5 Morgan brothers immigrated from Wales to Canada before 1812, then scattered across Cnd & Usa.

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I do have wives' information for following too: 1812-1898 Thomas James Morgan b. Annapolis, NS, d. St John, NB 1849-1908 James Archibald Morgan b.Digby, NS, d. St. John NB 1889-1958 Sydney Sterling Morgan b. St. John, NB, d. Wpg, MB 1906-1976 'Syd' Frederick Archibald Sydney Morgan b. Wpg, MB, d. Wpg MB
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Does anyone know who the 6 brothers were, who immigrated from Wales? They would be possibly the father and uncles of Thomas James Morgan b.1812 Annapolis, NS d.1898 St John, NB. his son was James Archibald Morgan b.1849 Digby, NS, d. 1908 St John, NB his son was Sydney Sterling Morgan b..1898 St John, NB, d. 1958, Wpg, MB, his son was 'Syd' Frederick Archibald Sydney Morgan, B. 1906 Wpg, MB d. 1976 Wpg, MB. It is possible Thomas James Morgan was married numerous times. Cannot find who his father was, possibly one of the 5 brothers. Does anyone have information about these men?
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Hi Alexis:

My earliest Morgan ancestor, George Morgan, came to Nova Scotia in 1745 in the Royal Artillery. He was for many years at Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal, and he settled on a farm west of Annapolis Royal, in Clements. He had 3 sons and 2 daughters. One of these sons  was Henry Morgan, who lived all his life in Clements. I believe that Henry was the father of Thomas James Morgan.

Do you descend from the Thomas James Morgan line. If so, I would be interested in more information.
When I did a search on ancestry, there were over 400,000 George Morgans. Even more Henry Morgans. Could you send me more info on these two men? Or cititations? I'd like to find out if I am descended from this line? Yes, I am a daughter of 'Syd' Frederick Archibald Sydney Morgan.
Hi Alexis:

George Morgan was born in Nottinghamshire in 1726; came to Nova Scotia in 1745 with the Royal Artillery. He first served at Louisbourg, then Halifax, and then sometime in the early 1750s came to Annapolis Royal. He married Ann Harris (?) in 1766, and retired in 1769. He settled on 200 acres in Clements, where he and Ann had Henry in 1875. I believe Henry married late to Margaret Pickup. They had several children, including a son, Thomas..


I do not have definitive proof that Thomas James Morgan was the son of  Henry, but the evidence points  to that conclusion. My evidence is the following:

1. Thomas James' obituary indicates that he was born in "Annapolis, Nova Scotia" (This could mean Annapolis Royal, or Annapolis County, where Clements is located. Clements is 6 or 7 miles southwest of Annapolis Royal.

2. School records for Clements in 1821 confirm that a Thomas Morgan was attending school, so he would have been a minimum of 6 years old at the time, which generally fits the age of Thomas James Morgan.

3. In addition, the following burial record: an Edwin Morgan was brought to Clements from Portland, New Brunswick. He was buried in St Edwards Anglican Church on 8 Aug, 1854. He was 13 months old. The burial was by Rev W M Godfrey. (St Clements Burial Records PR3, p. 15, No. 117). The Thomas James Morgan family was living in Portland at the time.

We first hear of Thomas James Morgan in St Mary's Bay (south of Digby, Nova Scotia) when he purchases land and is building ships.


Regards, Wayne


Hi: In regards to the Morgan lineage ..do you happen to have any information on  the following:

Hiram/Hirman Morgan born   abt 1820. in Nova Scotia. occ. tinsmith??

And his wife Tiba or Ziba. born: about 1821. N.S.

Clara Louise Morgan born:  June 15 /1853 NS  who  married

Bishop Hall Porter Jan 12/1876  Bridgewater Lunenburg NS.

I can not find the birth place of all of  these  Morgan ancestors plus any other

information. I am hoping you can help me in my long search......Marie

I have no knowledge of Hiram Morgan or his whereabouts.


Thanks Wayne: I will search on...Marie
Hi Alexis:

I have previously given you some information on George Morgan from Annapolis Royal, and also indicated that I thought Thomas James Morgan descended from George.

I suspect that you know Schani Berman. I have corresponded with him for many years.


I have tried to get him to test the dna of a male member of the Thomas James Morgan line, but he has not been enthusiastic.

Would you be interested in pursuing DNA testing of this line. I would be willing to contribute to the cost. FTDNA is the best DNA company for genealogy. I can provide more details if you are interested.




A male member? What kind of costs? Can it be done locally?
Hoping to clear up my confusion: Wayne, you wrote that George married Ann Harris (?) in 1766 and retired in 1769. He settled on 200 acres in Clements where he and Ann had Henry in 1875.(I'm presuming that you ment 1775?) Henry married late to Margaret Pickup and the had several children,including a son, Thomas. THEN I was reading on the beals.info/genealogy web site: Henry married Margaret born ca1779. Margaret died in Clements, NS in Jan 1857 at 78yrs. Burried on 1 Feb 1857 in St Edwards Church Yard in Clementsport, NS. They had the following children: i Samuel (ca 1811-1881) ii. Jane (1815-?) iii. Ann (ca1809-1867). Wondering why Thomas James is not mentioned? Are these his siblings? If 1821 school records confirm that a Thomas Morgan was attending school, and he was about 6yrs old, he would have been born approx 1815. Was he a twin to Jane b.1815? Henry Morgan, b ca1773 in Clements,NS d. Jan 1852 in Clements,NS. ALSO (I only used capitals because this format will not let me start a new paragraph)  In the same beals.info/genealogy article it is mentioned on 12 Mar 1821 (Joseph, eldest son of Uncle Henry Morgan, his BIL) I this Henry Morgan mentioned the same? Did Henry also have a son named Joseph? NEXT I noticed that Henry had a brother named Edward. did he marry a "Polly" or  a Mary Harris? Didn't Edward have a son named Thomas, also?  I have Thomas James Morgan, b 25 Mar 1812 in Annapolis, NS d.28 June 1898 in St.John, NB. First married to a Mary M Winchester b.1825 in St.Mary's Bay, Brighten,NS d.11June 1862 in St.John, NB. I think her father was John R Winchester b.1798 in NS d. 20 Mar 1879 in Washington,Knox, Maine,USA he was a ship captain. I think her mother was Mary Marie Smith b.24 Dec 1803 in NS d. before 1880 in Washington,Knox, Maine, USA. Second married to a Maria Hamilton b.1821 in Clyde River, Shelburne, NS d.4Jan 1899 in St John, NB. Do you have a tree on Ancestry? You can email me at alexisdi at telus dot net

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