Long blank space bug continues [closed]

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Hi Chris and fellow techies,
 My long-blank-space-related problem continues, as described in
https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/961436/is-long-blank-space-on-right-of-profile-page-causing-a-bug .
Here is a restatement of the problem:
It's only apparent in the logged-off mode. I first noticed it on 25 Dec 2019.
It only seems to be a problem with pages I tried to look at on that date.
The problem exists with Safari, Edge, and Firefox browsers.
 A page that's all right (viz Layton-2014) has the Comments moved to the bottom on the left. The right hand column is not empty but has the following:
--The unlocked symbol.
--"Is William your ancestor? Please don't go away!"
--"Sponsored Search by Ancestry.com."
A page that's bad (viz Layton-1810) has all these items except the unlocked symbol moved to the bottom left, so the right hand column is empty. Merely having 2 columns changed into one column wouldn't be so bad. However:
The mouse pointer can successfully click on any item in the row with the unlocked symbol, or above that. Also it clicks successfully on the line "L  >  Layton  >  Andrew Jackson Layton" and below that.
Everywhere in between, the pointer refuses to be anything but an arrow. Attempts to click have no effect. I don't have a touch screen and can't explore whether the page would work okay with a touch screen whereas it doesn't with a mouse. Possibly the whole affected section is now working as if it's all one image?
… I note also that people with touch screens will be much less discommoded by having everything in one long column than people using a mouse.
WikiTree profile: Andrew J Layton
closed with the note: Bug fixed
in WikiTree Tech by Pauline Layton G2G5 (5.4k points)
closed by Jillaine Smith
Tested, and yes it does look very narrow logged out on pc and in Firefox, until I remembered that there was somewhere a discussion about making the profiles more compatible with cellphones, which probably have something to do with this

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NEW NEWS! I found something else my problem profiles have in common. I edited all of them on 7 Dec 2019, and that's just days before Chris Whitten announced the new Comments protocol. No doubt work was ongoing on 7 Dec. So the problem could be connected.
ALERT! I suggest anyone who was editing on 7 Dec 2019 should examine their profiles just in case. If there's this problem, then in the logged-off mode you can see it at once because the space below the padlock on the right is very blank. Then you'll find your links don't link. But then if you log in, the profile looks normal.
Also I took a look at the HTML code for my profiles. At the first glance, the DOCTYPEhtml for a healthy profile looks about twice as long as for an unhealthy one. All the lines from <! - - end wrapper... down to above the line <ins class... seem to be missing from an unhealthy profile. (In the logged-off mode, this is.) Exploration revealed that the missing lines are hidden under the <div class="wrapper"... heading instead of being on the same level with it.  Also some lines of the <div class="wrapper" itself appear to be missing.

So I'm guessing that's at least part of the problem. I'd rather let one of you experts clean it up than try it myself. Hopefully someone can take a look at this soon, yes? Chris did say that the new Comments protocol might cause problems, and I think this is one.
The profiles in question are: Layton-1810, Layton-1915, Layton-1927, Layton 2011, and Layton 2019.
Thanking you in advance,  Pauline Layton-1804
by Pauline Layton G2G5 (5.4k points)
I looked at some other profiles that were edited on the 7th, but they were ok.

This has been added to the list of things to fix/tweak about the new comments section. Now that the holidays are over, work will start on it soon.
Oh, thank you, thank you!
 While you're at it, there's another problem. Recently the no. of comments attached to images is not registering correctly. Viz on Layton-1810's profile, the first two images (which are older) have Comments: 1, which is correct. But "Sheriff Layton's house" (which I just uploaded) says Comments: 0. If you click on Comments anyway, the Sheriff's House page does say there are 2 comments, over at the right. Which is correct, but the number didn't get echoed on the main profile page.
If I add a second comment to an older image that already said Comments: 1, it continues to say 1.
This isn't just happening on profiles affected by the long blank space syndrome.
Thank you for your kind attentions.
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I'm rejoicing.

Much thanks to the techie folk who rearranged the html code so the links on my profiles work again. The "long blank space bug" has vanished!
by Pauline Layton G2G5 (5.4k points)
I, for one, would like to know what caused the problem.

I don't suppose anyone told you what affected/infected those profiles?
No word as yet. My analysis of the html script instructions having gotten shifted to the wrong level appears to have been correct, because that was what got fixed (as far as I can see). My best guess is that maybe it was an early and crude attempt to shift the Comment section, and it mistakenly shifted the whole right column, not just Comments. No one has confessed yet, if that was it.
 I do realize that very few WikiTreers seem to have been at work on 7 Dec and that may have kept the problem from being spread far and wide. But why it affected my profiles at all remains mysterious. Perhaps there was a moment in time when ALL profiles would have been like that, but then the mistake was recognized and they got fixed, all except for the ones I was working on, which somehow made them unavailable to be fixed?
Since it only becomes evident if you inspect your profiles while you're not logged in, there still could be other affected profiles out there, undiscovered.

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