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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Be safe in all your travels. See you next weekend!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

It’s already Friday?!? Let’s get the Weekend Chat moving! Greetings from Cathey’s Creek where I can’t complain about the cold weather, considering what our more northerly cousins are experiencing. In any case, it’s cold enough here to make wearing a summer kilt a little daunting. I wore my new Robertson Red to church for the Feast of Saint Andrew (patron of Scotland, among other countries). Thankfully, my woolen hose helped keep the legs warmer (dark green colored to show the matching flashes better). A cream-colored sweater topped it off. Very comfortable. Better than wearing pants!

On the Home Front: Our daughter and son-in-law arrived safely back home from a trip to Sweden and Norway. We received lots of photos while they were there. The Christmas Village in Stockholm, majestic mountains above the Arctic Circle near Tromsø, reindeer, dogsledding, a Saami village, and blowing snow! They were two hours from Finland and wanted to make a quick trip there to see the Northern Lights, but a blizzard hampered transportation, so they headed back to Tromsø from the Saami Village instead.

While we thought we’d have a lonely Christmas, our world travelers might come here the weekend before. Our daughter is wanting most especially to spend time with my mom and step-dad as we realize that time is finally starting to catch up with her grandparents. This week we had an initial conversation with my mom about someone coming in to help clean and such. There’s no reason for them to have to move somewhere… yet. They just need help. Dad has already indicated that he is amenable to the idea. It’s mom that needs convincing. I think she just doesn’t want to face this right now. We’ll see.

On the Genealogy Front: Congratulations (again!) to Kathy Rabenstein for winning the November Integrators’ Challenge! She passed me on the last day of the month to win. I am so very proud of her work and also the work of others who participated. We garnered over 1000 new or improved profiles for the month, only the second time this has happened. (I’ll also take a moment to thank my friends and co-workers in the Integrators’ Project, David and Dorothy, for all their efforts to make this project successful. The Chat is a part of that Project, too!)

I have been working on the descendants of two families, both with a million descendants. One family is out of Union County, North Carolina. Adam Clark Fisher had five female descendants who married cousins in my family, so I backed up one generation for him and began adding descendants of his father, Phillip. I was able to connect a few Fisher families to others already present on WikiTree.

The other family is directly related, the descendants of Alexander Rankin and Mary Moore. Mary was an aunt of both of my maternal grandparents, and many of these connected to some of the early settler families of Gaston County. Last night, I connected a distant male cousin to a granddaughter of Confederate Lt. Gen. Daniel Harvey Hill! Exciting!! Looks like Hill’s family needs some work, so I’ve added him to my to-do list.

During this plunge into these families, I add several more veterans to my Needs Biography list, up to about 25 now. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get these bios done, plus several others who have tons of sources.

While I have gotten some of my Christmas shopping done, I’ll need to get on the ball soon. I’m looking forward to the season as Brevard is so very pretty during Christmas. The parade is on Monday, and all the shops are decorating their window displays. The large tree on the courthouse lawn is just beautiful.

Blessings on all of you this season. Now, enjoy yourselves and let us know what you’re up to!

Thanks Pip for hosting!! 

I dare Pip to dig into the Famiglietti families in Frigento. More on that in the individual post I am cooking up. =)

Thanks for hosting, man. Hope they enjoyed the trip to the north. And...maybe brought back either the mask of Loki or Thor's hammer. =)

Ha, Chris! I wish they had brought gifts... but wait! They'll be here in a couple of weeks. Maybe I WILL get something! I could use something to celebrate my Scandinavian heritage.

The Famigliettis sound like work. I'll stay with my local families whose sources I can actually read! laugh

If they give you a gnarled cane they found in a cave in Norway, chances are it's Thor's hammer. Just saying. =)
Greetings from Everett, Washington!

On the home front: I gained three pounds over Thanksgiving.  It is back to seriously following the weight loss plan.  But my daughter is still seriously motivated to level up her cooking skills and those Elder Scrolls recipes are not low carb.  Next we will try the cabbage biscuits.

I have really fallen down on my attempts to teach my son to drive.  Consistency in practice, I know.  I am putting my life in his hands.  But all our ancestors--didn't they put their lives in their children's hands as well?

Today is the Feast of Saint Nicholas of Bara.  Ho Ho Ho.  Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, at the Council of Nicea, punched the heretic Arius in the jaw.  He was immediately sorry, however.

On the weather front: I just wrote a magazine article about the Big Snow of 1916 in the Pacific Northwest.  21 1/2 inches in 24 hours, a record for our area.  So far the only rumors of snow I heard came from my daughter's young co-workers, who predicted an enormous storm last Saturday that was not forecast by anyone else.  But wait until the New Year...

On the genealogy front: I swing Tarzan-like from branch to branch.  I am working on connecting an unconnected profile from the Mukilteo Pioneer Cemetery.  I'm looking at the family of his stepdaughter's husband, and reaching back into Ohio. The stepdaughter's mother was a Native American.  It's difficult to assign her to a tribe as the records don't show where she was born, yet she hung out with Chimakums, so that's the tribe I chose.  

I want to welcome a cousin, N Robe, who was confirmed as a full member this week.  

Genealogy papers are migrating to boxes and cabinets away from this computer, meaning I have to shepherd them back and consolidate.  Should I throw out paper family group sheets I made years ago?  I will keep the file of 3 X 5 index cards that fill several boxes.  I'm putting the Wikitree ID numbers on them.  But the other ephemera--I vacillate between throwing out everything but heirlooms and keeping nearly everything.  And many documents need to be scanned.  Husband is very picky about the parameters for scanning so I have to catch him in the act and toss a few things of mine into the pile.
Thank you for hosting (week in and week out), Pip!  And I'm glad you're dressing for the weather.  

