How do we delete a person

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Sorry, you can't.  But maybe if you explain why you want to, someone can provide an alternative.
Previous comments on similar questions suggest disconnecting the profile of interest from any others, and then merging it into another profile you manage.

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We don't delete the profiles of people, most especially if the profile is for a person who really existed.  If it is a living (or recently deceased) person and you want the profile to be private, you can set the privacy settings so that it will be private.

There are other suggestions in this thread to merge it into someone else with the same last name.  This is not correct - you should never merge profiles that are meant to represent two different people.*

Please see:

and note:


Duplicates need to be merged. That is, when there are two or more profiles that represent the same person they must be combined into one profile. This is how we maintain one collaborative family tree.

* If it is later found that the person never existed, there is an effort to recycle IDs to different profiles.  But this should not be done in the case that the person did exist.

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Excellent advise for most situations - caution should always be taken when changing a profile. But I presumed this persons post was due to having just created two profiles for the same person, and merging them would result in an unnecessary redirect, that I've been cautioned against creating. Seems most efficient solution, in this case, would be to turn one of the duplicate profiles into a different family member.

And to add to what SJ said, here's a link to the Deletion FAQ:

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If you are asking because you created a profile for someone and now wish to delete it, the solution is to change the details into someone else with same LNAB - a child, sibling, cousin etc.
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Can I change a profile to represent a different person?

No. See Recycling WikiTree IDs.

Recycling a WikiTree ID means using it for a person other than the person for whom it was created. This is almost never appropriate.

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If it's a duplicate profile for someone already on Wikitree, propose a merge between the two profiles. Both managers will get the chance to agree to the merge or reject it. There is a 30 day period in which managers can do this and then complete the merge, after which someone else can complete it, if the profiles are open. If you are manager of both profiles, you can complete it yourself straight away.
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (232k points)

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