Why doesn't my father and his parents appear in my tree; I have had DNA tests done with Ancestry and 23andMe?

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I have ALL the documentation for both my parents, and have done extensive research on both families. I have had my dna tested with Ancestry and 23andMe. A month or so ago, I downloaded my family tree here on WiKi. Today, I came across a family tree that definitely included my 4th Great Grandparents to my father - this person's tree stated that a few of his family members had had their DNA testes, also by Ancestry and 23andMe - yet, I get the message that we do not share the same DNA? Impossible! This site is good in one way - one cannot be careless when documenting information; however, it is way too 'careful' in allowing true information to be incorporated and shared in trees. I may withdraw from this site in future, it is way too tedious. I do not like getting messages that insinuate my information is not 'correct'. It is totally correct in this particular instance, and many more to be sure. Please let me know how I may document my correct and certified information and also, how to share it with others. Thank you ...
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When I look at your profile I only see you connected to your parents and your mother to her parents and nothing else.  You say you have downloaded your family tree but I don't see very many profiles above your name.  I have a feeling your attempt to put your family tree here didn't work for some reason.  But since you have asked this question I'm sure that somebody will see it and give you some help.

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Hi Jeannette, We are so glad you joined us, but there is a bit of a learning curve to WikiTree.  I looked at your 55 contributions and saw two gedcom files that were submitted for matching.  I am not sure if the process was completed, but both files have been deleted.  Eowyn will probably be able to help with this.

WikiTree is a one big worldwide family tree.  We each donate a gift of our research on our branches, twigs and leaves to the same big family tree.  The goal is for each person in the world to have one leaf, called a profile, on the WikiTree.  If there are two profiles for the same person, they need to be merged back down to the original profile.  One profile per person, and we all share the information on that profile by contributing better information and better sources to improve the profile.

I see that your own family twig has you, your parents and your grandparents.  At this time, you have not connected your twig to your family WikiTree branches, so you are currently cut off from the main tree trunk.  Your DNA tests should show up on your paternal grandparents tomorrow, after the nightly database indexing.  Each night the database is indexed and that is when notations such as your DNA test are applied to new profiles.  It should be there tomorrow.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  I doubt that anyone is questioning your research.  More accurately, we are looking for duplicate profiles that need to be merged back down to the first, original profile for each person.  I feel confident that your research will go a long way toward improving the profiles of your family branches on the WikiTree.  

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I have spent a few minutes manually inputting my paternal grandparents from the information I have in Ancestry, a bit tedious I might add. I have also downloaded pictures of these grandparents along with a couple of comments. This may be the way for me to go on WiKi - although it will take way too much time; as I already have this info. and citations, pictures, etc. in Ancestry and 23andMe! I also have many citations of birthes, marriages, deaths, tc., going way back to the 1600's! Some cemetery pictures also. Will try to devote more time to WiKi, time will tell. Thanks for your prompt answer to my question. Now I remember that the GedCom tree and also the DNA information 'disappear' from WiKi after a while. Again ... very time consuming. Thanks ...
Although the GEDCOM will disappear from WikiTree after 30 if not copleted, it doesn't disappear from your computer. Just upload it again and check the matches. I found it difficult to deal with a huge file and so I uploaded a very small file, just two generations of ancestors and one generation of descendents, less than 30 people in all. Don't forget to include yourself so there will be a connection point. Yes, it takes time, but, I have some of that. Good luck.


Please do persevere.
WikiTree has many advantages over ancestry and 23andme as both of those are "silo" trees, connected only to you.
WikiTree as a one world tree will connect you and your relations and you can collaborate on combined profiles for the relations you share.
In addition, by including at least your direct pedigree here, linked to any of your relations found on WikiTree, your dna data will propagate through their connections as well.
I second the advice that it is best to upload small family chunks via gedcom, merging with any duplicated profiles as you go.
Takes away the tedium of reinputting manually data you have elsewhere, although it is always interesting to review old research as you go.

The exact wording of the message about not sharing dna has been discussed on another thread.

But it is hard for a computer to be psychic in that it cannot link to results if the people aren't linked.
Also, autosomal result links are only conservatively noted on profiles to ?6? degrees of separation.
Which is actually less than 3rd cousin level, I hope that this will change at some stage.
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I am sorry I didn't,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,find your ged com.
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