Please give your mama a hug from me. My dear old Dad has a particular challenge letting go of domestic duties that have become part of his identity. He'd rather take the garbage out with his walker than let someone else do it.
Thanks for hosting Pip!
Thanks for hosting Pip.

Perhaps it's time to add a  "Fashion" update to the Weekend Chat?   On second thought,  no one can top the KILT fashion details....  I could probably find a cream colored sweater to top off my jeans though.    (Here's where I admit engineers aren't renowned for their fashion sense.)     The  "very comfortable" motif seems perfect.
Good news, at least, is that the profile for Joseph Radley is now connected, through his stepdaughter's husband's father.  On to the next Mukilteo profile.
"I swing Tarzan-like from branch to branch" Boy, if there was ever a description of how I work. Good one, Margaret!

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Central Pennsylvania has a few snow flurries this morning, along with cold temperatures. This week people have been putting Christmas decorations out in their yards and on their porches. Can you believe it will soon be 2020?

I ran into something comical this week while working horizontally on my families.  Have you ever heard the expression “Okey Dockey”, meaning “yes”, or “everything is OK”, or “fine”. (There are different spellings of this). While working on my large Baker family out of Virginia and West Virginia, I ran into a family that married into the Baker Family. It did not take me long to run across two brothers, one named Okey, and one named Dockey. I thought there was a mistake on census records, but it was accurate. So now in the beautiful hills of a Tucker County West Virginia cemetery, rest Okey and Dockey.  Their parents had a sense of humor.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care of yourself, and each other.


by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
That is hilarious, Rodney! I've come across some unusual combinations for brothers or sisters, but nothing like that!

Are you included in the "people have been putting Christmas decorations in their yards?"
O yes, we have Christmas decorations. I do not put them around the roof line of the house anymore, but we do other decorations. Another thing my wife does is make wreaths from the pine trees I have here in the yard for our parents tombstones. She has wreath rings that you can intertwine evergreen stems on.

I will have Okey and Dockey's profiles done with sources this weekend.
Wreaths: quire a nice way to remember your parents.

No roof decorations for me!
It's a very snowy Friday here in Eastern Ontario, Canada.  We are busy decorating for Christmas... which reminds me... I need to find time to do some shopping!
You and me both, Amy! Stay safe in all that snow.
Enjoy the snow Amy. Have fun shopping, and shop till you drop. Travel safe.
Okey Dokey Rodney,

I'm still smiling.
Hi Peggy, hope all is well with you. Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.

One year our next-door-neighbors went to dinner and left the kids to put up the Christmas lights. They nailed Santa to the roof. Drip, drip, drip.
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Today is...



On December 6th, National Microwave Oven Day honors one appliance that changed the way we use the kitchen. 

Quite by accident, self-taught American engineer Percy Spencer discovered a way to heat food safely with microwaves. While working with an active radar in 1945, he noticed a candy bar in his pocket was melting. The high-powered microwave beams created a heating effect ideal for cooking. Spencer deliberately attempted cooking popcorn with the microwaves. Next, he tried cooking an egg. The egg test was less successful than the popcorn. It exploded in his fellow engineer’s face! However, we can cook eggs in microwave ovens. Try poaching one. 

Spencer, employed by Raytheon, continued experimenting with different methods of heating food safely with microwaves.

  • Raytheon filed a United States patent application for Spencer’s microwave cooking process on October 8, 1945.
  • In 1947, Raytheon built the first commercially available microwave oven. It was called the “Radarange.”
  • An estimated 90% of homes in the United States have a microwave in them.

HOW TO OBSERVE #MicrowaveOvenDay

The microwave oven is more than an elaborate popcorn popper. Use this celebration to explore the many uses of the microwave oven. We’ve provided a few suggestions to get you started, but we also encourage you to share your favorites, too!

  • make crispy bacon (and you won’t get burned either)
  • melt chocolate for all that holiday dipping
  • heat rice or bean-filled hot pads for achy muscles
  • steam vegetables
  • soften brown sugar
  • dry herbs
  • loosen labels from jars

While testing these ideas out, take some time to clean your microwave, too. Steam a wet cloth for a minute on high and let stand for another minute. The steam softens any build-up. Then, wipe your microwave down with a little hot soapy water to remove any greasy splatter. 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
I remember the ads for radaranges! One ad had a fella with a Geiger Counter to prove that radiation wasn't leaking after the microwave got a whack.
I had some pancakes re heated in the microwave with a sausage patty  for breakfast. For good measure I topped it off with some maple syrup produced in Geauga County Ohio.
Haha, I had a microwave in my kitchen for years before I found the courage to turn it on.  Now I use it for all sorts of things: to steam dry bread (wrap it in a damp paper towel), to boil water for tea, and this morning to re-heat some leftovers for a lovely taco breakfast. Yumm.
I love a good rice sock for an aching back! Thanks Dorothy
And now it's time to reheat some morning coffee in the microwave, add some Irish cream, then read the Weekend chat.

I must be the only person  I  know that doesn't own a microwave! No where to put as my itchen is petitindecision

Thanks Dorothy,

I've never used my microwave to loosen labels from jars.... I'll definitely keep that in mind.   I'll try not confuse it with loosening the lids from jars,  which might end in disaster.
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Grace and Peace to you, Wikikin, and a Happy Saint Nicholas Day too.

I did not post in the weekend chat last week, as it was the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and I was focused on other things. So now. let's catch up.

On the genealogy front: In the days before Thanksgiving, I created and worked on profiles for one set of my wife's great-great-grandparents. Since then, I've done almost nothing. My mind has been elsewhere, and I've had many other things to do.

On the homefront: We had old friends coming out of the woodwork to visit us and meet our new daughter. That was nice. We had Thanksgiving dinner with my wife's parents.

Last night the children lined up their shoes by the front door, and this morning they discovered chocolate coins, a few trinket toys, and a picture book left in and near their shoes by Saint Nicholas.

