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Can we have a template?

Came across somebody who was divorced from a clergyman in the 19th century.  Tut-tut.  I'm sure there must have been newspaper headlines.
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Brilliant! I nearly spat out my tea reading this. Upvoted.

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RJ, I'm not sure whether or not you are serious about the template.  On the off chance that you indeed are, I've added the 'templates' tag to your post...

Happy new year, and I hope you find out all of the 'juicy details' . . .  smiley

by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (438k points)
Clergy often make terrible spouses.  Ask John Wesley, the founder of the Methodists.  (But he didn't divorce).

The infamous vicar of Stiffkey's profile is perhaps in need of the template, not a sniff of scandal (to be fair probably has a way to go before it's finished and more recent accounts suggest he wasn't guilty)http://www.bbc.co.uk/insideout/extra/series-1/vicar_lion.shtml

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From what you are describing, this would be something along the lines of a Research Notes Box:

Research Note Boxes highlight important information about the current state of genealogical research related to the person or WikiTree-specific work that needs to be done on the profile.

Based on the qualifications for Research Note Boxes, I would say this is not likely to be approved, since:

They are for information that's deemed so important that anyone who sees the profile should see the research note, even if the viewing user is not a WikiTree member.

Research Note Boxes should be reserved for highlighting estimated or speculative information, not for information that is uncertain or unproven.

So, I would suggest looking at other areas of displaying this information/question on a profile:

If the research note is primarily of interest to WikiTree members who are working on the profile, a public comment on the profile and/or in the Research Notes section of the narrative is sufficient. Note that maintenance categories can be used without Research Note Boxes.

So I would suggest one of the following:

  1. Leave a comment on the profile that those "juicy details" are needed;
  2. Add a ==Research Notes== section on the profile explaining what is so "juicy" that needs to be researched or investigated; or
  3. Identify and manually use a Maintenance Category for the profile (i.e., Needs More Records, Needs More Research, etc.).

If it were me, I would use a combination of #2 & 3, adding a Maintenance Category and a ==Research Notes== comment on what information specifically is needed. 

by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (518k points)
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devil Do go on ...

by Wheels Flood G2G4 (5.0k points)

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