1870 mortality "census"

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I have what the FAG says, b. Kentucky 1824, d. in Kentucky 1870 but do not have proofs of either event (as yet) and if he actually died in census year 1870 I'd like to find the mortality index / census / schedule for 1870 Kentucky to see if he's listed and the date that schedule was made

Also think he was married twice, since he married cousin Sarah Howell 1849 complete with a five yr old dau Pathenia or Perminia or Parthenia and the Marriage Record indicates "Married" which translates as widowed I think

Would like also to know if there is a Kentucky death index by year 1850 to 1870 since he's also credited with a son James b. c1847 who is not on the 1850 Census

Neither James nor Parthenia are the children of Sarah who was about 16 when they married.

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I searched on Ancestry and didn't find him. The mortality census only covered a few months prior to the census, so maybe he died after the census.

Have you tried to find him, his wife or his children in the 1870 census?

 Benjamin not listed in the hh in the 1870 Yelvington, Daviess, Kentucky, United States ... will have to see if there is a date on the census and have not located the mortality list -- the date(s) help pinpoint more closely the DOD

Oh fraberjets! Just realized BENJAMIN married Nancy Letitia Lively and Sarah HOWELL is his mama -- I said in my question that Sarah Howell was his wife ... however, I have all that correct on his profile, Nancy his wife.  All the rest is correct  also ... misnaming his wife in the post does not affect the profile ... okay 

I will research some more

Hi Susan,

As you've found, the rest of his family was enumerated here as family #98 in the 1870 regular population census for Yelvington, Daviess Co, Kentucky. There appears to be just a single page for the 1870 mortality census for that location here and he's not listed (a neighboring boy, Joseph Headley, from family #99 appears to be listed).

My understanding is that if he would have been reported as dying any time in the prior 12 months, he would have been enumerated on the 1870 mortality census, like the neighbor boy Joseph.

It's possible that the 1870 death date on the FindAGrave memorial originated from someone's family tree, that had "before 1870" as the death date, and the "before" got lost somewhere along the way to FindAGrave. At this point, I'd suggest going with "before 1870" as the death date in the data field since that's what the sources to date support, and explaining it in the bio and/or research notes.

Ah, Rick, THANK you

yes, that was / is my concern -- that the DOD is "1870" was one of those estimated dates. 
1) last listed child born 1858/59
2) the civil war came [have to check to see if Nancy got a CW pension]
3) and then you say he does not appear to be on the mortality list for the census year [I am posting your reply on his profile, a tad edited] [I need to locate the URL of the mortality report] 

THEN I get to see if I can find out more about what appears to be a first marriage, the second being Nancy Letitia Lively 

Hi Susan,

Here's a full citation for the Yelvington 1870 mortality schedule image that I mentioned above in which Benjamin was not listed, including the info from where I found it (Ancestry) and the original source (NARA):

"U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885," database with images, Ancestry.com ({{Ancestry Image|8756|KYT655_15-0337}} (subscription required), [https://prf.hn/click/camref:1011l4xx5/destination:https://www.ancestry.com/sharing/18432238?h=99b293 Publicly Sharable Image] : accessed 14 December 2019), 1870, Yelvington Precinct, Daviess County, Kentucky, image 13 of 13; citing National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.; Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880, and Related Indexes, 1850-1880; Archive Collection: T655, 30 rolls; Archive Roll Number: 15; Census Year: 1869; Census Place: Yelvington, Daviess, Kentucky; Page: 347.

yes AWESOME !!! Okay, since the list is for "Persons who died during the year ending 1st June 1870" I can enter in that field he died BEFORE June 1869; and likely after the CW was declared 

last listed child was born c1859/60, war started 1861, he likely was drafted or volunteered, etc -- 

Adequate bracket of time for his death, yes 1861/69


Hi Susan,

I believe that this may be your Benjamin's 1863 Civil War draft registration record (#30, the last one on the page). The age of 40 in 1863 appears to be reasonable. The record also indicates that his occupation was tailor and that he was born Kentucky, residing in Daviess County, all consistent with his 1860 census info. The "Remarks" column in this record appears to indicate that he was "Dead Nov. 64". If that's your guy, here's a full citation for the source:

"U.S., Civil War Draft Registrations Records, 1863-1865," database with images, Ancestry.com (record details: {{Ancestry Record|1666|3032241}} (subscription required), {{Ancestry Image|1666|32178_1220705228_0035-00358/3032241}} (subscription required), [https://prf.hn/click/camref:1011l4xx5/destination:https://www.ancestry.com/sharing/18440171?h=012865 Publicly Sharable Image] : accessed 14 December 2019), Benj Tinsley, p 354, #30, Daviess County, 2nd District, Kentucky, Archive Volume Number 4 of 4, image 353 of 653; citing Consolidated Lists of Civil War Draft Registrations, 1863-1865. NM-65, entry 172, 620 volumes. NAI: 4213514. Records of the Provost Marshal General’s Bureau (Civil War), Record Group 110. National Archives at Washington D.C.

There are several other remarks on the page dated Nov 64, so it appears they were reviewing the original 1863 list at that time. So I believe that would suggest that he likely died before Nov 1864.

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EVERYONE should give kudos to Rick Peterson, he tracked Benjamin Tinsley to the most narrow margin of death possible from available records -- Benj apparently died before Nov 1864, judging from available evidence 

So, his DOD is supported with the last child known listed as born 1858/59 and the upheaval of the CW and his enlistment, and the register of those drafted for the CW and the notation in that register and the absence on the 1870 Census ... 

ABSOLUTELY fantastic, Rick, I am stunned. I had not thought to find out if ever such information, thought it would stop at "before Jul 1869" until I could figure out where to look next ... figured that narrow window was adequate for the nonce and then ALONG CAME RICK PETERSON and narrowed it even more. 

History of the family becomes even more in focus with your discoveries, Rick. Just color me stunned. 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (408k points)

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