Tomorrow we're having a birthday party for our oldest boys, the twins, who are turning six next week. The party is early due to the custody arrangements of their cousin, who wants to attend.

Sunday we're going to my wife's mother's annual extended family Christmas party. Which features a visit from Santa Claus and an early Christmas present.

That's right, there are presents three days in a row - and it's not even Christmas yet...

by Thomas Fuller G2G6 Mach 6 (69.5k points)
You've have a full schedule there, Thomas! Nice tradition for St. Nicholas Day, too. I believe the it's the same in the Netherlands, so I've heard.

Grave and peace to you, too. To you and yours!
Have fun at the Christmas party, Tom! =D
Happy Saint Nicholas Day to you too!
Amazing that you had any time for genealogy.    Sounds like December is starting off at a gallop for you..... Children certainly make Christmas a treat.   Enjoy.
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Never reacted before, but you know why not :-). Of course it's still a bit of Sinterklaas time in the Netherlands! Thursday was Sinterklaas, but due to planning we've postponed it to this weekend. Really looking forward to all of the winter celebrations again! All cozy :-) I also hope we will be able to ice skate this year again, but with climate change our chances are getting slimmer and slimmer each year.

As for genealogy: I managed to buy a book mentioning my greatgrandpa for 5 euros (instead of the minimum 16 euros secondhand online). So happy with that! Other than that, I was happy to be able to help out with some scientific gerontology research, and am alpha-testing a large historic population reconstruction, which got me quite some useful feedback.

Enjoy your weekends, and I hope y'all be to do some nice discoveries over the weekend and the course of the next week!
by Willem Vermeulen G2G6 Mach 1 (18.4k points)
Hi there, Willem! Glad to hear from you.

What a cool find, the book mentioning your great-grandfather! I've had some luck with that, especially those in the 19th century.

Have a great weekend!
Hello Willem. I always enjoy when new folks like you jump in with information. Thank-you. I hope you do it more often. I have to admit I had to Google "Sinterklass", because I was not sure what it meant. You have a good rest of the day and travel safe.
Happy Sinterklass, Willem!  When I was a student, I lived at one end of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada and attended university at the other end. In winter I used my ice skates to get to class - they weren't silver skates, but it was an amazing way to get around!  
I hope you have a few chances to strap yours on this winter.
Hi Willem,

did you already get your chocolate letter? (For those who don't know, in the Netherlands it's today the day to get the presents.) One of the very popular presents is the initial in chocolate.

Happy Belated Sinterklaas !

Hope you enjoy your weekend too.   

+13 votes
Not much to report this week. I took Monday to relax and that extended into Tuesday. We got hit by a snow storm mid week, There were a lot of traffic problems in Chardon Wednesday and when the drivers in Chardon have problems driving in the snow you can bet it is really bad because we are used to it. Thursday night was the second ham radio class and that brings us to today. I did sign up for the Cemetery Project but I don't expect to do much there with the snow covering a large number of gravestones. My watchlist went over 5000 again so I am limiting what I do until I can get that back down at least a bit. The good news is that the snow is melting, but they are saying more is on the way. I am going to try to take some pictures of my Christmas display later and possibly post them here.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
I am going to have to cut things short for now, My step son's wife is having a surgical procedure done in one hospital and her 18 year old daughter fell at work and can not go home. She will be staying with us for a undetermined time, at least until she can shed the crutches. The pictures of the Christmas display may not happen this week. Tomorrow we take the granddaughter for another Dr. appointment and all bets are off for anything else because her Step father has National Guard duty this weekend, you know who will be picking up the slack because with her dad and mom not able to do things I guess we are the backup plan.

Mother and daughter are about 15 miles away from each other in different medical facilities. The fun never stops here.frown

Just got word that the granddaughter is being referred to an orthopedic surgeon as well as the testing that needs to be done tomorrow. If I do not check in again Have a good weekend I guess.
Having had my foot worked on, I'll be thinking of her. Good luck!! Hoping for the best!
I've been try to scale down my watchlist too....  before I orphan a profile, I update the sources and categories, which takes some time.   This means I'm certainly not creating many orphans.

Have a great weekend.
Wow Susan,

The Kansas City area had bad enough winters that we moved SOUTH.    I can't imagine experiencing your winters.  I have heard sometimes even the propane tanks freeze.

But great conditions for genealogy work over the winter!

Stay warm.


laughI dunno, Pip, what with at least one of Dale's ears gimp (no aid) (and who knows what the other ear is up to these days -- I don't recall what he said it was doing -- or not doing) and what with ICE (actual weather type, and not the Fed ICE) clamping down on the area, and what with relatives scattered hither thither and over yonder in the grip of pain and therapies and miseries ... in short all the usual predictable chaos of his usual routines this time of year blown to smithereens by random chaos ...almost guaranteed at this that if he grits his teeth just to endure he'll bust a crown or something ...  can't think of anything that will make it "better" but the passage of time ... 

Susan I have hearing  aids in both ears at this time. The aid for my right ear is still working just fine. The problem is the matching aid for the left ear died and I am using an older analog aid for now. Mixing different aids is not to be recommended and one is analog with the other being digital that is even less desirable.

To all, The granddaughter will not see the specialist until next week but her mother is doing just fine and recovering well. The Ice and most of the snow should be gone by this afternoon but there is another system approaching so who knows what the weather will bring. I am hoping that the hearing aid specialist was correct and I would be able to buy 2 matching hearing aids but I don't read that section of my policy that way, who knows, I am not always right. Christmas is going to be very spartan this year due to the unexpected expenses piling up but we have at least some small things for everyone.

WHERE ARE YOU? At any rate you know where everyone is ... I recall those commercials about "do you know where your kids are" and the SNL "do you know where your parents are" ... and a few other parodies ... jokes that start with "Now that we have you pinned down ...." 

