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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Thanks for your participation. See you next weekend!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

We too got new phones last week   (I probably posted about it)....... I might not have I mentioned that when we tried to  "sell" them to the box at Walmart,  we were told by the machine they were worth nothing. (We always get matching phones.)  Worth absolutely nothing. The 20 year old in front of us received numerous bills for his phone..... but our phone was worth absolutely nothing.  (Our shame was slightly diminished because there wasn't a line behind us to witness us retrieve the bedraggled phone and receive no money.)  

Thanks for hosting.   I'll  "answer" tomorrow.

@Peggy: Now that's a funny story!

You mention that I am a busy man. You always seem to have multiple projects. As an Italian, I can say we eat salmon.
i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor

And I can say "Vito Antonio Marchesi" is like one of the most awesome Italian names ever. 

And yeah we eat the salmon. And...basically everything else.

Great Gramps Vito was Straight outta Sicily. Also I have a cousin named Rocco Kalani Marchesi. According to legend. My mother said I was a coin toss away from being Vito
Major snowstorm on the horizon for us here in New Hampshire.  It looks like the rest of the holiday weekend and the first part of next week will be spent indoors!  Hooray!  That means more time for more research, right?
As long as the power doesn't go out, right Candyce? (We lose power, we lose everything except for phones and my iPad - which I can't use for WikiTreeing.)
Pip I know what you mean about you parents my mother about 6 or 7 years when she started having a lot of problem with her arthritis diease us kids started to fix vegetables and had my brother bring Pratts honey baked ham which is very delicious and mom would fix deserts so that would help my mom with her disease. We would do that from that time at any holidays or when we got together even when my mom wanted her brother and sisters and my dad's sister - in - law and her kids we would invite for like Christmas at our house in Loudon and we kids would try to get them to bring a dish with them to help my mom because when she started the disease she would use a walker and a wheelchair at first now she doesn't. I would decorate our house every Christmas even when we lived in Athens and my sister and brother wouldn't be living there anymore so Mom wouldn't have to even when she worked. She started going back to school when my sister who is 2 years younger graduated from high school and started college I even started for a year and had a B or C average for my freshman year in College. So this year we did the same with Thanksgiving and now my dad in a wheelchair and because when we had him in rehab they put a pain patch of Fetynl on him which was not good for him and we didn't want them to so when he finally got to John Reed memory care unit they finally last week stop put that on him cold turkey which is not wise and we are very unhappy about because it is causing him to hallicunite very badly. He had a very bad melt down on mom when he was suppose to go to a dr. appt they ended up not taking because of that. That happened just Tuesday. That medicine cause people to have weakeness and he is so they cause his weakeness very badly. We had Thanksgiving at my sister house. My brother was sick so he didn't get to be there. And every day is a blessing for us too. My mom is 81 and my dad is 87 and both are in very, very  fragile health also.

Thanks for hosting the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.
It matters not if the power goes out.  Due to my medical condition, we got a generator, so the neighborhood shows up on our porch - LOL!  Power outages equals fun and friends!

I hope everyone at the risk of foul weather stays dry, warm, and safe!!

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Hope all you good people are getting ready for the weekend, and if you are here in the United States, hope you had a good day yesterday with family and friends eating turkey.

Here in Central Pennsylvania, the weather lady is forecasting cold temperatures, mixed snow and rain, and some wind. She says the atmosphere is unsettled.

I keep my suggestion report for profiles I manage at “0”, but the last 2 days I have been working on the suggestion report of people I am related to. I found a second cousin, 5 generations removed who has a great profile, but had a minor suggestion. This man was born in Ohio, served in 2 different units during the Civil War, the 3rd Missouri Regiment and the 27th Iowa Infantry, went to California and worked trading livestock, founded the town of Red Cloud Nebraska, served in the Nebraska State Legislature, and was elected the 3rd Governor of Nebraska. What a full and interesting  journey through life this man had.

Travel safe everyone, and enjoy whatever you choose to do.

by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
edited by Rodney Long
I was wondering if you were getting that blast of weather, Rodney.

Your cousin had a full life. I haven't found anyone that close so interesting.
I've just cleared my own Suggestion Report. You've inspired me to look at my relatives! Thanks, Rodney :-)
Hi Susie, hope you are having a good day. Yes, I look at distant relatives sometimes, and I am always amazed at what I find. Travel safe

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Good morning Linda, hope all is well with you. Have a great weekend
It's my distant relatives, too, that seem most interesting.
Good morning Candyce, hope you had a great weekend.
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

Leaving soon to go back north to New Hampshire after having an amazing Thanksgiving with the fam. My brother and his wife were of course gracious hosts and my nephews were their normal, energetic selves. We had the traditional lasagna and turkey with the trimmings dinner. Was so good! Usually is. Check it out: https://twitter.com/Cferra1227/status/1200151035857317897

Doesn’t that look amazing? Mmmmmm! 

My nephews also opened up a book shop and Magic the Gathering card shop. They had store hours and everything! Keep in mind they are nine and six. And super smart.

On the genealogy front, my latest blog is up: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2019/11/52-ancestors-week-48-thief.html

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Many memories were made and that’s what the holidays are about!

Oh and I walked away with a card and a Star Wars novel from 1996. 

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo
Brown sugar pie is very popular in Quebec and in French Canada. Of course, there, it goes by the name "la tarte au sucre". Naturally, maple syrup is usually added as well.

The filling is brown sugar, maple syrup, cream, plenty of butter, sometimes vanilla, a bit of flour, and a pinch of salt.

Does your mother have French Canadian or Cajun (Acadian) roots?
@Anne. Your pie sounds like it's not as sweet. My husband's mother was born in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia, and her Grasty and Mitchell ancestors had been in that area for a long time. During the depression, her family had an apple farm. She married Jim Knight, who lived just over the mountain, and they eventually moved into Lynchburg. The Knight family also goes back to revolutionary war times in that area.

