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NOT that I expect any email via WT (nor from elsewhere other than several newspaper headline things and a Smithsonian and National Geographic and one other) ... but if you don't get a Timely Response for a few days currently ... it's AOL and my email and I can't get into my account and I have no idea when AOL will tame its angry beast ... 

AOL is now part of some major conglomerate of services under the Code Name "OATH" which I think must be Acronymic for something hotly profane and therefore not to be displayed here ... I was FORCED mind you to get a new password at AOL. I wrote it down "just in case" and dated the slip and labeled it (where does this password go to?" sort of label) ... 

It may be there is some progress there, the message has gone from 504 bad gate / timed-out to 503 temporarily out of service ... agreed that doesn't sound like progress but when you've been told 9+ times 504 bad gate (etc) to actually get a NEW message rates as progress ... even if satisfaction of my desire is still "ages away" ...  

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You could better use a gmail account or something similar for Wikitree and save your ISP (Internet Service Provider) issued account for more private matters like banking.

ISP accounts are difficult to change if there is a problem.  Gmail accounts can just be forgotten and another one had if there is a problem.

Good luck!
If you expect to be unavailable for a while, you may want to post a note on your own profile.  Non-members and members who don't follow G2G very closely would likely try to contact you by e-mail using that route, not G2G, and the site used to (still does?) recommend that for extended absences.
Well ... deary me, no, I don't purchase online using my AOL account, nor do I do my banking using my AOL account and there are no financial flows it is involved in -- it is strictly for my doing genealogical research and related activity, such as at Wikitree -- and for conducting personal communications with relatives and a friend or two and none of those communications uberprivate in content  -- and what passes through my email account is guaranteed to bore someone into sleep --

BUT as you can see by this reply, someone got off their thumb and 'fixed' the difficulty for the nonce ..
Can't predict how long an email account will be interrupted, Dennis, and like any right-thinking customer I am outraged by any difficulty ... one thing you have to admire about AOL and any number of other businesses, including banks, in these modern cyber times, is that it has become increasingly difficult to actually speak with another human who is actually in a position to deal with your difficulty ... so many of the voices you might actually hear are outsources who are usually well-scripted and completely impotent when it comes to solving the problem you have

Now, if I were going to be 'unavailable' due to surgery and recovery, something like that, or because I'm traveling in some foreign country ...

But you can't really expect anyone to post a notice on their page when the random external event usurps their power to communicate -- fire, flood, solar flares, meteors and other such events ... tornado, hurricane ... house exploding due to gas main ... power outage by the utility company ...  if FEMA and NSA and other First Responder are hampered and even blocked from cyber communications ... and in a world where texting on a hand held device can go wildly astray ..

I dunno Dennis, it does not sound quite as easy peasy people think it is ... or want to believe it is ...

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Susan, it may be beneficial to gradually move away from AOL. As a business, it suffered from a major decline in users over a decade ago. While it's hard to predict a company's fate, each year, AOL might not be around for much longer. Ars Technica (a reputable source for science, technology, and internet culture focused journalism) publishes an annual "Deathwatch" list for companies either hobbling along on their last legs or widely expected to go belly up in the near future. Naturally, Verizon's AOL/Yahoo/Oath brand was included in the most recent edition of the Ars Deathwatch. Even if a company or brand does not "die" entirely, it is likely not flourishing and able to offer the best services and often failing to continue offering service improvements.

So I would recommend a couple of services that cost $0 for their basic email services. One is ProtonMail, an independent privacy and security focused email service in Switzerland.  Another is Gmail by Google, which comes with numerous additional features and compatibility. I'm not the only one recommending these as among the best.  

It's even possible to move all of your old messages and contact lists over from AOL to Gmail (if you want). Here's a nice step-by-step walk-through

It will take a few reminders, but your contacts will surely get used to your new email if you consistently remind them and email them from your new address. 

P.S. If you're curious about Verizon's briefly lived "Oath" umbrella brand, there's an explanation of the reasoning behind the name (not an acronym) by AOL's chief marketing officer that's worth reading

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