AIDS -- I suppose given the disparity you describe in your current aids ... can't even imagine this, beyond "I can hear high C in the left ear but not in the right ear" sort of results -- which is my normal mode of hearing -- I do a lot of sonar / radar imitation homing in on sounds ... and your description sounds like you have to also 

GIFTS -- I don't know from 'spartan' .... everyone has a different budget and the ones who usually receive have their Expectations based on past gifts to them ... well, if you have 'trained' them to expect budget $100 gifts and all they'll get this year is budget $25 gifts ... 

IF YOU ARE INTO ELVIS, hottest male to put on long pants  since Rudolph Valentino, there's a heavy DISCUSSION about native american or not  Elvis Presley -- Native American Ancestry? - WikiTree G2G  ... 

Susan, The analog aid has only on off and volume controls. If you turn it up too loud you get feedback. The digital aid has the same controls but there are three programs, one for normal use a second for when I am in a car and the third for noisy areas. It has also been set to eliminate the feedback no matter what the volume or how close it is to another object like your hand.

As far as Elvis is concerned I am not interested in the least if he had any Native American ancestors. I am a very distant cousin but by way of his fathers line, 16th cousin once removed.
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Did someone say Blueberry Pie? Pip?

What a crazy fun week this has been on the WikiTree front. Because of a feature in the WikiTree Blog I had so many wonderful WikiTreers sharing their connections to me, people finding old G2G questions I had and doing further, incredible research (Karen Lowe found my Great Uncle Otis Doctor (Lord) Lloyd's death information and so much more). My head has been spinning in a good way. I even went down the rabbit hole on something someone sent me for hours the other day!

Gosh! I love WikiTree! I am humbled by so much support through this big ole shared tree of ours!

Thank you, cousins!


by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (480k points)
Hello, Mags!  I added two Dillard profiles from Lane County, Oregon yesterday because of you.
Blueberry pie for you, Mags! Ain't it great, this family we have here on WikiTree?

Have you been to the Carolina Room at the Char-Meck Library? I've found scads of stuff there. You reminded me, through your great Meet Our Members interview, that I need to make a trip back there.

One of the problems I have with research in York County is that some of the records are in Lincoln (Old Tryon) County due to the boundary between SC and NC being so indeterminant in the mid-1700s. An idea you might want to check out, if you go back that far.
BYW, Mags, I have Mauldin/Mauldens marrying into a few of  my related families in South Carolina and elsewhere. One Betty Mauldin married an uncle by marriage, Christopher Columbus Whitmire. (He was an uncle by marriage through another wife, my aunt Elizabeth Galloway.)

There are a few other connections for us in Pickens County.
I'm interested in the blueberry pie greeting.

Glad you're enjoying the fun this week, I think its well deserved!

The connection finder is a fabulous feature, isnt it?  You can't do that without a shared tree. On the other hand, it has led me down so many rabbit holes ...
Mags, great that you had so many connections. We are most uncertainly 11 cousins twice removed, and you are one of my few connections that does not go through New England.
That was a great spotlight. You do great work. And yea this community's great. No drama or anything. *hides Eowyn's dungeon*

Yup. No drama at all. =)
I agree,   WikiTree is incredible!   It's not just the wonderful people on G2G,  but you can just get into  "the zone"  and work on profiles for hours.   (But certainly watch out for the rabbit holes.)

I used to be very disciplined about attaining my scheduled  "goals" and managed to stay on track..... but lately..... I'm all over the place.  Good thing I don't have an annual  "performance review",  there'd be a heart to heart about my project completion issues.   (Ah yes,  retirement and WikiTree..)
+14 votes

Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

I have a lot going on on the genealogy front. Let's get this train wreck a rolling!

First up, I did a blog about the crafting my grandmother made: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2019/12/52-ancestors-week-49-craft.html She was good at crocheting, knitting and all kinds of fun stuff. She even made all ten of us grandkids "Weasley" sweaters. With her addition to the blog, I think I've focused on all four of my grandparents at one point this year.  Funny how things work out. It's almost like it was planned!

Secondly, I've been working on the tree for my 4th great-grandmother, Maria Saveria Famiglietti. It's proving to be a monumental task for a few reasons. 

Look at her tree: https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Famiglietti-Family-Tree-3 Check out the bits of endogamy. 

I've been trying to figure out her parents, Nicola and Maddelena. Some trees have Nicola with a second wife who has kids that overlap the birth of Maria Saveria's siblings. I've found Nicola on Antenati. His death was some time in the 1840s. However, his parents weren't Pasquale Famiglietti and Rosaria Pugliese. They were this Pasquale Famiglietti and Anna Laurino.

So, I am beginning to think that there were two Pasquale Famigliettis and two Nicola Famigliettis around at the same time. It's a bit confusing. I do have DNA matches descended from both. Well, I should say my dad does.

It's a huge mess to clean up. 

On the non genealogy front, I bought Christmas gifts for my nephews, brother and sister in law. They should be coming soon so we can mail it out to Virginia. Went to the mall yesterday and had Taco Bell for a snack. Was probably not the best choice. How are all restaurants supposed to be Taco Bell if the food tastes like *censored*?

Seriously, the "meat" was kinda gross. But, it was "food". Or "food related".

Other than that, I picked up a card to send to family in Italy. I tried to find one that wasn't covered in glitter. No such luck. Glitter is a weapon of mass destruction. People have been tried over its use.

And that's about it from me. It snowed her and had to deal with the aftermath. Was not fun to deal with. But, at least it is done. Have a great chat, everyone!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
Chris, I am surprised that you have not jumped in on D C Fontana's family yet. She had Italian Roots.
Super great blog, Chris. You have a way for telling a story. The photos were great, too. What wonderful hand-me-downs you have of the things that Natalie made! What I am really envious of is that oil painting. I'll stay with stick figures like you.
@ Dale: I haven't had time. I may get around to her at some point. She had her hand in some awesome Star Trek eps.