She made really good fried chicken and terrible pot roast. My mother from upstate New York made terrible fried chicken and really good pot roast.
I have to know. How many layers was the lasagna? Beef?, Pork? Combination of the 2 meats. I need to know Chris. I LOVE lasagna.
@Anne: Leave it to Canada to perfect the uses for maple syrup. They take that stuff VERY seriously up there. So much so that people have been shot here in NH over it.

@Kay: My mom makes oven fried chicken. Pretty good. We drag out the frier for the calamari, though.

@Paul: Easy there, Paulie. The lasagna had at least four layers. It was a cheese lasagna with Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese. On the side we had sausages and meatballs.

I love lasagna, too. It was so good!
I am drooling

Ditto to what everyone said here we had same as Margaret but we had ham, and turkey, and had deviled eggs, and 4 different types of desserts almost all pies except one cake which was pumkin cake, also we had corn pudding and slaw. The corn pudding was very good.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.


Gives a whole new meaning to "Sugar Pie" doesn't it? I have cooked pecan pie and it is beautiful to look at but my teeth hurt when I try to eat it. I'm sure the brown sugar pie is delicious but I'll stick (no pun intended) to fruit pies and lemon meringue.

Our Thanksgiving meal is kinda split into two parts. I'm too lazy to make EVERYTHING in one day so, I make the green bean casserole and the yams on the second, leftover day. I just put all the turkey and stuffin' together and make a variation of turkey pot pie. Throw in some peas and carrots and you got yourself a quick way to use up all the extras. Plus it always tastes better the second day. We had our next-door-neighbors over to help us finish off the meal. My "adopted" grand kids and their parents are a lot of fun to talk to and we didn't have to drive three hours to eat with the in-laws. We visited them on Saturday. My husband's mother is 80 years old. I think she's done her Thanksgiving day shift and shouldn't have to cook anymore. Just my humble opinion. She doesn't seem to agree. They never do.

When I'm 80 I want to be waited on hand and foot.
Betty. By far and above my favorite pie is Rhubarb, and please don't destroy it by adding strawberries! We did the pies and squash two days before, the turkey and gravy on Wednesday. We've finished the stuffing, potatoes, green beans. I have one piece of pumpkin pie left. We have turkey and gravy left, which is going to meet some peas in a pot and some biscuits on a plate.

Biscuits and gravy sounds delish. Do you kinda just put the biscuits down on the plate and load everything else on top of 'em?

Except the pie of course. :)
Yes, since I am lazy I just use canned biscuits and put them on the plate. I do know the correct way (as my mother taught me) to get the gravy and turkey hot then put it in a baking dish with homemade biscuits (raw) on top and bake until done.

On the other hand, Mom also taught me how to make pie crust, and I always do this from scratch. Part of her secret was baking powder, warm hands, impatience (don't play with it too much) and a very light touch with the rolling pin.
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Wishing everyone a good weekend, and good digestion for those in the US.

We had a good Thanksgiving with daughter, son-in-law, grandson and cousin and his wife. My cousin has just begun an adventure living full time in an RV and traveling, setting aside the teaching, art shows and gallery portion of his fine art photography to go take pictures. I tried to get the grandson, who is 8, more interested in reading books than video games. Unfortunately he is a bit young for Dr. Doolittle.

Genealogy wise I did coordinate some more with a 3C1R who just joined WikiTree, and need to get back and work on some Scranton profiles.

I am still in the WikiTree rabbit hole that opened when I answered a G2G question. The family is not related to me, but they sure are interesting! They were rich. A couple of the daughters were at court at Versailles, and the family traveled between New York City and Paris in the 1800s. I'm trying to help with some of the US side. For example, in 1870 there were 14 people in the household plus 15 servants.
by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
Kay, did you get your RV all set for winter? Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!
Hi Kay,

Have you ever been to Versailles? In all my time of going back and forth to Paris I still haven't got there. Might have to plan a trip in the new year!

Susie :-)
Too young for Dr. Doolittle? The Eddie Murphy one? That one was okay. Nephews watched Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!
I was 7 when the Rex Harrison version came out. Loved it then, love it still.
Susie - I have never even been to Europe. I grew up in upstate New York (think dairy farms), and now live close to where the Chesapeake Bay drains into the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern United States coastline. We do have an RV (caravan) and travel around the US. I usually do some genealogy research on our travels, mostly New York but also some in Iowa.
Chris -- too young (by about a year) to read the Dr. Doolittle books. I never saw any of the movies. I did read all of the books by the time I was in 5th grade (um, I had finished all the books in the elementary school library by 5th grade). I don't really remember the stories, but do remember that I really liked them.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (yesterday) and hope you find some good deals on Black Friday.

Perhaps week 6 or 7 without any significant personal genealogy work sad  Been busy with project work - this past week adding the projects as profile managers to clear errors.  I just broke my 1,000 about an hour ago and plan to spend the day tomorrow working on some family profiles.

Did order a DNA test for my father, trying to get the parents, grandparents, & aunts and uncles tested.  Wish I had done it years ago when we had more elder family members.

We went to Thanksgiving dinner at a fellow American's house.  There were 6 married couples, each couple had one spouse from different countries save for one that was Spanish-Spanish.  We had represented at the party, Spain, USA, England, Scotland, Russia, Argentina, & Japan.  The host went all out and the turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, sweet-potatoes, etc., were right out of a 5 star restaurant.  My wife and I both commented that it was the most fun we'd had in about 4 years.

Weather is in the low 20's (C - about 76 degrees) - sunny and beautiful.  Looking forward to a quiet WikiTree weekend :-)

by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (766k points)
But the internet shopping will kill you!
Pip, I don't do internet shopping much either and have no plans to buy anything except food until at least Christmas.

But Dale, you have grandkids. You can’t wait that long!! smiley

That sounds like a really fantastic Thanksgiving get together.

I will skip Black Friday again this year. It helps to keep the list shorter.
Gift cards for the grandkids, Pip. They are now old enough that they prefer that so they can buy what they want. Besides we have been shopping for them since January.
Yes, you sure have!
@ Greg: Thanks!

@Pip: So you don't want that electric razor I just ordered you off of Amazon?
@Chris: I have one, and I include it in the many I have that don't work, not even the higher priced ones!
@Pip: Very well. No razor. Would a roomba do?

