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There already exists a sticker for American Revolutionary War ancestor patriots who are recognized by the Sons of the Revolution (NSSAR) but none for those who are or were members of the organization.  Knowing that a more recent ancestor was an NSSAR member can be very helpful when you are trying to obtain membership because it is much easier to prove descent to a more recent ancestor.  If you can prove descent from another memer, you can "piggyback" their application because their line to the ancestor patriot has already been proven.

Additionally, WikiTree members can show on their own profile that they are members and can show that fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers were members when they were alive.

Ideally, the sticker would also show who the ancestor member is and their name will be linked to their profile.  This can help cousins - even distant cousins - find a way into NSSAR membership.

I've made a mock-up for this post:

I hope that you'll support this sticker idea.


WikiTree profile: George Tucker
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Looks good to me SJ.

Extremely Appropriate and well thought out..
by David Urquhart G2G6 Pilot (153k points)
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EDIT POST UPDATE: Tordally in support of this Sticker!


Would we have one for Daughters and Children as well? (As I am/was a member of both). I don’t think it’s fair to have one without the others. But on that note, there are a ton of other lineage societies (Mayflower, 1812, etc) that could also have stickers... I mean, I was just accepted for Descendants of American Farmers as one of the last charter members. Is this a rabbit hole we want to open?

In my opinion, yes, but the threat of too many stickers is ... worrying.

ETA: ALSO, multiple ancestors can be used as supplementals, at least in DAR (and I believe CAR!!) would the sticker be able to support that? 

My third great grandmother was a DAR member, so I would love to be able to add that as a sticker to her profile. :)

by Liz Marshall G2G6 Mach 8 (83.0k points)
edited by Liz Marshall

I see no reason why we couldn't have a DAR sticker and any member can propose it by following the directions for adding a sticker.

I am not sure I agree with the idea that there can be "too many" stickers.  There is already a limit in place of how many stickers can be on a profile.  Creating a new sticker doesn't change the sticker limit but rather gives the profile writer a broader selection of tools for writing and developing a biography. 

There are already an infinite number of stickers based on some of the generic templates that can be custom tailored to fit any particular profile.  The migrating and non-migrating ancestor stickers and the occupation sticker can be customed to tens (hundreds?) of thousands of different possibilites based on location, flag, occupation name, and occupation image.

An important component of genealogy are the many genealogy societies that aid amateur and professional genealogists and serve as a meeting and sharing place for genealogical knowledge.  Both lineage based societies (like DAR and NSSAR) and those that have open membership like your local County Historical Society or the International Society of Genetic Genealogy serve an important place in genealogy.  

Having a sticker that identifies a member or an ancestor is a valid and useful tool to help others identify profiles that may have clues to help break down brick walls.  And stickers are used by members to show pride in their own genealogical activities and the contributions of their ancestos to history.

So by all means, create a post for a DAR sticker and I'll add a + comment, upvote it, and I'll even help you to get it added to the Society template page.

I will definitely look into making a post for other stickers!

What is the limit for stickers on profiles? (ETA: I see it’s 3-5. Definitely seen some rule breakers out there!)

Thanks for the explanation SJ! I thought there would be too many stickers because I wasn’t aware of the limit - I can just imagine profiles laden with 195 stickers and categories and absolutely falling apart.

There should be no more than 5 stickers on profiles with the exception of your own personal profile - you can put as many as you want on your own profile.

I usually use one or two but occasionally three.  I often make exception to this rule for highly decorated military members who may have eight or ten medals.  I usually select the highest level awards and list those in their bio.  They usually also have a veteran sticker and/or may have a notable sticker and in this case I have to pick the top 3 awards.  As an example:

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Look amazing SJ wow I am so Stunt
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
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Appreciate the time and thought that goes into your sticker suggestions, SJ.
by T Stanton G2G6 Pilot (211k points)
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The stickers look awesome.  I support this idea.  I would also like to have them for the DAR and for the Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War.  Thanks for all  the work you put into this cousin!
by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Pilot (191k points)
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I love the sticker idea, and I support it. Thank you SJ for your hard work and effort on this idea.
by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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I would certainly support this idea. I and my two sons are currently in the process of joining SAR.
by Anonymous Rogers G2G1 (1.9k points)

Mark, these sticker variations have already been made and are available here:

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