@ Pip: Thanks, man. I do like to write. =) They are great hand-me-downs. You should see the creepy dolls she used to collect. They were creepy and stared at you with soulless eyes.

My grandfather's painting is amazing. We have several other works of his. I just wonder when he made it. My dad's practice started shortly after they were married in 1972. He died in 1983. So, I'm thinking he made it in like 1977-1980? Maybe. I'll have to ask my dad.
I'm sorry, Chris, but I'm having a chuckle. Famiglietti sounds like a good name for folks who kept it in the famiglia ...

I like word games almost as much as puzzles, and it does sound like an interesting puzzle. I have a branch of my family tree that overlaps and intersects so much, I cant trace it on paper without crossing lines. One day I may try it with macrame. I believe I have finally puzzled out the ancestors correctly, but the DNA matches may never be clear.  

Buona fortuna con Famiglietti!
Laurie, it looks like they did. If someone change their name to Stark or Lannister, I don't think anyone would notice!!

Thanks for the kind works. Famigilietti is a tough line to deal with. I asked someone to help me figure things out from the ground up.


I handle Taco Bell by adding my own chopped up guacamole, my own sauce, and if tomatoes are in season I'll add diced tomato.    But the Taco Bell around here is better than 1/2 of the  "mexican" restaurants.

 Buona fortuna con Famiglietti!    (I should probably look that up before I post it,  but surely the incredible Laurie Giffin wouldn't post anything untoward.)

You got it, Peggy. Grazimille!

Kinda sad how that Taco Bell is better than the Mexican places.

Update: I think I fixed the Famigliettis! https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Famiglietti-Family-Tree-3

Added as many sources as I can. I might add more kids so they never get conflated again. I talked to a Famiglietti researcher and there were like 20 Nicolas at the same time and 30 Pasquales. Must have been very confusing.

Especially when their moms called them for dinner.

+14 votes
Thanks for hosting the chat Pip:)  I saw the pic of your Robertson Red, man you have cute knees LOL. Glad your family had safe travels too :)

It's cold here in the UK too, much nicer to sit at the computer and shop on Amazon than attempt to trawl the shops, but I do like to support our local businesses especially the market stalls whose owners stand out in all weathers to provide us with fresh produce all year round, so all my christmas goodies come from those places :)

On the genealogy front, I am still searching out names for the unknowns, untangleing some mixed up families and trying to clean up my watchlist which is a feat in itself. There is a real buzz of activity in the England Project as we all get into the christmas spirit too :)

For those in the Northern Hemisphere keep safe in the cold weather, for our warmer cousins "down under" enjoy the sunshine and don't forget the sun lotion :)
by Wendy Sullivan G2G6 Pilot (142k points)
Hi Wendy! I try to shop local, too, but it is, sometimes, just so much easier to shop online. USA Kilts is making $$ off of me since I discovered their site, and not just for me. Great Christmas gifts for the family.
I'm with you on the shopping challenge. Online is convenient, but I do like to do my part to keep the local businesses afloat.

Stay warm and dry Wendy!
I'm certainly finding some great  On Line gifts this year;    having FREE SHIPPING from Amazon prime certainly makes shopping ever sweeter.

But I agree with Laurie,  I enjoy the local stores too.

Enjoy your weekend shopping and  sorting out your family tangles.
+13 votes
Hi, everyone. while it's a bit cool here in Tempe, it's still relatively warm compared say to Ohio where I lived the first two thirds of my life  (Fourty Nine years).

I'm trying to get my contributions back into shape. Does anyone have any suggestions on some changes that can be made in the Biography section? right now I've decided to add the complete birth date to the Biography. In the pass I've just put in the approximate date, but I don't see any advantage except for a few people

I fixed a batch of mexi soup the other day. It consists of an onion, chopped,and sauted in a medium soup pot.  Add a large can of crushed tomatoes, a can of kidney beans, a can of creamed corn, and a small can of tomato sauce. Add a cup of veggie broth and a tablespoon of taco seasoning and a few dashes of Tobasco sauce. Put the  complete contents of the cans, and bring the soup to a boil, and simmer for 25 minutes.

You can find the receipe in the Mcdougall quick and easy cookbook
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (401k points)
Hi Dave, hope all is well, I have not seen you around in awhile. Your soup sounds good. I would eat that with some of grandma's good cornbread, smothered with butter.

The only suggestion I have is to look at your Suggestion Report of people you are related to. That gives you all kinds of profile data ideas to work on, and at the same time reduce the number of suggestions.

Travel safe Dave
Hi, Dave! On those bi (the profile auto-bios are severely lacking). I always add the full dates and locations. Occasionally, I use the bio app which does give more information.

I requested a change in the auto-bio some time ago, but it didn't go anywhere.

That recipe sounds like one even I couldn't mess up!
Sounds like yummy soup, and a great suggestion.  Thank you!
Mexi Soup is very easy to fix. I suppose you can add meat if you want to but,I normally don't so.
What fun Dave!   We went on the  McDougall diet about 25 years ago...... for health purposes more than weight loss.  It's incredibly strict and we stuck to it for about 2 years.   Our friends called it the POW diet because we got so skinny.    Anyway,  we drifted away from the strict diet and the only lingering practice from the diet is we still don't eat red meat or pork.   

I'll definitely try your recipe!
+13 votes

Happy St. Nick Greetings to All...ho ho ho

First, Pipster, thank you for hosting!

I am still recovering from the auto break in last Friday. I was able to contact campus police first thing Monday morning and they deleted the ID number. They are also setting up a more efficient and available way to handle these situations during holidays when the campus is 'closed' (someone is always working, usually a faculty working on a grant).