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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We had our second Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday evening and then the big wind storm hit. We were spared but over 36000 in our area were not, some did not get power back until late thanksgiving day. We had our dinner on Thursday of turkey and dressing and I am so done with turkey for a long time. Still doing the reducing of my watchlist, sourcing profiles and even correcting some suggestions on WikiTree. I won the election for Director of Activities for the ham club on Monday night but that was because there was no opponent. I did start to work on a Christmas display, a model of the Polar Express with a small village and a ceramic tree and hope to have that finished by next weekend. No Tree for us because no one actually comes over for Christmas anymore but this will add a little holiday spirit to our living room.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Congrats on your election, Dale. Glad to hear the outage missed you, but I really feel for those who did lose power.' Been there, done that, and I don't like it.

No Christmas tree for us, either. No one is able to come this year. A wreath on the door and some garland on the front deck, that's all.

You haven't got your hearing aid yet?
Pip, I go in for the examination and ordering of the new aid on Wednesday December 4th. It will be a week or two after that before I will get my new aid. My insurance covers one at a reduced price but I might try to see if I can get two at the same time because having two matching aids works so much better than mismatched aids. The big thing for deciding that will be the cost. I am sure the dealer would love to sell me two.
I should also mention that Oscar the puppy is on his way to becoming a support animal on his own. Yesterday when he and I were alone my phone rang and he jumped up to let me know about the phone. I did hear it but he wanted to make sure. He also barks when he hears someone outside. but for the most part he is quiet and laid back anymore.
Who needs a hearing aid with a fine companion such as Oscar? Great name for a dog, by the way.
Diane picked that name for him. I wanted to name him Chewbacca. He is hairy like Chewie but he has not taken an interest in chewing things that are not his.
Did Oscar get his fair share of the Thanksgiving meal? Sure hope so.
Kay, We did give him some turkey, and a big beef bone as a treat.

FYI I just got my car back, my sister bought a "new", to her, car today.
Speaking from personal experience, getting your hearing tested is cool. They put you in a booth and slap a headset on. Then they play beeping noises and ask you to say words. Fun. But, after a while I remember the script.

Getting new hearing aids is fun, too. Mine are programmed by a computer and make the Windows 7 start up noise when it turns on. So weird.

Good luck, Dale!
@Chris I have been taking the hearing tests since 1970, it was required for those majoring in Elementary Education. I have had many different aids since then and the latest ones are programmed by a computer as well but only "play" a single chime when turned on. One of the possible features of the ones I am going to check out is that with the help of an app for my smart phone they can adjust the programming of the aid or aids without going in for an appointment to have that done.

As a side note I just watched episode 4 of The Mandalorian, it seems he is becoming quite attached to "the child" as it is officially referred to.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Hi Pip et al,

It's been an age since I joined the chat so I figured I'd stop by and say hi.

According to the BBC, it's 4 degrees centigrade at the moment, dropping to a low of -1 overnight. Brr. At least it isn't raining, and we had some bright sunshine today.

I miss having Thanksgiving in the UK. I need to start a tradition! Maybe next year. But I did get to have turkey today when I went out for a carvery with the family so can't complain.

On the genealogy front, I've just finished the six-monthly check-ins for the England Project. I'm excited to say we are still growing as a project and I'm really enjoying working with everyone there.

I'm now focussing on some work with the English Profile Improvement Teams, the Hendy ONS, and leading the Hertfordshire Team in England.

All while managing the social media campaign for a parliamentary candidate in the UK General Election. No peace for the wicked...

Onwards and upwards!

by Susie MacLeod G2G6 Pilot (215k points)
Always great to see you here!

"No peace for the wicked..." Elections tend to bring this out, right? cheeky

Yes, start a new tradition. Invite friends, maybe it'll spread.

Rest for the wicked, Pip. REST!
Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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On this day:

1807: The Portuguese Court embarked to be transferred to Brazil

1945: In Yugoslavia the monarchy was abolished and the Federal People's Republic Yugoslavia was proclaimed, which was in 1963 and after a constitutional reform renamed into Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

The 29 Nov was a public holiday until 1997, one of the main streets of Belgrade was named "Street of 29 Nov", so it was a really important day for most people down there.

2001: George Harrison died. 

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
Brazil: First I've ever heard the term "metropolitan reversal." A totally new concept for me.

Yugoslavia: I heard that apparently the old royal family got back some of their properties after the breakup of the country.
Re Serbian Royal family: Pip, they got back their vineyard. Some years ago, when we made a trip to the church, where many of the members of the Royal family are baptized and above all buried, we also went to the main shop where their wine is sold. Mum bought some of it and she really liked it. (I can't say anything about it, I don't drink alcohol.) But they didn't get back for example the castle in Belgrade, which one of the Royal Family members planned and built. The Crown Prince and his wife live there, but they are only rentals. And they have to discuss every single time with the State of Serbia to get refurbishment. When we visited the Castle, Aleksandar and Katarina were there and they welcomed the group, saying among other: "We have the same problems like any other rental owner here in Serbia. The plumbings are leaking, and our owner is lazy and slowly to repair that."

Btw, many people in Serbia are a bit mad at Aleksandar, because even after more than 15 years living in Belgrade, his Serbian is that bad, that mum told me after two sentences of Aleksandar's welcome message: "Compared to him, your Serbian is world class." (And I still make many mistakes in Serbian.)
Sad loss of a great guitar player.
Jelena, I thought they did get one of their homes back. I was in touch with the Prince during the breakup of the country. He was very concerned by the state of affairs and was trying to raise funds, as I recall, for relief efforts.

I'm not surprised that Aleksandar's Serbian was so bad, considering he had been living nearly all his life in exile.
No, they didn't get it back, only the vineyard they got back. After the welcome message of Aleksandar we were able to chat with them and I just naturally - without thinking at all - talked English with him. I don't care if I talk English or Serbian, and for him it's his mother tongue, so who cares?

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Happy weekend, everyone!  And Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S.  Our holiday was low key... my father in law can't manage stairs anymore, so we met at a local restaurant.  No cooking or cleaning for us!  Plenty of leftovers, so today we're going to have another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat.  (We also didn't forget the annual tradition of listening to the Alice's Restaurant Massacree at noon.)

