merging with a gedcom of thousands of unimproved profiles am I required to merge

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I am asking about older profiles that it looks like many people have already merged into because of the repeated names... i rarely see any that include sourcework and i see little to no activity on the part of the profile manager. This is becoming a real problem for me . I only have fewer than nine hundred persons on my tree so far but many already have source work or are in the process of having the sourcework entered. As wikitree is supposed to be about collaboration I am beginning to already feel used like what happened on genweb, ancestrys rootsweb etc.. I will do the work and a person who uploaded thousands of generic pages of gedcoms is the one who is in charge... I dont even know if what I am saying is well enough worded to explain, and part of it is certainly sour grapes, but I just wonder if that couldnt be changed somehow? I have had very generous researchers donate many certs docs books papers and photos to me over the last 12 years, and I want to freely share, but I am not a person who likes to do the work that others should either be collaborating on and actively improving,without having managerial opportunities and the ability to maintain and improve the profiles including the ability to reject merges that have no sourcework to back up claims. It seem to me that for merging into clean profiles there should be standards and requirements and also for clean profiles to merge into bulk non sourced gedcoms. I am excited to see the volunteer cleanup discussion and hope that I can be included in that effort also. This is a work in progress that never ends, of course, but It is difficult to be linked to what in my opinion are fluff gedcoms because so many profiles have no sources and so I cant even go to a source and to the best of my ability confirm or refute the source work because it is nonexsistant... and finally, I have so much sourcework to do that I refuse to even search for merges that include no dates, locations ,or middlenames ... It takes too much time to try to find the matches that are repeated for say... John Warren tn... if you search for that name and state anywhere online it will bring up hundreds, if not thousands of responses.. maybe we should have a regular profile cleanup improvement schedule? Say at least one day each calendar month any and all profile managers are requested to improve a percentage of their profiles to make them more merge friendly? I dont say youd want a penalty for non collaboration but maybe a badge for contributing to that effort? Anyway as usual im all over the board with what was meant to ask a question... but i think after rereading it i will stay with it. I love wikitree and am learning so much. Maybe i was venting...i feel i just did...and i definately am not attacking anyone or Chris' s baby... just frustrated ... Im still too new and not too forward on the tekky side... Im really only suited to data entry and the thing i want to do is the bells and whistles...but im trying to learn.
in Genealogy Help by Gloria Lange G2G6 Mach 1 (11.4k points)
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Wow Gloria - that was heart-felt and passionate - good for you, no I must admit I have no words to help you sort out the conundrums- I am sure there will be folks later who can unpick the issues foe you (so we can all learn). I wanted to respond so that you didn't feel that your thinking was falling into a non-reponsive hole :)

I also agree that it is hard trudging through mounds of raw gedcom profiles - I have to approach every data a small step at a time, so I don't feel too overwhelmed. In a very non-systematic way I do personal housekeeping as I go along and and then more systematically - monthly - well those are my aspirations anyway.

Personally I resisted bunging in a gedcom, I wanted to refresh my understanding of my tree and this is enabling me to discover & clean up the my mistakes as I go along.

Strangly I love adding names manually & I like the knowledge that I am contributing to our world tree. Like you I think that WikiTree rocks,

So Gloria hope your passion keeps growing & growing just like our tree!

Wendy thank you I am gllad someone understands. I agree with eveything you said and hope that if I take a little breather from the data input I will be able to go back refreshed and energized I think i just began to get very discouraged, and Im new so I was too gung ho and got tired... and I look at the huge filing cabinets of docs and certs and just want to cry ... I worry about not getting it done and my lifetime work being lost and all the other things that happen as i get older... I so hope I can get everything uploaded! I have to jump around all m lines and that gets confusing also but i want to be.fair to all my surnames and have a balanced tree as far as I can... so your words helped me to focus again and relax.. and remember this is FUN!!!?!
just wanted to update an old question with current information and my limited understanding.

there is the policy for unresponsive a-holesbu

outside of emailing info the profles in question so they can look into and start the six month procedure. there are also trusted list but some could have completely moved on. so emailing info helps.

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Hi Gloria,

I'd like to help, but maybe if you still have questions, ask them one at a time? Perhaps others will also chime in with opinions.

One note: Be sure to get involved in the user groups for historically-significant ancestors.


by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
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Good Afternoon, Gloria,

I've input all my profiles, one keystroke at a time. I do not have, have never had a GEDCOM, so I don't have that experience, but my way has led me to some great discoveries. I try to stipulate my sources (took me a long time (it seemed) to realize the need, now I at least quote the source and distiguish between Historic and Ancestral sources. I've been involved in merging some families, and have traced a couple back to the 16th century.  No, I don't believe in decent from royalty in my family, although some have so posted. We're just po' folkes.

So, if you're  so inclined, key in your data and be share with us our ancestors.
Thank you so much. I too have seen nobility on my tree but since I personally havent chased the docs and few if any are even noted on the treesi have seen I have tried very hard not to generically connect to them. That is my whole point about collaboration. I guess I was too excited about the wikitree concept to realize what a very long way there is to go in the sourcework area. A bunch of names with no data is a real dissappointment . So im just plodding along sharing what I have but not really connecting with anyone so far.
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Wendy and Gloria

I am beginning to see what you both mean.  I am a very new member of WikiTree and have already had one of my profiles go  missing as I agreed to a merge with a profile that was the same person but had been put up a lot earlier than mine.  I lost everything including the photo I had made.  I am now being asked to merge with another member, Gedcom file, and would you believe it is for the same profile with limited information.  I have not yet finished uploading my own family and have to deal with people asking to merge and I haven't finished entering all the information I have. When I check the file they wish to merge with mine, it has no dates or parents or siblings where I have them all.  I do not want to have to keep inputting the same information or profile all the time. Joan
by Joan Gray G2G2 (2.8k points)
Photos, along with everything in the bio, are kept from both profiles in a merge, so merging should not have made you lose anything.

Actually, I just looked through your contributions, and you haven't merged any of your profiles with other people's profiles. So I think you might be misunderstanding the merging process. Check out this help page:
Hi Lianne

I did merge with an Gray-492 who was put up by his son.  I cancelled the merge and redid my own profile for him as I had more info. I requested the permission for the merge and received it.  I do not know what had happened but mine did disappear.


I was made a member of the trusted list for this merge. I am now being asked to merge with this profile again, by someone I don't even know. Joan

Hi Joan,

Paul (one of the managers of Gray-492) did approve the merge, but it was never completed. So, I'm not sure what you mean when you say that your profile disappeared. The profile you created is Gray-4368. You created it on Jan. 28 and the merge was proposed (but never completed) on Jan. 31. The profile is still there.

The merge will have to be completed at some point, though. Merging duplicates is a requirement of having a tree on WikiTree.

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