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I am slowly transferring all my research from my TNG (The Next Generation) database on my own private server to make it available to all as well as my family.  I have already written several PHP scripts using the apps server to update WikiTree profiles, especially the biographies, from my TNG profiles.  Here is an example one:

Where a new profile is involved I have to manually create one then update it.  Ideally I would like to write a PHP script for TNG that would operate like WikiTree X does with Ancestry, in other words brings up the new profile page with the basic data already filled in.  However I can no see how to achieve this with the WikiTree apps server.  Have I missed something?


John Gilroy

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It doesn't seem like anybody who really knows cares to answer this question, so here's my take on it as a fellow developer.

I suppose that you've had a look at the API Documentation. The API is read-only, which I believe is a reflection of the policy. To put it bluntly, it's simply too easy to wreak havoc upon the database with DIY import tools.

Probably the only feasible way to create profiles on a semi-automatic basis is to create a Gedcom and import it via GEDCompare. I think that the best way to go about it would be to create small batches (say 20-50 profiles) with the bare-bones data, and then fill in with script-generated biographies afterwards.

Great profile, by the way. I'm also doing script-generated biographies from my own database, a self-developed application in PostgreSQL, PHP, and Perl. I'm creating the profiles manually, and do a lot of manual editing, but the automatic export of BMD events and inline references saves me a lot of drudgery.

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Thanks,  for the response.  I keep researching but I think you are correct its the way I will have to go.  I am just concerned that that I will end up spending more time developing than researching.   Its getting a balance of reducing the repetitive tasks and validating existing and doing further research.  On the positive side I am validating my research as I add to wikitree and its amazing the number of silly errors I finding in my citations and sources!


John Gilroy.

One of those "silly errors" you may have missed, John, is the removal of the biography heading from some of the profiles you have edited with your process.

...just a heads up!!wink


Ouch, many thanks for the heads up I'll get them corrected over the next few weeks.


If you are familiar with GEDCOM X you can just copy what WikiTree X is doing to add profiles.

Post GEDCOM X data to the edit family links (example: ), similar to how you would if you were using GEDCOM X for MergeEdit


Thanks very much.  Why is it sometime you make things harder than they should be?  When I look at the page after using the WikiTreeX chrome extension it is blindlingly obvious.  I will try this out at the weekend.

Thanks a lot it is going to speed up getting my research and sources onto WikiTree a lot faster, leaving more time to validate and research before adding.  Then I can get back to doing new research on my dead ends.

Thanks again


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I have a passing knowledge of programming, but could not write a script in PHP.  My feeling is that any script would work only for a combination of PHP and Wikitree.
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