I have been asked to consult on a grant and am actually supposed to be responding to the investigators right now by email; however, you can see where my priorities are. WT family first. Following the grant information follow up, I have to forward some information for our WHO website. Work, work, work...(picture Mel Brooks as the Gov in Blazing Saddles).

So, I am having some ancestry withdrawal given all this other work. I did respond to a data doctor issue for my 2nd GGM Eliza Flood, born in Ireland and died in Minnesota. On a positive note, I was able to confirm her surname! Burns! I have to credit Raewyn, Corinne and Jo for their feedback on what to do. The England Teammates are terrific. I've also begun serious edits on my 7th GGF, Henry Baldwin (biography and sourcing). I downloaded a copy of his will (1687ish) and will upload it to the site once I upload all these photos from my phone to my computer. I've also located four items on FMP for Henry. I am going to copy and paste the URL. It started out with FREE, but when I tried to get the documents (probably baptismal records), the site wanted money. What's free? Just looking them up only to entice??? 

So, I will send all my info for the grant, then work on the WHO website and hope to at least complete the biography and sourcing (at long last) for Grandpa Henry.

Here is the URL for FMP. If you have access, please send any documents to shisacmb at gmail dot com 


Have a great weekend!

by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (161k points)
edited by Pip Sheppard
Hello, Carol! I think if I had your schedule, I would fall asleep standing up. And yes, it is an enticement these companies present to you. "No pay? Awww.... too bad." That's why I ask here (on G2G). Somebody will have access.

I edited your email address so that it couldn't be scooped up by spammers.
Too bad you had a break-in on top of everything else.  The red tape can be so frustrating, but the sun is shining on the other side of all those hoops you're jumping through

That "Free" tactic is the reason I signed up with WikiTree in the first place. I do pay for a couple of specific resources, but I do my best to give enough info in the WT bios that my cousins don't have to pay the same fees I do, and I'm really appreciative of other WT members who do the same!  

Happy St. Nicholas!
Thanks much Pip! I appreciate the gmail edit. I'm alway the one worried about safety and security! DUH!
Hi Laurie,

Thanks for the break-in condolences. The read tape is a pain. And the 'free' tactic is also a pain. I wish they would say something like 'checking is free, but any access will have a cost, or require a yearly cost.'

Have a great St. Nick day. I will hope someone fills my stocking with that info on my 7x GGF!
Carol you certainly have a full plate>

I became involved with WikiTree after I retired.   I enjoy  "family research" and the WikiTree experience so much,  I'm almost gratefuI  I discovered it after retirement.  A career has so many demands sometimes  it's difficult to work other passions in.   I sometimes wonder how much WikiTree it might have distracted from my career, or perhaps it would have helped provide balance in my life.

But then I certainly regret the years I missed.   

Glad your experience with the  "Campus Police" will  improved their procedures.
+17 votes

Greetings from rainy British Columbia! Travelling is fun, but its nice to be home again, particularly when my travels take me to places that go to -17 and leave white stuff all over the ground. 

The Halifax Explosion is forefront in my thoughts today. While working on the 5-star profile of one of the very few heros of that disaster, I found a book that I packed into my suitcase. Now I'm knee-deep in case files. Its a sobering lesson in the lifestyles in 1917, and a vivid depiction of the myriad of different ways people respond to disaster. 

Maybe one day I'll work on these cases in WikiTree, but I'm determined to finish another project: sourcing and connecting the first settlers of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  Not quite as sobering as disaster victims.  

Stay warm and dry!

by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 6 (66.5k points)
"-17?????" No thanks! It's cold enough for me here at 24F (last night). You stay warm and dry, too!s

You reminded me: I need to get back to work on the Easington Mine Explosion.
24 degrees ain't that cold for New England winters. That's downright balmy, Pip.

Laurie, bundle up! Stay warm!!
I wasn't even aware of the Halifax Explosion...... and it happened so soon after the Titanic victims were brought to Halifax.   Sounds like an incredible project for you to focus on.

While winter may be arriving,  there are incredible  "in door" projects on WikiTree to focus on.

Enjoy you weekend.
+14 votes

XMAS DECOR .. welllll, we have a big red & gold bow on the front screen door. And the articulated skeleton (plastic) of a headless canine(?) crouched in the shrub next to the front door. I have no idea how long the Sig O is going to leave it there .... maybe this is some sort of Urban nod to Birth and Death? I do not ask. (Never ask a question you suspect you will not like the answer to) -- probably just a bad case of Procrastination (his middle name) and laziness and the fact he does NOT want to store it in the garage .... admitted, where else? Garage or in the garden areas ... he also refuses to donate it ... I keep hoping someone will steal it ... 

WEATHER is currently dry, windy cloudless, sunny, but not WARM, my heavens no, although I am aware that anything below 70 in my opinion is COLD when it is also breezy or windy ... I shiver. I'm NOT the person to ask about whether it's "cold" or "hot" outside, my personal thermostat is weird all my life

And the sunny isn't supposed to last but another hour or so and the odds of an odd shower (rain) or two during the day is creeping up the barometer but who knows, the weather might decide to ignore the computer models LOL 

What I actually KNOW about weather / climate is that is happens and that I notice it because it is happening.  Yep, in MY world Weather is a Happening.  

GENEALOGICALLY it's as confused as ever, LOL but once a merge happens, if it happens (I will propose it) ... once that happens (I will be affirmative and positive) the families begat by gt grand uncle John H Huffman will be sorted out - two wives children by each and one of his wives is also a blood kin to me (my gt grand aunt, Elizabeth Medlock) 

I wish everyone a calm and placid weekend. (Well, if you are going to dream, then Dream Big. LOL) 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
Haha, my neighbor has dressed his plastic skeleton in Xmas colours, so I think he may be sticking around too.