Looking ahead to the weekend, and it looks like there's some sort of weather system hitting on Sunday/Monday, but the forecast keeps shifting.  Rain?  Wintery mix?  Snowmaggedon?  Whatever it is, I'm going to have to make contingency plans for Monday's classes.  And I'm already behind in both classes, with only a week or so left to go before finals.

Genealogy:  Still chipping away at Savages in Randolph County, NC.  I've now got pretty good evidence that there's ties to the York family there, and found a York researcher who apparently has extensive info on Savages in his private Ancestry tree that he's going to send me.  Can't wait!  So meanwhile, I got back to looking at DNA clusters for a related branch.  Elizabeth Savage's inlaws are David Lavender and Nancy Goins of Fairfield Co, SC.  I know David's family back two more generations, but not as much about Nancy other than her father.  DNA now suggests she's connected to the Goins, Hollis, and Manning/Beck families of South Carolina. I know the Goins and Hollis families intermarried a lot, so it may take some work to untangle all this.  

Oh, and last weekend my mom and brother got some amazing family photos from my paternal aunt, and also got her to do a DNA test!  And my mom's cousin has also agreed to test; I just need to get him a kit.  I'm going to have my hands full going through all this new data next year.

Now, though, it's time to get some other stuff done.  Couple of letters of recommendation to write, plus a grant proposal and some grading.  Then housecleaning.  Enjoy the weekend!
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 8 (82k points)
Sounds like you had a full week! Stay warm!
Busy, busy, and the weather ain't helping! Good for you with the pics and the DNA. I'd be interested if something new comes up with the results of the test.
Pip, I'm really hoping she'll have matches that my uncle, brother and I don't have that will help break some of these paternal brick walls in Ireland and the southern US.

Forecast currently says ~3" of snow on Sunday, then rain, then another 4" or so during the day on Monday.  Messy.
How ever do you get to work in that mess? Living in the South where we get not near as much, I'm not used to driving in snow!
4WD and brand new tires, Pip!  Makes all the difference.  But that doesn't help if everyone around me is stuck.  Once I got stuck behind a delivery truck that was determined to make it up a hill and kept sliding down.  Had to wait for them to give up and get out of the way, and got right up the hill and home!

The big question is always whether classes will be cancelled.  The running joke is that we only close if the Boss can't get to campus.  She lives across the street from her office.
That's unfair. Bosses ought to be required to live at least ten miles from work!

When i was in college, the rule was...

1) Five minutes to wait for a professor with a BA to show up

2) Ten minutes for a masters

3) Fifteen for a PhD

Everybody in one particular class kept an eye on their watches for our always late Dr. Eastman.
HAHAHA! Fifteen for a phD. Good one. We had a psych professor who never showed up! She was a doctor.
4 wheel drive is amazing. Without it, I may not have gotten through snow, ice, or mud. Of course the only 4 wheel drive I have is my company truck. I do think it's funny when people that don't know how it works get passed by me when I am driving the family minivan through snow and ice like a champ.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

Yesterday was our big experimental Thanksgiving meal, and overall I must say it was the most enjoyable Thanksgiving meal we have had in years.  Just the four of us: myself, husband and adult son and daughter, here at home, with the Elder Scrolls Cookbook.  All the recipes came out of that cookbook at my daughter's inspiration.

Some of the dishes were prepared a day or two ago.  The Horker Loaf was the main dish.  Imagine a meat loaf made of ground wild boar meat and smoked oysters, wrapped in bacon, and baked in the oven with three garlic cloves on top to represent the three tusks of the horker (an imaginary Skyrim creature something like a walrus). For vegetables we had baked yams with goat cheese and glazed baby carrots.  We had a cranberry sauce with port wine.  For dessert we had a sweet roll, made a day in advance.  It's a good thing we have two ovens, one upstairs, one down, so that we could cook the horker loaf and the yams at the same time and have them be ready at the same time.

Then all sat down at the upstairs table amid my piles of fabric scraps and daughter's action figure photography sets and enjoyed our meal.  Reviews were that: the horker loaf was good (initially all liked it).  My son eats no cooked fruit or vegetables so he didn't try it.  The sweet roll was like a coffee cake and it should not have been made in advance because it was a bit dried out.  Fortunately my husband had also baked some ham slices which he and my son had.

Later that evening, after my husband and I went to the movies (Ford vs Ferrari again) we ate some of the leftovers.  Suddenly my daughter despised the horker loaf and I finished it.  I also drank considerable of the port wine.  Then I came down here to the computer to wikitree.

I do not drink often and when I do it has mixed results.  I was doing wikitree while buzzed and I fell into a rabbit hole.  It kept getting curiouser and curiouser.  An email query that I had saved from 2005 set up the family in a way that was proving wrong.  The woman had a different husband.  Her son in one census was her grandson in another.  I think I have it sorted enough that I can start entering the profiles. If, however, I find in the end more descendants of my 3ggf William Robe, it's all good, right?

Then, this morning, the port wine curve descends into headache, dry mouth, and a general achy feeling.  A mild hangover.  I put the wine away.  Husband has already gone to work.  This is one of his busiest days of the year; all the out-of-towners descend on the Boeing factory tour.  My daughter also works this evening as folks decide to go to the movies.  I am getting up the gumption to go upstairs and make almond flour pancakes.  

All of you make the most of Thanksgiving weekend.  If you can, take a walk outside with family.  Here it is clear and cold and the sun makes long shadows even at one o'clock in the afternoon.  Hold your dear ones close.
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 7 (77.1k points)

WikiTreeing while buzzed: now that brings a picture to my head! laugh I love a good port.

Horker Loaf: That's a new one on me! Even though we ate out at a nice restaurant, I think your meal sounds for more interesting than mine!

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Greetings from beautiful southeastern Arizona. It has been a rain-filled week here! I'm always glad when the desert gets rain but enough is enough!

