Is there any way to put a wikitree ID to your family tree? It would be so easy if that can be done.

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I have several relatives that I would like to put into my family tree. Just like all of them there is a lot of information. I was just wondering if there is a way to add  an individuals information by attaching a wikitreeID to your family tree?
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Sorry, it's not clear what you mean.  Do the relatives have WikiTree IDs?
Like Julie, I'm also not sure exactly what you're trying to do.  If you are referring to your tree that is displayed under the 'Family Tree & Tools' tab on a profile, that is generated automatically based on the profiles you have entered for your family members.  You can see the WikiTree IDs of everyone in that tree by just hovering your mouse over the names.  But you don't add data there, you add it to the individual profiles.  Can you explain a little further exactly what you want?
For example, my great grandmother's parents are listed in wikitree under a wikitree ID (McGenn146) and it has all the information about her I need in my ancestry tree. Is there a way to put my grandmother's information to my tree without having to manually put each piece of info in?
"McGenn146" is not a valid Wiki-ID.

Can you post a link?

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yes, at the appropriate place, click add father, or add mother, and there should be a field to add the existing Wiki-ID number
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (537k points)
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but it looks like you are already connected to your grandparents

do you then mean you've discovered a duplicate?
if that's the case, then at the bottom of the profile, click "initiate a merge" and fill in the blanks with the Wiki-ID. From there you will be given an option to choose which data stays, and which goes.
This is what I wanted to know. Except it's not my grandparents it's my gg-grandparents. I have always just manually input information to my tree and it's a lot of back and forth in separate tabs, makes it long and difficult. I made up a wikitree ID for example purposes. My personal ID is Gambill-142. Thanks to everyone who is trying to help me on this. I will give your comments a try and see if I can figure this out. Much appreciate it.
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Tammy, it now looks to me like what you want to do is transfer all the information from WikiTree to your Ancestry tree.  I don't know of any magic button that will do that, but here are some options:

First of all, I have begun adding the WikiTree number to each profile on my Ancestry tree.  I usually use the Birth fact box, but you could also add a Custom Event box and add it there.

Ancestry allows you to add web links to profiles.  You could go to each profile on WikiTree, click on the address bar, and paste that into Ancestry as a link.

You can also download each WikiTree profile as a PDF so you will have it for your own records.  I don't know of any reason you couldn't add that to the gallery on each Ancestry profile.

Last, you could open two screens and view the Ancestry profile and WikiTree profile side by side.  Then accept the Ancestry hints that correspond to sources on WikiTree (if you believe they're accurate).
by Julie Kelts G2G6 Pilot (452k points)
If that's the case, then she could export a gedcom file from WikiTree, and import it into Ancestry.
Yes, but that would create a new tree, I think.  I suppose she could then merge each profile with her existing tree, but I've never done a merge on Ancestry so I don't know how easy that is.

I've never tried downloading a gedcom from WikiTree.  How well do the sources come through?
Dennis, maybe I was wrong about what Tammy wanted.  But this discussion got me wondering.  I did not know I could download a gedcom from WikiTree.  I just put in a request and it's being processed now.  I'll report back.  (The request form said it might take an hour, but it actually took less than five minutes.  I've just received the e-mail.)

Update:  What I got was a plain text file of 800 people.  It seemed to cut off after about nine generations.  I uploaded it into Ancestry.  The profiles included birth, marriage, and death information, and everything in the narrative (biography) sections of the WikiTree profiles was reproduced in the Notes sections of the Ancestry profiles in plain text, as if they were being viewed in edit mode on WikiTree.  So the sources were there, although not attached in the usual Ancestry format.  I'm glad to know I can back up my WikiTree work.  I also imagine it could be useful for WikiTree users who take Ancestry DNA tests so that they can attach trees to their DNA results.

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