dans ledit lieu de st julien sans qu'on sache ce qu'ils sont devenus)

Baptism of Jeanne GRAILLARD in 1733

fille de Claude Graillard couppeur au bois de st julien et de francois dubru

Her godmother is Jeanne CHAILLOT, daughter (the priest wrote son by mistake) of Latard CHAILLOT, "Charbonnier au dt Lieu"

Baptism Claude CHAILOT, son of Pierre CHAILOT  "charponnier (I can hear an accent here) au bois de st Julien" and Claudine HATELOT

Godfather Claude GRAILLAIRD "aussy charbonnier au dt bois"

Baptism record of Margueritte GRAILLARD, born to Claude GRAILLARD and Françoise DUBRU

Godmother Marguerite ANDREE, wife of Lazard CHAILLO "aussy charbonnier"

Same view marriage record (12/OCT/1728)  of Claude CHAILLOT, son of Lazare CHAILLOT, and Anne ANDREE, widow of Jean FLEUTELOT
From this material, we can say that there was a community of coalmen and woodmen in the wood of Saint-Julien, consisting of several families, probably all related to each other. Coalmen moved a lot.
marvelous!  They are still coalmen here (charbonnier aux forges du St-Maurice), both François Thomas and Pierre Chaillot.

yes!  Veuve de François Chailleu!  so mother of Pierre.  laugh

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François THOMAS got a sister name Pierrette.

She got married in 1726 in Lery (Côte d'Or) to Jean GUILLOT, coupeur

fille de Jacques Thomas de son vivant aussy coupeur aux bois et de Françoise de Lamarre

Her mother and Nicolas, François and Jean THOMAS are there
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A son, Nicolas GUILLOT, in 1727

fils de Jean Guillot, coupeur aux bois de la combe du Charme

Godfather Nicolas THOMAS, his maternal uncle

Godmother Nicolle de La Mere
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In 1723, in Pontoux (Saône-et-Loire), marriage record of Claude POIRIER and Claudine GRAILLARD widow of the late François CHALLIOT "de son vivant charbonnier dans les bois de Bousselange".

Baptism of Nicolas CHAILLOT in 1720 in Bousselange (Côte d'Or)

fils de François Chaillot coupeur dans les bois de Bousselange et de Claudine GRAILLARD

Burial in 1721

Baptism of another son in 1722, Jean Baptiste CHAILLOT and the next record is his burial

Same view 23/FEB/1723 + François CHAILLOT, coupeur. He was about 30 years old. Burial the next day in the cemetery
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did she get married 3 times then?  1715 with François Chaliot per Fichier of Pierre Chaliot, then Claude Poirier in 1723 and François Thomas in 1729?  What happens with the marriage with Claude Poirier?
According to those records, yes, she did marry three times. Her second husband was a widower and a farmer.

Coalmen are difficult to track.
A Pierrette CHAILLOT died in the woods of Bousselange on July 17th 1722 at the age of 7.

She could be another child of Claude GRAILLARD.

I'll say, she gets given the age of 108 on her funeral in 1776.  laugh  Must have looked extremely old to be given that.

Did you find the marriage with François Chaliot (or variant)?  Fichier origine has a date and location for it, but I can't find the place named in that department's archives.

Baptême de Jean François CHAILLOT en 1693 à Dampierre dans le Jura, fils d'Henri CHAILLOT et de Didier BONIS

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I think this is the baptism of Claudine Graillard, 22 Apr 1694 in Noiron-sur-Bèze (21), daughter of Marceau Graillard and Anne Berthier

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en effet Julien, merci bien.  laugh

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thank you gentlemen, you have indeed provided the needed evidence.

Any volunteers on creating all the various relatives you found?  I created the first husband and tied him to his son also.  You might wish to review my source citations on the various acts, the links you provide don't actually give me the name of the locations nor the ''cote''.  

I'm only waiting for merge completions before I orphan these profiles myself, not related to me, they are ancestral to the husband of one of my distant cousins (Liard family).  Plus I have way more than 5K profiles in my watchlist, the program keeps complaining about that.
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