Yesterday morning, I thought I heard my cat Machiatto playing with a piece of paper. It wasn't until I got up from my chair to head down the hallway to see what she was up to that I felt water hit my head! I looked up and found my ceiling was cracked and water was leaking. Though it was a holiday, I called the apartment office and kept pressing "1" for emergency. Left a message, and our maintenance man returned my call and came out in about an hour and a half.

The roofs here hold solar panels, so before the roof tiles can be replaced, the panels will need to be removed. Maintenance hoped they'd be able to get someone out today. I haven't heard anything from anyone yet today. The rain started up again very early this morning, and I have a bucket under the leak frown But it's not only raining, the wind is fierce today, so I'd hate to see anyone up on the roof.

I came down with a cold on November 13th. Even though I made sure I got more sleep, by last Friday, it had turned into a sinus infection. I couldn't get an appointment until this Monday. They sent me for a chest x-ray on Tuesday. I'm now on four prescriptions. Urgh! *hates taking pills and seeing doctors!*

I did have a pleasant early evening Thanksgiving dinner with my snowbird friends at their RV park. I took bread pudding to their potluck because my friend loves it and requested I make it. I let her take home the leftover pudding.

Chatted with both of my children yesterday evening. My daughter won't fix a turkey (doesn't want to remove anything from the cavity - it's gross!). Said she's starting a new tradition of making chicken alfredo instead. laugh

I feel bad that I haven't gotten anything accomplished on WikiTree in two weeks. With all these meds I'm taking, I hope to get active again this coming week. I also haven't gotten any writing done either.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 4 (44.5k points)
Sorry about the cold. There has been a nasty one going around here, but fortunately I only needed one dose of antibiotic. I got my cold about a week before you.

The Thanksgiving dinner sounds great. Was it a potluck with many others at the RV park? I've seen lots of great potluck meals held in RV parks - eating is something we all have in common. It's usually interesting because you get a combination of recipes/dishes from a wide variety of areas.
So sorry to hear about the structural problem at your place, Diane. On top of that, the illness! I do hope you recover soon. Be diligent with your meds! (My wife's mantra)

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Hi Diane,

I hope things get straightened out for you soon! Sending positive healing (and roof) intention!
+18 votes

On WikiTree I helped a few people with their ancestors. I didn't get anything done on mine but it was well worth the effort! 

At home - mom and I had a conversation at the start of the week. Mom wanted to plan out Christmas decorations for after Thanksgiving (I'm excited that she is changing things up this year). A few hours later I get a text - mom got bored and had lights out for her porch already and wanted help (lol). We went crazy and decorated several bushes, her outdoor porches (the front and side ones), and the bell pole. We're going to add more this week but it was a delightful start.

Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing. We had a small dinner and stuffed ourselves with fried turkey - YUM!! Video chat with the grandbabies was fun as always since I couldn't be there for the holiday. We lolled around in a turkey stupor later and just relaxed.

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (352k points)
Turkey stupor. What a great term. Why is it that everyone is always so tired after a turkey dinner? We had yawns traveling around the room.
The more food, the more of a need for a nap. I get lethargic after a big meal!
Mindy, since we have no one coming for Christmas this year (both the kids working), we have decided to put up only a wreath on the door and a lighted garland on the railing around the front deck. Actually a relief for me, as I hate having to put up all the stuff after Christmas (as much as I like decorating the home).
we did a fried turkey several years ago ... brother-in-laws and such and not paying the right amount of attention.  We ended up with a Daffy Duck ... nice and black!!

A few years later I spotted another recipe for fried turkey ... first step was "Lock your liquor cabinet!"  Well, duh!

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Hi Kay, Well this guy is breaking the myth of turkey and serotonin. I guess we get to blame it on the over-eating and lack of pre-holiday stress. Either way, I was full, sleepy and relaxed! I see Pip already commented on the "lotsa food." laugh

Regarding the decorating - that means more time for you to relax. Nothing wrong with that! A lot happened this year so we weren't sure if we were going to put up mom's snow village or not. She saw an idea on how to use a ladder for it (instead of putting it all above her kitchen cabinets) so the village is definitely going up. I fully understand the hesitation to remove the decorations, it's a lot of work!

Oh No Bob!! They do cook up really quickly! For the hint - yep! The process can be dangerous if you don't use a lot of common sense and are careful.

Thanks Linda! 

Pictures of the 2017 Snow Village. Each of those strips (except the bottom one) is one section of the village. The bottom shows most of what goes above her kitchen cabinets. The White House stuff on the upper-left goes on a china cabinet. The second one down in the middle is the 'ski village.' There is a section of trees and lodges above the ski village with a ski slope that I didn't get a picture of.

Mindy, Thank you for those pictures. I have several containers full of ceramic "Village Houses" and very little space anymore so I might just look into using the space above the cabinets in the kitchen, next year because this year I have used up my decorating budget. Note to self I have to break out the ladder and get some dimensions because I do have that piece of wood in the shed begging for a use. I am also thinking about a "tree" of village display's. Large scale on the bottom then moving up O scale, HO scale, and N scale with a train going around each level.
The top of the cabinets has worked great but mom is hesitant doing ladder work. I’ve done it tha last few years but have to stay off the ladder this Christmas. The idea she saw was using a ladder as a shelf! You need a “twin” ladder, put boards across the steps, the boards longer as you get closer to the floor. You wind up with a tree shape and a handy way to display the village. I’ll take pictures if it works out!
The turkey looks yummy! How do you keep the tractor and trailer so clean? Geat you got to visit by video chat with your grandbabies.

The little trailer is used mostly for hauling big branches up the hill that fall off of the trees or moving around bags of dirt and mulch. We run it up and down the lawn so it really doesn't go anywhere muddy smiley

+19 votes

Today is.....


Maize Day is celebrated every year to mark the special role that maize has played in food history. Maize, which the Europeans came to call “corn,” has an ancient and interesting history and plays central roles in many native myths and legends. And anyone who’s ever eaten corn on the cob with fresh creamy butter and a pinch of salt knows that corn more than deserves its own holiday!

