Question of the Week: What is on your wishlist for 2020 WikiTree improvements?

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Hi WikiTreers,

What is on your wishlist for 2020 WikiTree improvements? If there could be just one new feature or change, what would you want it to be?

Happy holidays!

in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
Great question! Hope you generate some good suggestions from the community discussion.
Why does G2G keep doing this to me? I click "answer", fill it in, and submit, but now suddenly somehow it's a comment. You can convert an answer to a comment, but not the other way around.
How to deal with pre-existing transcription errors, mainly from commercial sites like My Heritage and Family Search?  For instance, in the 1881 Canada Census for Halifax, Nova Scotia, under children of James Francis Rodgers there is a son whose name appears to be labelled Zarene,  and so cited in a Family Search file. Well, "Zarene" does not exist, never has, but lives on in the world of pixels. The name of that individual, it turns out, is "Lawrence", documented through Nova Scotia archives, but misspelled "Larenc/Larens" on the handwritten original and OFFICIAL Census for Halifax, in the 1881 census. Someone misread the capital L in longhand for a Z and Laurence becomes Zarene, all over the place. . . I can make the notes and enter the correct information in my Wiki tree, but the OTHER non-wiki files preserve and spread the error(s). Meanwhile, in that same document "Hugh" is "Huie",  Patrick is "Batrick", Margaret is "Magie", Jerome is "Romi/Roni", Matthew is "Mathiu". It is beyond frustrating.
(Nitpick: FamilySearch is not a commercial site.)

Marilyn, first, don't mistake the finding aid for the historical record. What's in the index doesn't change what's in the record; it just makes it slightly harder to find.

Second, the 1881 Canada census is among the collections that now allows editing of names in the index on FS. This means that you can correct "Zarene" to whatever is actually on the image: (For what it's worth, I think it says Laranc.) And you have always been able to correct names on FS's Family Tree: there is absolutely no reason for his profile ( to still say Zarene.

I really really, sincerely wish the Categories box would be visible "inside" the profile area, ...not at the very bottom of the page where they dont even seem relevant, ...way under the Memories box, ...way under the Comments boxes, ...way under the Matches and Merges box, and even ...way under the x degrees from random people connections box.

Please seriously reconsider this improvement which would improve nearly every profile I create and work on.

Thank you and, Happy New Year to all our amazing volunteer teammates!

I took a walk through this thread and collected what I like to see and added a few things that were not mentioned before:

1. In the Private Profile view there are buttons to "add child", to add the parents and to add one spouse. Considering how many people married several times because the spouse died, there should be an "add spouse" button as well.

2. I would love to have an optional modern day location field. This is important especially for the German roots profiles, because there were so many administrative changes in the German areas, that a modern day location field can show in which country a document has to be ordered, which archive is "responsible" for the person etc. etc.

3. Remove the middle name fields. I showed my reasoning in the respective thread

4. Eliminate the "unsourced tree" as source. 

5. Give us a "between dates" option. This can further narrow the dates of an event.

6. The "edit the section" button on FreeSpace-pages helps loads when you have Pages that have a ton of names on it.

7. For the internationalization of Wikitree a polyglott interface is paramount. I know of many not English-native users who complain that they have problems to use the site because it is only in English.

8. Restore the Categories to the top. Down there on the botttom they are virtually invisible.

9. Bold threads that have changed since a user was logged in the last time. This is simplifying the usage of the G2G-forum.

This is my quarter Dollar to add to the thread.

Regarding #1, Jelena, when editing a profile, on the right side under spouse, you can add as many spouses as needed.
I know, I do that all the time. But why do I have to go into the Edit menu for spouses, when I don't have when I want to add children?
Sounds like the transcriber was a drunk monkey. They let you add corrections on ancestry for stuff like this there must be a way on other sites surely?
Would love to see GG better organized or explained better for beginners... I constantly have trouble locating specific thre ads...
I agree. It used to be at the top. After the change when they were moved to the bottom and weren't clearly visible I contacted a project manager and told her a bunch of categories were missing from all the profiles we had added to, and if they had been removed because they no longer existed. Thinking that was a lot of work for nothing, lol. She informed me they were now at the bottom of the profile.

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I would like to be able to filter the search of genealogy feed and g2g to geography so I have fewer irrelevant posts to scan.
by Christine Henderson G2G6 Mach 1 (11.8k points)
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I have 2 suggested features to suggest:

1.) DNA: it would be cool to see a list of DNA matches: ancestors and members. On the navigation menu, under our member page, it would show "DNA Matches". This could help solve our brick walls.

2.) Relationship Finder: It would be cool to see it go back past 30 generations. Also, some people have more relationships to each other (closer or further away) and it would be cool to see all relationships we have with that person.
by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (117k points)
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There are far too many steps to get new people involved in wikiTree.  It took over 2 weeks of back and forth to get my cousin to the point where she could edit the profiles I entered.

Can't some of these steps be combined or eliminated?  It's not serving the goal to have a single tree if users give up before even editing a single profile.
by Gregg Tracton G2G Crew (460 points)
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An easier way to find stuff. I am trying to find the 52 ancestors questions for 202 and have no idea where they are.
by Sue Brown G2G1 (1.1k points)
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I would like to see a way when you search for a particular surname that you could sort by birth or death location. This could really help in tracking down other family members.
by William Thompson G2G6 (6.1k points)
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I would love to have: On the Invitations and Requests page

a small area to type notes after each entry or one area at the top (if that's easier) A place to keep track of the actions that I'm taking. Such as "sent private message - date" "comment on profile"

by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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To be able to find all Guests, Family Members, and Wiki Genealogists related to you within X generations
by Anonymous Johnston G2G6 (9.4k points)

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