Deerfield survivors have surprising link to Magna Carta, William the Conqueror, Charlemagne etc

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That some of the abducted children refused to be ransomed was interesting enough for me! 

But then i happened to notice something that surprised me even more! Through some of those children, such as 

          Abigail Nims

          Josiah Rising

          Sarah Allen

there are dozens of cousinships with US Presidents.  

And British PMs: Abigail is 5C6R from Winston Churchill.  One of these kids is related to Alexander Douglas-Home.

And there are also connections with Magna Carta Sureties.  Sarah is descended from one of them.

Sarah even seems to be a direct descendant from William the Conqueror and his son Henry I, and also on another line from William's sister as well.  She might have several lines back to Charlemagne.

Maybe some of the children are Mayflower descendants....that would be an interesting discovery for our French Canadian families! 

Has this all been discussed somewhere already?  I'd rather read about it than poke around with the relationship finder...

WikiTree profile: Marie Madeleine Hélène
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Why would they have less of a chance of being cousins with or descendants of these people?

They have every chance as New Englanders, but their descendants are all French Canadians, and as French Canadians, their descendants probably don't expect to be able to trace that ancestry, unless they have Catherine de Baillon in their tree.

I guess what i'm wondering is if the canadien families are aware of this link already.  If so, i'd rather read whatever has been written about it than deal with the Relationship Finder and all the ancient EuroAristo types.
I read a factoid somewhere (would love to have it verified) that of the 1200 or so people who were abducted in this way, approx 455 of them elected to stay in New France and thus became ancestors of today's French Canadian population.  That is similar to the number of filles-du-roi, I think, making the abducted ones a significant contribution to the gene pool.  If several of them are also gateways to Gateway Ancestors of various kinds, that could be interesting.

Marie Madeleine is my 6th great grandmother on paternal side. I didn’t know the lineage goes back to all mentioned. Fascinating! Thank you for sharing. 

All I was trying to do was link my sister-in-law's recent ancestry to the well-developed French Canadian branches in WikiTree. That is my Christmas present for her.  The only reason i noticed Sarah, or Marie Madeleine, was because i thought there must be some mistake to use Helene as a last name (sorry about the missing accents). But when i looked at her parents, i understood that Helene was the closest French phonetic spelling approximation of Allen -- she was another captive that chose to stay.  Then i got curious if my sister-in-law (your 7C1R through Marie Madeleine and 35 other ancestors), might possibly be related to a US Pres or two.  OMG, she is related to a dozen of them.  Then i just went clicking around that Relationship Finder Quick Links page, and everything just exploded.  Brit PMs, Magna Carta barons---and if you have a Magna Carta baron in the family, good chance somebody should be back to Charlemagne somewhere -- and sure enough, tons of it!  I had never heard about this connection for canadien genealogy, although i was familiar with the de Baillon line.  I'm really just wondering how well known this connection is.  How many more of those 455 captured NE ancestors of French Canadians have similar connections? Is there a list somewhere?

BTW, Andrew, we are 10th cousins through other canadien ancestry, not this particularly deep one! smiley

9th cousin, 8 times removed.
the ancestry back to William the Conqueror etc would need to be fully sourced to confirm this, haven't looked at it, not my area of knowledge.

There were over 700 filles du roi, so the impact cannot be the same, obviously.

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My ancesors, Robert Hinsdale and his son Samuel, were killed in the Bloody Brook ambush during King Philip's War.

They were founders of Deerfield which was settled on land inhabited by the Pocumtuck.

His ancestry still need developed.

by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (396k points)

There is (or perhaps was) a Pocumtuck Valley History Association.  Some of my ancestors gave talks or wrote articles that I have seen published.  I'll see if I can find the website. Several finds:

They have a huge collection of digitized family papers, diaries, etc.

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I am related to half of the magna carta surety Barons, my fiancé is related to ALL of them.   We are also listing several Presidents as well as QE II in our ancestry.     

It's not surprising if you have a good grip on at least one pillar of your family tree.    We do.   However I'm still slogging thru the muck trying to get the rest linked up.   

Have fun... the journey is sure interesting !!!

by Rebecca Snider G2G6 Mach 1 (13.7k points)
It's statistically not rare at all to be related to any of these individuals. Not rare and not surprising in the least. What's much more rare is that the relationship is actually documented. And the rarer still, that the documentation is solid.
Yes sir, that is absolutely right.   

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My family tree goes through Joseph Stebbins, later known as Josiah Stebbenne. Kidnapped from Deerfield at age 5, he stayed in Canada. His fathers line goes back through Sir Rowland Stebbins and then back to England. His Mother, Dorothy Alexander is descended from the Plantagenent Kings and Alfred the Great. I have not pursued the line to the Magna Carta Surities as yet. But there is clear lineage to William the Conqueror.
by Randolph Maynard G2G1 (1.7k points)
edited by Randolph Maynard
Dorothy Alexander and John Stebbins II are my 7th great grandparents.....I would love to be able to connect his lineage to William the Conqueror.....does anyone have the exact line?

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