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Can anyone read the writing here?

I am not sure the sua lui ....?

I have two Orsola Del Curto Martinucci's the other is here:(mother Martha or Maria Pasini?) born in the same town, same fathers name but different mother's names. i am pretty sure they are different people .

One married a Cesare Martinucci the other an Isdore Martinucci. Maybe the writing is throwing me off. Bigger pic on her profile

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Italian is really beyond my comfort zone, hence comment rather than answer, but it's similar enough to Latin that I can venture a guess: that line is repeated in multiple places on the page, and I think it says something to the effect of "his wife lives at the same address."
What you could do, and I have often done, is transcribe the best I can, and put it into the google translation app. Words that are correct will generally be translated correctly (sometime it depends on context), the words it does not recognize it will not translate. You can then try to figure out what they are, change your transcription and try again. It works better if you can enter the whole sentence.

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It's boilerplate for Italian birth records: "sua moglie seco lui convivente" - his wife who lives with him. It's a reference to the mother when (in usual cases) the father is the one who comes to the town hall to register the birth of the child.
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Thank you. I was confused because this was the first time I have seen a woman listed with her married name rather than her maiden name. All the records I had previously looked at show the woman listed with her maiden name.  I have now come across another of these exceptions.
It's not her "married name" ; in Italy (even during the 19th and 18th centuries) women kept their birth name after marriage until death. This particular town has a large extended family named Del Curto and there are many examples in the town's marriage records of a Del Curto marrying another Del Curto. I've found a couple more siblings of Orsola and added them. Haven't found the parents' marriage record just yet.

Yes. That was my understanding as well. Then I came across this family and record  Birth of Lorenzo to Antonio Martinucci1847 and Orsola Martinucci.


Birth of Giuseppe to Antonio Martinucci 1847 and Orsola De Pedrini. 

Though I have created them as seperate families, I think there is a good possiblity they are one in the same

Interesting. I would be inclined chalk up Lorenzo's birth record to a clerical error that would eventually be fixed by the time he got married or died, with the follow-up entry made in a later year's register. But...if Lorenzo left and went to the US it might not ever be changed.

For Giovanni Del Curto and Catterina, all three four seven birth records I have found for their children so far are consistent with her surname as Del Curto.

One of those genealogical problems where you almost have to prove a negative to get a satisfactory answer.

Frank, you're amazing.   Thank you.

Frank.. Here is another record which pertains to the Orsola mother of Lorenzo.   What does this one say in her regard?

I believe it says her names is Orsola Martinucci born De Pedrini

That's how I would interpret it.

Here is the 1877 marriage of Maria Orsola De Pedrini and Antonio Martinucci (#3).

I wonder if the inconsistency in use of surnames has anything to do with the fact that this area of Italy has a lot of German/Swiss history and women historically have taken the surnames of their husbands after marriage.
Yes it was driving me nuts. You think there is a rule, then you discover the exceptions.

Thanks for finding that marriage record.

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