I wish you serenity and big dreams this weekend!

"the weather might decide to ignore the computer models" All the time around here! We make our own predictions, Susan.

Well Laurie now I DO feel better now I know your neighbor is "one of us" (LOL) ... hmm ... not a bad idea, an xmas skellytonne (so to speak) ... "Oh," he'll say, "that's Christmas Past" ... wonder what he could dream up for the other two ... probably better not to ask ... 

Christmas Skeletons are foreign to me.   But I do understand dreaming certain "things" around the house will disappear.  I made some progress by having garage sales.  Moving 800 miles was a major coup.   But there are still things that just  "stick" around.  Certainly no lingering forms of  Christmas decor,  mainly because my Sig O left decorating to  a previous life.  Best of luck with the  "canine".

To be fair,  I'll admit I have a  "collection" of ceramic Christmas trees  (the type popular back in 1970)  that the Sig O  isn't particularly attached to..... but he realizes they're a substitute for outdoor Christmas lighting.

This too will pass.

I will admit a skeleton poised or placed in the front yard is not how I was reared.  Nevertheless .... there it is.  One must deal with matters as they are, not as one might (desperately) wish they were. Be flexible. Adapt. Be tolerant. Remember the Alamo!! 

+16 votes
Hiya Pip and other WikiTreers! I'm just popping in for a minute to say hello. I'm working with mom on some more of the snow village - I'll have pictures later!!
by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (352k points)
Can't wait to see more of the snow village, Mindy!
There'd better be some Calvin style snowmen or I'm walking. ;)
We'll be very happy with pictures!!!!

The front hall (on the left) and the DC corner

The front hall and the outside lights. It needed to be darker so you could see how beautiful the lights look smiley

My lovely Greeter family already saw the main Snow Village but I should share it with the rest of you...

Yeah Chris, .... um ..... don't you see him - there on that shelf?! 


Seriously though, I think at least one of the pieces has a snowman on it but I would have to go back over there to look lol
Amazing Mindy.    I've really never seen anything that impressive in a private home.   

And Mount Rushmore to boot.  (Forget looking for the snowman,  it's like looking for Elvis on the Sistine Chapel.)

I'll post some photos of my ceramic Christmas trees later,  but with great shame!
No shame necessary! I do t have a lot of room now so I only put out a few things and live vicariously through her decorations  She started her collection years ago. She never asks for anything so friends and family along the way have gifted her Christmas items. It’s really incredible once it’s fully decorated! (she’s retired now so sets a little up each day. I help with the village).
Amazing. Looks great
Wonderful Christmas display!
+15 votes
Hi WikiKin!  Hope everyone will have a super weekend.

We've had some rain (4 days worth) and that is a change from our regular weather.  Back to sunny again today; took the kids out for a walk.  They were blowing snow at the Town Hall (soap bubbles really but it looked like snow).

Nothing new on the genealogy front but I've convinced my old man to take a DNA test so we should be one generationg farther back for the autosomal connections.  Looking forward to seeing which bits of DNA came from him and which from Ma.

Spent most of the week adding the project account to profiles that are project boxed but not project managed.  This week I hope to work on some sticker templates.

Have really enjoyed the 52 ancestors and 52 photos challenges and I'm looking forward to picking up badges for both in 3 weeks - it sure was a workout - perhaps two of the hardest badges to acquire so far as time put in.  Kudos to the rest of you who have stayed with it.

Looking forward to reading everyone else's replies.  I always enjoy reading what's going on in the different countries and in the states of my home country.
by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (766k points)
I too enjoyed the 52 ancestors and 52 photos..... but got plugged in late......   hopefully, they will do it again!   

I too like the way WikiTree brings countries together.  There was a G2G post  this week about their disappointment at the  "American" slant to our postings  (the incredible Robin Lee handled the response very well) and I'll admit I need to do a better job of making my comments more universal.   I treasure the "non-American" members of WikiTree that we routinely interact with.

Enjoy your weekend.

SJ, those are hard badges to get. I always miss a few weeks here and there.

@Peggy: American slant to our posts? What? I gotta see this thread. LOL. Has this person missed the Italians and Quebecois people I talked about every other week? Because I'm pretty sure I talked about them!

@SJ: Your posts for 52 ancestors have been great! I've enjoyed reading them. Keep up the good work!

@ Pip: I still haven't gotten the "Big Heart Badge". What's a guy gotta do to get one?!

I'll let Pip so the REAL honors ..... but here you are. heart    You've certainly earned it in my book.

Thanks, Peggy! =D
+15 votes

On this day:

1768: The first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica is edited.

1774: Maria Theresia signs the law that from next year all children go mandatory for six years in school.

1892: The German industrialist and inventor Werner von Siemens dies.

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
Encyclopedia's....... how the world has changed.   When I grew up everyone had a set of Encyclopedias.    Now, the internet has certainly made them obsolete..... current information at your fingertips.    Unfortunately,  even more misinformation at your fingertips.

Thanks for posting  Jelena.
Peggy, would you believe I still have two sets of encyclopedias? One was published in 1936 (my grandparents for their kids) and one set minus one volume published in 1796. Very interesting reading in both!
One of my Serbian cousins presented me a Yugoslav encyclopedia in the 1980s. It's now outdated by far, but still a very interesting read.
Some encyclopedia sets are certainly worth keeping.   It would be fun to thumb through them from time to time.
+15 votes
Happy weekend everyone. We finally had a few sunny days, even if cold. It was a nice chance to hang clothes outside to dry. We've managed to get boxes of Christmas decorations into the dining room, and decided they could wait another day.

It seems that I've just been cleaning up a few odds and ends on WikiTree. I have tackled some of the suggestions for relatives. I started down another rabbit hole but quickly backed out. There have been several email conversations with a 3C1R met on WikiTree, so I think I'll start working on some Scranton profiles.