History of Maize Day

With the help of their legends, the natives of America could trace the history of maize to the beginning of time. Maize was, they believed, the food of the gods that had created the Earth, and so it played a central role in many native myths and legends. It also came to be one of their most important foods.

In fact, the word maize itself derives from the Spanish form of the indigenous word for plant. In one form or other, maize made up roughly 65 percent of the native diet. In fact, maize was so important to the natives that when Europeans first came to North America in search of gold and asked the natives about whether there was any precious yellow substance to be found there, the natives showed them corn, for to them there was almost nothing more valuable than that grain.

The European settlers had in fact brought their own grains with them, but they soon found that their barley and oats did not fare as well in North America as they had in Europe, and so they began grinding corn kernels to make meal that was later used to make bread. And like the natives, colonial farmers also found that different parts of the plant had a number of useful by-products and purposes. They used cobs to start fires and to fuel slow-burning fires. They used its stalk and leaves for livestock feed.

Maize was the first-ever crop to be domesticated by Native Americans and this impressive crop is now used in numerous types of food including chewing gum, bread, corn flakes, and popcorn. Maize is almost universally used as one of the main ingredients of feed for cows and horses. “Feed maize” is being used increasingly for heating; it is burned in special corn stoves.

All in all, maize is thought to have been around since 1500 B.C.,  and once it was first cultivated it began to spread rapidly. Until this day, it is the staple food in many South American countries and is also enjoyed as a side dish by people all over the world.



by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
Dorothy, my wife used to live in Mexico City where the tortillas sold in the stores and the streets would have different colors and tastes. She said this was because of the type of maize used for the tortillas.

Fortunately, there is a movement in Mexico to save some of the more unique kinds of maize on special farms just for that.

Thanks Dorothy smiley

Thanks for posting this, Dorothy. My wife was just reading about the history of maize. We don't grow any at present due to so much feed corn being grown around us that we couldn't save seed and have it grow true. It would also be "technically" not legal for us to grow that corn out due to the patented genes that come in on the wind (we would have to cover the ears and hand pollinate those to be kept). Anyway, there are so many interesting varieties to try that we might do some in a couple years. The last couple of farms growing it may be switching to a different crop in a couple of years.

Pip, the Mexican varieties are interesting but have you seen some of the Peruvian?  Huge kernels.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+14 votes

Currently, it's -1˚ C in Fort Erie, and cloudy. There isn't much wind, which makes for a nice change from the 100 km/h gusts that we had Wednesday night as that cold front blew through. (Our lawn is covered with broken branches. I know I should pick them up, but bending over is hard for me.) Our predicted high is 0˚ C, and the predicted low tonight is -3˚ C.

The light of my life and the delight of my eyes found a couple of those "grow your own Christmas tree" kits, with compressed potting soil that you have to soak for a couple of days, and some spruce seeds. The first shoots have started to come up, and they should be a towering 5 cm or so tall by Christmas Day. I plan to keep them going after Christmas, and then plant them in the yard in the spring, just to help "spruce" up the neighbourhood. wink

On the genealogy front, I'm still chugging away on my second pass through the Slade Genealogy site, checking for Slades listed both there and on WikiTree, and adding any for whom I can find at least one other source. This is all part of my efforts in the Slade Name Study, which I'm concentrating on this month. (Next month, I plan to turn my attention to the Welch Name Study.)

On the Let others know what locations you are working on page, I think I've managed to get up to five unconnected branches and two unconnected notables for every jurisdiction from the bottom of the list up as far as Kansas, but I can never be sure, because every time I turn around, somebody has connected another branch. (Which is a wonderful "problem" to have. The way Connectors are going, I expect to see the total number of unconnected profiles [not just the percentage of profiles] go down. It's already happened once, and we've come pretty close a few times.)

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (303k points)

Oh, yes. I should say that the light of my life and the delight of my eyes have been celebrating Thanksgiving twice a year (first, the correct date, and then again in November wink) since we got together. I'm up for that, because I love turkey. (We also have turkey for Christmas, which I gather is much less common in the Unexplored Southern Area, since Thanksgiving there is so close to Christmas.)

Her kids aren't really sure how they feel about Canadian Thanksgiving, I don't think. Probably because we don't necessarily do the full-on turkey dinner with all the trimmings. (Doing that is a lot harder since she gave up her apartment to move to the Great White North.) We have, on occasion, gone for turkey burgers. (After all, it's still turkey, and a lot simpler to get onto the table.)

One year, when she still had her apartment in Pennsylvania, we got a Cornish game hen for each of us, without telling the kids what we were up to. Once they were ready, I put one of them into a big turkey roaster, took it to the table with great ceremony, lifted the lid, and asked her second son if he wanted white meat or dark. He looked at me as if I was crazy (which is accurate, after all), her third son asked, "Is this a joke?" and her oldest son said, "Ha! That's funny!" (which was kind of the point.)

Greg, when is the Canadian Thanksgiving? In Germany it is the first Sunday of October, but it actually is not a "party holiday". The biggest family party holiday here is Christmas.

I couldn't actually find a date for the first observance in 1578, and the date (and reason) changed a number of times after that, but since 1957, Thanksgiving has been observed on the second Monday in October. 

Greg, we opted for Kentucky ham for our extra Thanksgiving meals and for Christmas, too. A turkey is too much work for folks like us who spend so little time in the kitchen.

A towering 5 cm. I had to tell my wife that one. She loved it!
-1 (30f)  Wow dude, I can't imagine that.  Its 26 (79 F) right now and everyone is on the beach and walking on the boardwalk!

One of the things I do at my church is prepare PowerPoint slides with announcements. We just let them run in a slide show before the service. And because our church has a lot of refugees whose first language is either French or Spanish, I make heavy use of Google Translate to put up versions of each slide in each language. (It's funny how much longer "Please silence your mobile phone until after the service." is in French or Spanish than it is in English.)

Since tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent, and since we light candles on an advent wreath as part of the service, I decided to work up slides for each Sunday in Advent. Here's the first set. In English:

Psalm 130:7-8

Then in French:

Psaumes 130:7-8and finally in Spanish:

Salmos 130:7-8

So, when all of you are singing, how do you handle the language differences? How about the sermon?

