Who has editing rights to a "Project Profile"? [closed]

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New contributors keep confusing this https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/WikiTree-16 with the https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Cape_of_Good_Hope_-_Kaap_de_Goede_Hoop_(1652-1806) project itself. On reading the tekst - no wonder. I would like to edit it. But it seems that it is restricted - this also has not tabs … Could someone please help?

closed with the note: After logging in as Project account I could edit this Project Account Non - person free page. Thanks for all the help everyone!
in WikiTree Help by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
closed by Philip van der Walt
Philip, it doesn't have tabs because editing of it is restricted and - obviously - you're not on the trusted list for it.  You only see the tabs for what you are permitted to do.

You could probably just put a comment on the profile or send a private message to the manager - profile accounts do have email addresses and they are (or should be) monitored by the project's leader(s).  Come to think of it, you could also submit a trusted list request, but I don't think it's likely that projects will want to add people to the project account's trusted list.

I did not communicate correctly. This is not a normal project profile. This is the Google-groups account for the COGH project. I was able to edit it in the past. I am project research coordinator for this project. So I should be able to edit this text as well. But nowhere is the manager to be seen. See my comment on [[Crouse-1312]] (this happens all the time and the truth is that I do not blame people for thinking that they are communicating with the project when it is only these adresses (all followed by "at" googlegroups.com):









Philip, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/WikiTree-16 is a normal project account profile.  All projects (or maybe almost all) have a project account just like that one.  All project accounts also have email addresses, like all the ones you listed.  These ARE valid email addresses that people can use to communicate with the project leadership … the message will go to anyone who is part of the google group.  Those are also the email addresses that will be notified when a comment is added to the project profile page or if a private message is sent to the profile manager of the project profile page.

Also, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Cape_of_Good_Hope_-_Kaap_de_Goede_Hoop_(1652-1806)  is a normal project page and there is also a category link there that goes to the top level category for the project.

That's my whole point Gaile. I'm not disputing this and understand it - difference is that people who are in projects (and  has the correct settings to receive these mails / alerts for discussion when a comment is posted on a project profile) use this as a means of communication. This is not meant as a communication tool sec. There are no managers or trustees on these non-person profiles.

If there is no one to add unwitting contribuants to the trusted list, why allow them to apply to the trusted lists? 

The project account is the profile manager, although that's not a person, but there are people on the trusted list even though they are not managers - typically the project leaders and coordinators.  The project's leaders - maybe sometimes, also coordinators - can login as the project account when needed.  I've had to do that for the Holocaust project occasionally in order to change an LNAB on a project managed profile or to add someone to the trusted list of a project managed profile.

Unfortunately (in my opinion) this actually IS the means of communication they intend to be used.

Philip - you can't get added to the Trusted List of the Project page, because there is nowhere to request this.

On the freespace page, it says:
Please don't add posts here; they will be deleted. If you want to add sources of information, please add to the comment boxes on the profiles. This way everybody concerned will be kept updated.

There is a place for requesting to be added to the Trusted List merely because that is the way the software is configured; there is a similar place on other profiles.  It is a technical issue that it can't be shown for some and not for others.  If ordinary Wikitreers request to join the TL, nothing will happen.  It tells you on the freespace page who to contact or G2G.

Some of the technical limitations that result in project accounts appearing to be people can be amusing. For example, when a project account gets weekly news email  with a message like "Quick Tip: See if you're related to Magna Carta Barons, Mayflower passengers, and more here: Relationship Finder Quick Links for WikiTree-75." (That's amusing because WikiTree-75 has no family!)

The COGH Google Group should receive email notifications of merge requests and profile messages for profiles managed by that project account. Are you no longer a member of the Google Group, Philip?

Indeed. Sadly I do not see it as amusing because loads of new possible COGH project members mail this non-person profile (the freespace page) instead of the Project Home page, thinking that if they asked to be joined to the trusted list that that means that they are added to the project itself. And then there is no one to answer.

The text needs major re-editing. 

B.t.w. - I was removed from the trusted list - these were my words: Please don't add posts here; they will be deleted. If you want to add sources of information, please add to the comment boxes on the profiles. This way everybody concerned will be kept updated.

I receive mail from the Google group all the time Ellen. As project research coordinator this is the means of communication (through the comment boxes on project  profiles - not the comment boxes on this free space profile) that I could not do without - That is not the issue. The issue is that requests to join WikiTree-16 will not be honoured because there are as I said no managers or trusted list members of this free space page. People (and it does happen) who want to join the project, should join the project elsewhere.
When someone sends a private message to WikiTree-16, it will go to the COGH Google Group and it will be available to all members of that Google Group, including the COGH Project Leader(s).

Indeed. Again. This is not the issue. The issue is that there is no one to add them to either this free space page (and nobody will be added because it does not represent the project itself) or to the project elsewhere, unless one takes responsibilty as I have done now and also greeted this person appropriately with the correct information. Then the project Leader may decide to add them to the project or not (and not to the trusted list of the google groups non-person profile).

If someone asks to join the Trusted List for WikiTree-16, the request will be seen by everyone in the COGH Google Group.

They won't be added to the project account's trusted list because that group is limiited. However, if a Project Leader wanted to add the person to that trusted list, they could do so by logging in to WikiTree as the Project Account and adding the requestor.

Yes thanks Ellen. That is already clear to me. I can also log in as Project Account so I'll try this when I get home from work later today. Not to add this person to the trusted list of WikiTree-16 but to add myself so that I can edit the text.

Project membership does not equal being on the trusted list of this project account. That has to be mended.

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by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (565k points)
See my comment above Robin.

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