One other thing I did was a G2G post about finding wills in New York here https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/951078/how-to-find-new-york-state-wills. This led to a great conversation with another WikiTreer. I made this post because I'm lazy and can just point folks to it in the future.

Have a great weekend everyone.
by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (262k points)

Sounds so productive Kay smiley 

Good luck with the Scranton profiles and have a great weekend!

I too have started the Christmas decorations...... but they aren't particularly extravagant.   

Happy Hunting with your New York State Wills.
Kay, if we had gotten our boxes down they would have sat there for at least a week. Just the front porch this year, and we'll hear it from our friends visiting next week. "So, it's Christmas. Where's the decorations?"
What an eye opener! I created a free space profile showing the timeline for the 12 of 13 children of Martin Scranton who have profiles. Four moved to Illinois then to Iowa, one living with the half brother of another's wife. Of course there is a rabbit hole awaiting...why did my gg grandfather age 11 and his brother age 13 live with two different families named Fowler, and how are they related....why did their father leave them behind in Guilford when he moved to North Branford
+15 votes

I too missed posting last weekend! Not that there was anything noteworthy to report.   Just painting the office.

Weather:   Catoosa County, Georgia, had incredible weather by my standards. Great for walks and outdoor projects..... sunscreen still required.

Genealogy:   I've been working on my ggg grandfather's "brick wall" ..... I noticed someone on ancestry.com had assigned him parents  (of course no sources)....  The result,  I've pretty much gone down the proverbial rabbit hole.    Will spend another day or so on him,  but nothing new has turned up.

Home Front:    We've finally stopped spending as much time working on the house  (not that our projects are done by any means).....  This morning we went to downtown Chattanooga  (13 miles away)  for the first time since we moved here in May.   We strolled around the very pleasant riverfront and enjoyed the streetscape around the aquarium....... The aquarium costs  $35.  (no senior discount)  so we didn't go in.   But downtown will be great fun to explore.  

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
Hi Peggy, Chattanooga sounds like fun. Sunscreen, I have not heard that around Central Pennsylvania since August. Have a good weekend.
Peggy, you're not so far from us, but I guess it's our higher elevation that keeps us cooler. No sunscreen required!

Chattanooga sounds like a nice weekend trip for us. Maybe in the spring.
If you're planning a trip to Chattanooga,   research your family lines for soldiers that fought at the Battle of Chickamauga.   There's a great National Park located where the heaviest concentration of troops were positioned.   There are stone monuments, most at least 20 foot tall  of differing designs.  These monuments identify the locations of regiments  (or maybe Divisions or Brigades).....  Since the National Park doesn't own all the land where troops are positioned,  you'll find monuments positioned all around the county.   We live 6 miles away and there's a monument for a New York Unit near our house.   It's really cool.
+14 votes

Currently, it's -1˚ C and cloudy in Fort Erie, heading for a low of -5˚ C. Tomorrow is predicted to be partly sunny with a high of -1˚ C. (Time to break out the sunscreen.wink)

We had a bit of a panic this week at Chez Chaos, because it looked like I might not get paid this month. But I crunched the numbers, and it looks like I should get something. (My full budgeted salary would be nice, but you can't have everything.) If only my T-shirt designs would go viral so I become a T-shirt tycoon, I wouldn't have to worry about petty little details like rent, utilities, and groceries.

This month, I'm concentrating on the Welch Name Study, adding those Welches from ThePeerage.com and Wikipedia for whom I can find other sources. A nice surprise was Brigadier General Malcolm Welch, CB. His father-in-law was already on WikiTree, so all I had to do was add his wife and connect them up. I think that's the easiest connection I have ever made.

I'm also still working on Let others know what locations you are working on page, still working on adding at least five unconnected branches and two unconnected notables for each jurisdiction. So far, I've worked up from the bottom of the page as far up as the District of Columbia. I've also added new sections for the Philippines and Egypt as I work through Wikipedia's list of the largest countries by population. (We now have sections for all of the top 13.)

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (303k points)
Certainly a wide range of work on your Wikitree projects.    Have fun with the Welch Name Study.

Your weather sounds unpleasant,  but if exercise indoors and keep up with your WikiTreeing perhaps you won't even notice.

The radio station we have our clock radio set to will occasionally play little snippets with Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales passing on helpful little hints. This morning’s hint was: “When you’re working on Christmas presents that require assembly, remember this: duct tape takes over where skill leaves off.”

Still wearing my Slade-designed tee, Greg! One of my favorite ones.
+15 votes
It's been a busy week (I'm counting last weekend since I never made it to the Chat). A simple trip to St Augustine for Thanksgiving turned in to a 1,000 mile road trip weekend of food, family, and LEGOland.

Genealogy wise, our local society finalized plans for our 2019/2020 speakers, including a full day event with Elissa Scalise Powell, CG®, CGL℠ and a public scanning event co-hosted with our library.

Around WikiTree, I've worked a bit on the Unknowns, a lot with the Greeters, and some with the Profile Improvement Project reviewing new member's initial profiles. I even had time to improve a profile off my anniversary list. I look forward to the day that I've got my gedcom all cleaned up and feel OK about doing new research on my end lines.
by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (252k points)
Sounds like a great road trip!    

Enjoy your weekend.
Debi, I don't know how you do it all. BTW: Went down a rabbit hole and ended up in Union County again. Related to any Fishers, Simpsons, or Belks? (Belk: I think the same family that founded the department store in Charlotte).
+11 votes

I just loved this video!  Such a cute baby girl!  https://www.foxnews.com/health/deaf-baby-hears-moms-voice-hearing-aids

by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (500k points)
Wow Kitty,

That was moving.   So glad you shared it with us.
The kind of thing that'll bring tears to the eyes. Thanks for this, Ellen!

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