Beautiful slides, by the way!

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Pip, normally, the service is done in English, although from time to time, we have sung each verse of a hymn or chorus (usually a very familiar one) in a different language. We also used to have one Sunday evening service a month as a multicultural service, where we sang every song in multiple languages, and had a pastor from a nearby French- or Spanish-speaking church give the sermon, and had somebody translate it into English sentence by sentence. I particularly appreciated one sermon by the pastor of a French-speaking church. He really spoke to my needs.

+15 votes
Made it to the weekend! Having leftovers we had something to eat for lunch.

I did merges to get up to 1000 for the month so I can relax.

No weather issues here yet, but it is cold enough to not want to get out as much. (Unless it is to fill up the bird feeders).
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (122k points)
HI Sue!  I'm constantly having to refill my bird feeders for one of two reasons.

1) They eat is up so fast

2) Rain makes it stick together so that it doesn't tumble into the feeding cups (if I wait too long, things start to grow in the feeders).
I post on eBird and this year Feeder Watch which motivates me to keep the feeders full. Sometimes I just rotate full feeders with empty, sometimes I put everything out. Different feeders can attract different birds, it is still an experiment. Unfortunately NO suet until it gets really cold because it attracts bears.  I woke up one morning to all the feeders on the ground and some halfway to the woods.  My neighbor had his trash strewn across the yard toward the woods. I felt somewhat responsible for attracting the bears in the first place. Evidently suet smells carry far.
Fortunately for us, the bears are just a bit too far to smell our suet, but the deer come around looking for corn the birds and squirrels refuse to eat.

When I saw your comment, I went out to check the feeders, and the suet was empty, and a piliated woodpecker was calling for some.

 Ditto to what everyone said here on the chat

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+12 votes

WEATHERING we did get some rain. Well, something, anyway, I did not see any rain drops but the environment got very damp and then puddles accumulated in the gutters, and ... usually you open door you SEE those rain drops ... wettest invisible rain I can recall in 70+ years ... recall reading about a "London pea soup" kind of fog, did the same thing, everything got soaking wet without a drop of rain falling .... 

It DID snow up in the mountains above 2000 ft on the western side of the Sierra's up in NorCal and of course it snowed in NV ... and it snowed in semi-arid SoCal -- Palmdale, Antelope Valley, Lancaster,  ... imagine if you will a town full of palm trees and snow on the ground, where even a 1/8th of an inch is going to make for an interesting photo op and this area is getting up to maybe 8 inches here and there on Nov 28th ... that ought to make it a memorable thanks giving day 

GENEALOGICALLY it has been very quiet on my frontier. But for the accident of birth I'd not be "connected" to this one or that one ... that's the Degrees of Separation ... some of them aren't separated far enough IMO, LOL ... 

MENU -- I have discovered lo in the month of Nov 2019 that if I add a heaping spoonful of peanut butter to my bowl of hot oatmeal with its slices of peaches ... I can vouch for the nutrition, the taste is pretty good, how can it miss? Sliced peach, peanut butter, and hot oatmeal (nothing added but some salt, peach slices and peanut butter) ... Well, I figure at my age my nutrition outranks custom & tradition which are sitting back their chairs & staring down their noses at me ... still, if you have to fight like a tiger to gain a pound, AND keep it ... 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
Hmm... Susan, my wife also puts peanut butter in her oatmeal. Talk about your protein! She doesn't like salt in hers, but I sure do.

I saw the snow in LA on the news this a.m. Weird!
Susan, I saw that the high desert was getting serious snow... wow!  Can't remember the last time that happened.

Yo, PIP and LIZ ... I vaguely recall (LOL) several years ago there was some snow, enough snow for people to look at and say "Oh! Look! Snow!" fell in that area ... last year, year before possibly the year before that? ... but NOT more than an inch or two gone the next day or two ... My impression is that you get snow in that area about as often as you do in the Sahara .

PIP I have to agree with you, a bit of salt in the hot cereal goes a long way although I suppose one can adapt over time ... hmm ... hope I won't have to ... LOL 

laugh I am very pleased indeed to discover another person in this world has peanut butter stirred into their hot cereal ... !!! 

Susan, another peanut butter in hot cereal person here. Recently I tend to use almond butter more often.
Never tried almond butter. Might give it a trial next year ... the Sig O ordered online 3 lbs of butter -- he thought -- and for reasons still unknown they delivered 30 lbs of butter -- moo cow butter .... eh. Comes out to about a 60-wk supply.  He would not take kindly to the idea of ordering almond butter (LOL). You can understand that, yes? Yes.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+14 votes
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all USA WikiTreers!!

Pip, as always, thank you for hosting and providing us with an update of your activities. So glad, your Mom is able to celebrate with you and hope that continues for a long time. I have one centenarian in my family - my only living aunt - 101 and a half and she still celebrates holidays with her very large family!

My genealogy endeavors have been a bit slower the past couple of weeks due to the two cataract surgeries but all is going well and I hope in another few days to be back to my normal time spent on WikiTree. Just last  night I think I embarked on a rabbit hole when I came across an O'Neal profile that needs work and then realized that I can connect it to our one WikiTree. And, perhaps, in doing that might discover that it will eventually lead to a connection to my O'Neal line which is a dead end for now.

Our Thanksgiving was very nice - spent at our eldest daughter's house with our grandson and son-in-law plus four of his family members. Our youngest daughter is working this whole weekend (ICU nurse) so she can have Christmas off and our son does not live near. The day was gloomy and in the 40's F so a very wintry looking day. Food and visits were great.

I hope the rest of this holiday weekend is safe and wonderful for all; and, I hope the weather I see moving up into the northeast is not too bad for those living or traveling there. See you all next weekend.
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (279k points)
Looking forward to you quick recovery, Ginny! Glad to see you had so many family members together.

I've got a Neal dead end myself (Ulster Scot, not Irish), and I am not even trying to work it out.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+15 votes
Hello everyone,

Happy Holidays!!

I haven't been in chat for quite some time because I have had nothing of any genealogical significance to report.

The weather is getting colder and we have had 1 major snow storm a week or two ago but no snow since - although more snow is supposed to be coming.

What I can report is that my mother, who was adopted out as a baby, will be meeting her half sisters children - her half nieces - in 2 weeks time!!

This is the family that never knew about mum because her mother appears to have NEVER told anyone that she had a baby out of wedlock. Such a shameful thing to have happened back in the 1930s.

These new cousins (both girls) are twins, possibly fraternal, and probably a few years younger then me. So maybe aged in their 40s at least.

These are new half first cousins to me. And luckily they both live in the same city as my mother - which is good.

So I have to wait patiently for the next 2 weeks....

* sits here twiddling my thumbs - ho hum...*  LOL

Nothing much else to report.


by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (702k points)
getting to know new relatives is always exciting. I feel the same way when I know I will get to know "new" family, no matter if it's new born babies or a cousin I have never met before (and this still happens especially when it's about the Balkan family). I wish you patience and as a little reminder - the clock doesn't go slowlier only because it seems that way when we are waiting for something to happen.. It also doesn't go faster, it really only seems that way.. ;)
How exciting, Robynne! New family to meet. I can hear the impatience in your post. I would be, too!
Very excitiing news about your Mom!  Let us know how it turns out!  "Nothing else to report..."  LOL - that is huge news!

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+14 votes
Hope all the members celebrating Thanksgiving had a good one. Life has been a bit harried/stressful the past month. We're still not sure what put my wife in the hospital for 4 days and the ongoing diagnostics since then haven't revealed much of anything. At least she is feeling fine now and I have gotten caught up on email and WT.

Weather has been crazy. Warm/cold/warm/bitter cold. We received about 15 inches of snow this week and then it turned cold. The high for the day (so far is 23F/-5C) with possible rain/snow and possibly high winds later today when the next storm rolls in. nice not going anywhere and no need to go out today.

Genealogically, haven't done much but have started reviewing my tree to see what I can do when we go to Salt Lake in January (for SLIG). This will also help with the family reunion research for next summer. Quite a few of the records I need are still locked so can't be seen from home and a few require being in SLC to view.

We're also still in planning phase for next Spring's landscape work. the weather has messed up getting some done this fall.

Hope all are doing well.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (341k points)
Hi there, Doug! I see that you folks have been getting some varied weather out there, and I know who much you like to work outside all the time, prepping gardens and doing the usual maintenance. Sorry to hear about your wife's illness, but happy to hear that she is feeling fine now.
Prayers to you Doug - it sure puts everything in perspective.
Thanks for your thoughts/prayers. All will be well.

I am tired of the really cold and the wind came up pretty strong most of today. Usually that will clear out most of the snow but the sun didn't come out until a few minutes ago and then not for long. The storms have been moving east, so hope everyone in their path keep warm and safe.


Unexpected medical conditions can certainly create a change in the plans!   Hopefully, your wife's doctors can diagnose the cause.  But  "feeling better" seems to be a great direction. 

For me,  working on WikiTree is therapeudic,heart so don't ignore your WikiTreeing.

Sorry about the weather too.

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+13 votes
Hello from Europe!

The weather was here mostly grey this week. Grey, but at least dry. Yesterday and today there was finally a bit of sun. When mum had checked in into the hospital for her neurological tests, I went into the nearby big town to do some "Black Friday" shopping. Here the Black Friday only got popular a few years ago and many shops give discounts the whole week. That was in a way good because I got the stuff I want to send my friend in the Czech Republic cheaper than usual, but on the other hand I really rolleye quite a bit about that Black Friday hype...

Ok, mum and her tests... From what I heard the docs say the nerves and muscles are working alright, but they still wanted to do a test later this afternoon (after I had heard her) and that's why she's actually sleeping in the hospital a second night. But she was told that she can leave tomorrow morning after breakfast. Well, when she arrives home I will hear what they said and then during the next week the doctor report will be sent to us as well.

On the genealogical front I worked last week the most time on the (connected) cluster of Max Beckmann, the Kaulbach painter family and all their relatives. Today I thought I finally finished that but then I saw there are still more profiles that can be created and connected to them. I am still creating profiles for them, but at least I finally managed (just a few minutes ago) to take the 1000 contributions threshold. The good thing with creating profiles is you get 2 contributions when you create one profile. I only hope I will finish that Beckmann/Kaulbach cluster one day because then I will clean up my watchlist from all those profiles. I am not related to them, they are connected, no need to keep them.

Enjoy your weekend!
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
That fall of your mom's has been a saga with the doctors. I hope all this gets resolved soon!

Congrats on making your 1000+ contributions!
So true, and it seems that a next chapter is coming soon. The neurologist says the nerves and muscles are ok. But they now suspect that maybe the rotator cuff got damaged and now this has to be rechecked of the orthopedist. Why he didn't see that when he opened the shoulder (if that's the case) is something I don't know......

Ditto what everyone said on this chat.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+15 votes
Wild and Crazy weather in California over the past couple of days....and more to come.

We left for our Thanksgiving a day early to assure that we got through.....and we did.    We also came home early (today) to avoid the next round.

Being snowed in at the family home in Southern Oregon,  I was able to work some of my ancestors that are conflated on Family Tree....makes me appreciate our Honor Code and need for sources on WikiTree.   Made it really easy to fix, as I had all the right sources on WikiTree.

Hope that no one really got "stuck" this holiday.   Could have been us.... https://www.sacbee.com/news/weather-news/article237835269.html
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (576k points)
Robin, looks like you missed the last round of blackouts... and fires. Shouldn't the snow put a damper on the fires?

Ditto to what was said on this chat.

Hello everyone to the Thanksgiving WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Yes, Pip, the fire situation is now gone for the next 5-6 months as long as we continue to have weekly rains/snow.   Which is typical.    Fortunately, this storm is only bringing rain at our elevation (2500'), but, snow at the higher elevation is still closing passes north to Oregon and east to Reno, Lake Tahoe.
Hi Robin, good you made it home before the snow. Our daughter in law, oldest grandson and his wife and their 2 babies are leaving this week for Oregon to visit her sister and husband for a week.

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